5 Customer Service and Sales Tips for Car Dealerships

5 Customer Service and Sales Tips for Car Dealerships

Buying a car can be a stressful experience for any shopper.  I speak for all car buyers when I say, we want the best car at the best deal.  But, there are a few other little things we expect and want as well.  If you ever want to see me again, get my referrals or make me a customer for life then check out my 4 Customer Service and Sales Tips for Car Dealerships.

1. Don’t stand around with other sales people like a bunch of hoodlums outside the front door. 

When I pull up to a dealership and see you all outside hanging out smoking and chit chatting, it’s a turn off.   It makes me think you have nothing better to do.   If anything, you shouldn’t be standing around.  If you want sales, get on the phone and start calling people asking for referrals or just make some courtesy calls to make sure your current customers are happy and just remind them if they have any friends of family who are looking for a new car to send them in to meet with you.

2. Be sensitive to people’s situations. 

Recently, as I was waiting on my sales guy, I overheard the finance guy talking to a couple at one of the desks out in the open for everyone to see and hear.  I wasn’t ease dropping and would have preferred not to hear what was being said, but the finance guy had no clue.  Apparently they had just run a credit check on this couple and instead of inviting them to his office to go over some details or options, he decided it would be best to share it with the couple and everyone in hearing distance.   Here is what I observed.  The finance guy informed the couple that they had bad credit and rambled on and on about it in such a way that you could see the couple crumbling in embarrassment.   I was embarrassed for them.  When it was said and done, the finance guy cost the company a customer for life.   What he should have done was demonstrated a little discernment and invited them back to his office to discuss options out of ears reach of the public.

3. Have a sense of humor.

Humor is the human connector.   I don’t know about you, but I am always turned off when someone comes up to me and says, “Can I help you?”   It’s such a generic comment that lacks life.   Why would I be at a dealership if I didn’t need help?   Think of something more creative that connects.   One dealership, while I was looking at an SUV, the sales guy came up and said, “I have much smaller cars for you where you will be sitting in the front seat and the backseat at the same time.”   It was funny because I am 6’7.   That little bit of humor was the perfect connection.   Now, I was open to the sales process with my defenses down.    I remember getting ready to do one test drive and the sales guy gets in and says, “If we get pulled over by the police and I run, you don’t know me.”   I wish I could have seen the look on my face.  He started laughing and said, “I am just kidding. “   It’s a bold use of humor, but the benefit of humor is that it makes others feel connected and comfortable with you.  That is the power of humor.

4.Do what you say you will do.

This is the ultimate fear of a car buyer, when the sales guy says one thing but delivers something else.   When we bought our Ford Escape, the sales manager told us he could match what our other car had – V6, Remote Start, Leather Seats, Heated Seats, 4 wheel drive, ect..   When you live in the Midwest, these are important things to have on cold winter days.   We trusted the sales guy, signed the papers, traded in our old car and when they finally delivered the new car it was not what the sales guy said it would be.  When we confronted him on this, he tried to back track and say, “Well in order to get you a good deal, we weren’t able to get everything.”

It was a total disappointment.

There was another instance when I called to speak to the maintenance manager about when my truck would be ready for pick up, he said, “Sam, give me 5 minutes and I will return your call.”

Five minutes go by, then an hour and then the day.  I called back the next day and asked why I never got a call back and his response, “Oh, I went out to lunch and then things got busy.”

Come on! Do what you say you will do.

5. Take Notes.

If you want a customer for life, then take notes about them.   I did a test drive at one dealership and the guy did the small talk with me, got my name and all that, but when I called to set up another test drive, he didn’t remember a single thing about me or what I was wanting.  I don’t want to waste my time and retell my story to you.   Just for that, I moved onto another sales person who cares enough to take notes and remember the important stuff.

When I purchased my truck, the sales manager made an effort to thank me for my business and asked what I did for a living and it seemed like chit chat to me, but the next time I went in for an oil change, he walked up to me and said, “Sam, good to see you again.  I checked out your website on-line, ect..”

The treatment made me feel like they cared and wanted me to be a part of their family for a long time.  I was impressed he remembered my name, what I did, and what we had discussed 4 months prior.   Now, when I go get my oil change, it is like seeing a friend and not a sales person.  People like to buy from people they like.


Do these 5 Customer Service and Sales Tips seem easy to do?  Sure they do, because they are and they work.   Not only will they work for people at car dealerships, they will work for any business in any industry.  You can easily implement them and get positive results.

This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.   Sam is a sought after speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action.  Sam Glenn offers strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and the right culture where people will thrive.  Sam Glenn’s Official Website: (www.SamGlenn.com)

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