21 Ways to be more positive

21 Ways in 21 Days To A More Positive You!

  1. Laugh more! Don’t take everything so seriously.

  2. Do something extra nice for someone. Be a superhero to someone in some way every day.
  3. Set a goal, and begin the process of achieving that goal.
  4. Clean and organize your home, garage, workspace, or car. Clutter creates stress. Cleaning releases it.
  5. Move to improve your mood. Go for a 30-minute walk, and give your heart a manageable workout.
  6. Drink more water, eat better foods, and take more fiber daily. (Trust me - it will improve your mood significantly.)
  7. Pause. Take a few very deep breaths, and be in the moment.
  8. Believe in yourself a little more and see what happens.
  9. Listen to music that moves you or calms you.
  10. Complain less. Complainers are drainers.
  11. Be a student, and learn every day.
  12. Don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes. Learn and grow.
  13. Practice being calm, patient, empathetic, and understanding.
  14. Be more grateful, and express recognition to others. Tell a minimum of five people, “thank you,” every day.
  15. Get motivated by visiting your purpose daily. Why do you do what you do? Purpose fuels us with enthusiasm and energy. It’s awesome!
  16. Your attitude is your choice, so choose one that works best for you. Everything follows your attitude.
  17. To think better, do better, and live better, you need to read better. Pick a good book, and read a few pages every day. (EVERY DAY!) For some really good books, visit SamGlennBOOKS.com. I only promote what I love and what I know makes a positive difference.

  18. Do not allow negative and rude people to determine your mood and responses. They don’t own your responses, you do.
  19. Do something fun. Fun is good.
  20. Don’t overthink things. Simplify, and let go of what needs to go.
  21. Eat popcorn. It’s a happy food. For real, go eat some.


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