5 Silly Ways to Make Work More Fun

This article ran in a recent issue of Attitude Digest, and I thought it was too fun to not share on our blog.

1)Create a trash collage. For a week, have staff collect interesting scraps of office trash (nothing too smelly or drippy) in a designated box. At the end of the week, let them make interesting shapes from the scraps, gluing them onto a giant poster board. Pieces of aluminum foil can turn into delightfully shimmery mackerel. Paper hole-punches become lovely spots on the back of a cardboard cat. Etc. Post the creation in the lobby or reception area if you are brave.

2)Create prizes for hypothetical accomplishments. Here are some ideas: most low-key person (someone who never says much or causes a stink), most email sent in a week, most melodic typing. Keep the prizes simple so no one gets too envious (croissants or popcorn are always good).

3)Splash it up with a “Whacky Accessory Wednesday.” Let staff wear their weirdest panty hose or wildest saddle shoes. Take a staff picture that day, and post it somewhere prominent to remind everyone that the workplace really is fun now and then.

4)Hold “inside recess.” Pick an empty room and play volleyball with a balloon. Turn on some sassy music and play musical chairs. Hold a thumb wrestling tournament if you are brave.

5)Have everyone draw a picture of their ideal office. It might include a hottub, or be sealed with soundproof styrofoam, or have a small cat hotel along one wall. Encourage staff to be creative, focusing on their authentic desires, and post the results on a bulletin board. You might get some great ideas for improving the environment, or at least get to know a bit more about your colleagues’ true desires and personalities!

What would you suggest to make work more fun? Be silly!