3 Tips to Effectively Manage Change

Sam Glenn, Motivational Topic

It’s easy to say, “Have a good attitude,” but sometimes that is easier said than done.

I’ve devised these tips to get you started on keeping your team cohesive and with the best odds of success:

1. Hold weekly meetings.

If staff is cut back, or projects are being sliced or changed, undoubtedly there is a lot of uncertainty. This can create hearsay or confusion, which results in reduced productivity. A weekly meeting wherein objectives and updates are given clearly and concisely will improve team morale and success. Don’t forget to make your meetings fun!

2. Value progress over perfection.

I borrowed this from Larry Winget, but it’s a great tip. During times of change, you might not be accomplishing as much, as quickly. But if you are making progress, that is something to celebrate. Mark your calendar for the 15th of each month, and ask yourself where you are, and where you were last month. List at least 5 improvements you have made. If you haven’t made any, then plan them for the coming month.

3. My next tip – celebrate small victories.

You may not have budget for a lavish party, but surely you can pull off a potluck or bagel bar (bring in all your favorite toppings!). Low on time? Send a postcard to the desks of the employees you appreciate, letting them know what a great job they are doing. Be creative about what pictures you choose! The important thing to note is that employees feel the pinch too. They need your support and praise. They need good news, even if it is, “Hey, your signature looked REALLY good on that document yesterday!”

Remember, your attitude is your strongest bottom line, and often it will help increase your bottom line. So in all you do, think of your attitude as your “sink or swim” muscle. You either use it effectively, and move ahead. Or you flail around complaining, and sink to the bottom of the mucky lake. Which do you choose?

I know a lot of you have tips from the front lines on how to manage change. What do you do? Comment below!

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