Enthusiasm is the magic ingredient

5 Signs Your Workplace Has The Magic of Enthusiasm

Something incredible happens when enthusiasm shows up in our attitude, our efforts, our workplace and our life…I call it magic!

Some might argue that you can’t measure enthusiasm in the workplace and I enthusiastically disagree. Enthusiasm always reveals itself in the work we do, how we serve, sell, educate, and lead.

The other day, I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel downtown Memphis Tennessee.  In 20 years of speaking professionally to every type of industry you can imagine, I will tell you that the first sign an organization has the magic of enthusiasm is when their people are more engaged, loyal and create exceptional experiences for their customers.

Organizations that lack enthusiasm have
higher turnover, poor leadership,
and consistently struggle.

I called down to room service to order up some breakfast.  I ordered a small pot of coffee, a cheddar cheese omelet and a side of bacon.  Thirty minutes later, there was a knock at the door – room service!  I was hungry and excited to eat a good breakfast. When I signed the bill, I noticed the price for everything was $54.  I even remarked,

“For $54, this better be the best omelet on the planet.”
Anticipation of a great mealTypically when you order room service, they charge you a ton of fees, so it adds up quickly.  I like to eat my breakfast in my room so I can work and prepare for my day.

When I lifted the topper off the plate and saw the omelet, my first thought was, “That’s it?!”
What I saw was about the size of  KitKat candy bar -not big at all. In addition to not having any size, it was watery and runny.  I remember thinking, “Did they soak my omelet in water before they brought it up?”
I then cut into the omelet to check the cheese content, and it was evident that there was a possible cheese shortage in Memphis. Even Elvis would be disappointed.  When you order a $54 omelet with cheese, you kinda expect the state of Wisconsin to be in there!

It was evident that whoever made this omelet didn’t have the magic of enthusiasm in their work.  At best, it was a $2 omelet and that is appraising it on the high end. Honestly at that point I was just hoping not to get food poisoning.

My initial thoughts were, “Why should I pay $54 for something that looks like it was cooked on a hot plate in an unclean gas station?” I would be doing the Sheraton Hotel in Memphis a disservice if I didn’t speak up. They will never get better if they are not aware there is an issue.

The Second Sign that organizations have the Magic of Enthusiasm is they are always striving to get better.

They work hard to improve their people, service and products.  They learn from their mistakes and conflicts and always strive to get better.

I called down to the front desk and spoke with someone who seemed to have as much enthusiasm as paint drying on a wall.  Let’s be real, you can tell when people care and when they don’t.  He didn’t.

The Third Sign your organization has the Magic of Enthusiasm is your people care.

When your people care, it shows in how you communicate with each other and with customers.  Customers should feel you smiling through the phone.

I asked the manager why the omelet was made so poorly and if he felt it was right to charge $54 for what they sent up. His response was, “I am sorry, we just get busy. Do you want us to send up a new omelet?”
I said, “No, Thank you! Unfortunately I do not have time. And I imagine it costs you guys a lot more when you have to do things over again.”  Basically, I was trying to create a teachable moment without charging my normal fee.

The guy at the front desk asked me, “So what do you want us to do about it?”
My response to anyone who asks such a question like this is, “Do something that will make me happy, smile and want to tell others about your organization.”
His response was a very bland “Ok sir.”
In the end, they didn’t do anything to fix it.  They charged me $54 for a $2 omelet.

The forth sign your organization has the magic
of enthusiasm is you hire people who care.

Southwest Airlines was once asked why their people care so much and their response was golden, “Because we hire people who care.” A sign your culture needs to make adjustments is if your organization has high turnover.  It means you are either not hiring the right people or your culture is so bad that people want out.

The fifth sign your organization has the magic of enthusiasm is your leadership makes it a priority.

Attitude is contagious. Great visions and ideas might be born at the top of your organization, but they grow from the ground up.  Leaders who value engaged employees, make it a priority to empower people with that special ingredient that makes success possible – enthusiasm.   Have you ever been to a Chick-Fil-A and seen how the teenagers there serve customers?  It’s outstanding.  It’s a sign they have great leadership.  Now, go to any other place a teenager might be working, my bet is it’s not going to be or have the same experience as Chick-Fil-A.

Without enthusiasm, we are just zombies going through the motions. An organization can only be truly successful if every person from the lowest level to the highest level works with enthusiasm and pride.  When you have the magic of enthusiasm, your $54 omelets will look and taste like a $1000 omelet.

magic-topperYou get the picture – enthusiasm pushes us to go above and beyond.  If you want magic to happen in your workplace, relationships and life then remember to incorporate a little enthusiasm and see what happens!