5 Reasons Why Encouragement Works in the Workplace

 There are so many times I face frustrations and think, “I can’t do this or why me or what went wrong?”   My questions become negative and I end up beating myself up.  Do you ever find yourself tearing yourself down rather than praising your awesomeness?

What I have found to be a source of thinking on a better track has been encouragement.   Encouragement has inspired me to try when everything in me was screaming, “quit!”   Encouragement took off the glasses of doubt and put glasses of positive belief.

I think little encouragement has a lot of life in it.  Sometimes all someone needs to reach a new level in their life is a little encouragement.  Encouragement pulls us along, pushes us up and re-adjusts our thinking.  For some it’s a dynamic morale booster.

Why is encouragement a necessity in the workplace?  Here are 5 reasons why:

1. People Want to Feel Important.

When you encourage someone by sharing a verbal pat on the back for a good idea or job well done, it makes people feel valuable.   The effect is they will continue to give their best day in and day out.  Don’t be stingy with your encouragement.  Encouragement unlocks other’s greatness.   Sometimes we need to be reminded how valuable we are and how much we have to offer and that if we keep doing what it takes and a little extra, we will achieve the goal and more.

2. Encouragement Reinforces The Right Things

When someone makes a tough call or choice on a situation because it was the right thing to do, your encouragement solidifies and reinforces that doing the right thing is what matters most.  Making tough calls is scary and there is the fear of rejection or making a mistake, but when it comes to doing the right thing there should always be praise for those particular efforts.   Sometimes we are going to mess up and instead of pouncing and pounding away at what and why we made the mistake, maybe get more bang for your buck by offering encouragement to re-group and try again.  Encouragement also lets people know they are on the right track.  I think we all want to know if our efforts are pointed in the right direction and we are getting where we need to go and encouragement helps achieve that.

3. Encouragement Inspires People In Tough Times.

We all get down from time to time and especially if your organization is going through changes, it can be scary.  There is a sense uncertainty and just a little encouragement can dissolve fear and anxiety.  I once heard that a few simple words of encouragement in tough times is worth more than one hour of praise or compliment after success.

You never know what emotions someone is battling and while it may not be your business, if you can detect it and offer a few words of encouragement from the heart, what a positive impact that can have.  You will make their day, clear away the fog, and put a spring in their step.

4. Encouragement Builds Employee Loyalty

When people know you care, they begin to trust more.  Encouragement is one of the strongest forms of leadership.  It is a demonstration of authentic caring and as more people know that you care, they will trust more and become more loyal to your leadership and organization.  People become loyal to that which they believe in.  We believe in what we trust.  The mixture of encouragement and integrity help build this connection.

And hey, sometimes the boss needs some encouragement.  Believe it or not, there are a large number of bosses who feel overwhelmed and over their head and they work with the fear of not wanting to mess up.  When you see your boss do something that is awesome, point it out.  I am sure they would be glad to hear it.  Or even you notice someone hitting the wall with stress, a few words of encouragement can be a stress release.  You never know unless you try.

5. Encouragement is a No to Low cost Benefit to Employees with Maximum Results

It costs nothing to share a few up-lifting words, ideas or insights, but the rewards can be outstanding.  When you see someone do something or go the extra mile, offer some encouragement in the form of praise and thanks.   Some people may seem tough on the outside or brush it off, but don’t’ stop being an encourager.   It is a human need.  We need it to keep going.

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