5 Signs You Need an Attitude Tune Up

5 Signs You Need an Attitude Tune Up

Sam Glenn, the Attitude Guy

How do you know when it is time to give your attitude a tune up?

Her are 5 obvious signs you need an attitude tune up:

  1.  You feel unmotivated and fatigued.
  2. You find yourself being short or snappy with others.
  3. You complain about everything.
  4. You indulge on a bad habit to deal with stress.
  5. Your thinking is negative.

Here are 10 not so funny, but kind of funny signs you may need a major attitude tune up.

  1. Someone gives you flowers at 8am and by noon they have turned into a cactus plant.
  2. People see you coming and dive just to get out of your way and avoid you.
  3. When you stop brushing your teeth because you just don’t care anymore.
  4. When you stop watering your chia pet .
  5. When you use your lunch break to plot ways to sabotage your co-workers or bosses office.
  6. When the alarm clock goes off, the first words out of your mouth is foul language.
  7. When you pull into the gym parking lot and determine that you showed up and that counts as a work out.
  8. When your pets pee every time they look at you.
  9. When coffee doesn’t work and you tape a sign to your back that says, “Please kick me and lets just end this road show!”
  10. You cheer when someone says something negative.


What is an attitude tune up?  It is you taking a brief moment to recharge your attitude batteries.  It doesn’t mean you are a negative person, it just might mean that you are running on empty and need to refuel.  It means stress has kicked in and you feel overwhelmed and less than enthusiastic about doing just about anything, so you end up giving enough effort as a half baked potato.

They key is to define what your attitude tune up looks like and how to go about it.

Identify 5 to 10 actions that you know will re-charge your attitude.

Possible ideas to re-charge your attitude batteries:

  1. Get some extra sleep.
  2. Put down the sweet and carbs and eat something that refuels you like vegetables.
  3. Read something up-lifting like a positive quote.
  4. Drink plenty of water.
  5. Go for a walk and just de-stress from your thoughts, fears or worries.
  6. Talk to a close friend that makes life feel better.
  7. Watch a funny movie and laugh your butt off.
  8. Determine what or who is draining you in your life and create some boundaries to limit the energy of those things that drain you of positives.
  9. Start a blog and write.  Writing is a great way to express yourself and get what is filling your mind – out.
  10. Visit the puppy store.  Play with a puppy.  You don’t’ have to buy, but play with a puppy and see if it doesn’t put a smile on your face.


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