5 Habits of Positive People in the Workplace

5 Habits of Positive People in the Workplace

There are certain habits that positive people consistently demonstrate in the workplace.   These habits help them deal with the day to day up and downs.  They seem balanced and level headed when dealing with the office negatives which can boil down to a situation with a co-worker or boss.   Habits are what we do over and over again.  Implementing positive habits and taking notes from the example that positive people in the workplace demonstrate has tremendous value.

Habit # 1 of Positive People in the Workplace:  They are not overly reactive to bad news. 

Only a drama queen is a fan of drama.  Being positive doesn’t mean that you are blind to adverse information, but rather positive people in the workplace process this information and look for the best options to address it and move forward.  They know that reacting in a negative way will make a situation worse.  They understand that drama creates a negative environment, but thinking clearly and creatively always accomplishes more.

Habit # 2 of Positive People in the Workplace: They make their attitude their choice and don’t leave it to chance.

They understand the importance of attitude and it shows from the moment they walk in the door.  They are not complaining about this or that, but they are making an effort to set the tone for their day by choosing an attitude that achieves positive results.

Habit # 3 of Positive People in the Workplace: They keep a distance from negative people.

Positive people in the workplace have boundaries in place when it comes to dealing with negative co-workers.  Have you ever worked with a negative person or perhaps are working with them right now?  They are so negative that if you give them a bouquet of flowers at 8 am, the flowers will turn into a cactus by noon.  I think we all have worked with that person, but in order to stay positive in the workplace you have to establish boundaries with negativity.   The picture of that looks like this:  You are not engaged in wasting time going back and forth with a negative person.  You are not engaging in any extra time with them other than what is necessary to get the job done.   And if someone is stepping over the line, a positive person will look for the best options to address the negative behavior so it doesn’t affect production or teamwork.

Habit # 4 of Positive People in the Workplace: They do the right things.

Positive people in the workplace are not standing around wasting time talking about office politics or making negative gossip.  They know that if you say something bad about others, it will come back and bite you later.  They also work with a level of integrity.  They are not cutting corners or misleading customers.

Habit # 5 of Positive People in the Workplace: They give their best.

Positive people engaged in positive actions leads to positive results.  Everyone wants the best results possible and the positive person in the workplace understands that if they are going to achieve these results, there is only one pathway that will make that happen and it is showing up every day and giving your best.  They don’t complain, but rather make the best use of the resources they have.


This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.   Sam is a sought after speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action.  Sam Glenn offers strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and the right culture where people will thrive.

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