50 Shades of Negative

By Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy

Motivational Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

It is 4 minutes to 9 am and I need to run into a retail store to grab a few items.  I know exactly what I want.  I have the cash, credit or check – however the retailer wants to be paid.  I walk up to the door of the store and it is locked.  Well, I am a few minutes early, but wait here comes somebody walking towards me from the back.  It seems that they are going to let me in just a little early because they know I am a customer with cask, credit or check – however they want to be paid.  The store associates name was Patty.  I could see that on her name tag.  She proceeded to unlock the doors, opened the door a crack, stuck her head out and said with gruffness, “We don’t open for another four minutes, come back then!”

Then she closed and locked the door, turned her back and walked away.

Let me examine this with some witty, yet truthful common sense.  You see, by the time Patty informed me to come back, bolted the door and walked away without a care of who wanting to give her some cash, it was 3 minutes till opening.   So, I had 180 seconds to reflect on how I was treated and examine how Patty got infected with 50 Shakes of Negative.  Because only someone who is negative and clueless would do such a ridiculous thing.   For real, “Who does that?”

Who turns away a paying customer
at the door with 180 seconds till opening?

Who paints a negative picture of their company in the eyes of the customer?

Who doesn’t care enough about customers and sales that they let 180 seconds gets in the way of customer loyalty and revenue or commissions?

It’ s PATTY!

Do you know a Patty?   Not by name of course, but someone like Patty who subscribes to negative outlook that makes her clueless to what real success is all about.

Let me ask you this, if you were a business owner, would you hire someone like Patty?

Would you say Patty doesn’t have a clue?

Why did Patty need 180 seconds?  Did Patty have to finish a text message to a girlfriend?  Did she have to water her cactus plant?  Where could I go for 180 seconds and then come back to buy from Patty and reward her 50 shades of negative attitude?

Who is really to blame for a bad attitude like Patty?  Did the corporate office not train her properly?  Was she sick on how to make sales and win customers training day?

Maybe she ate a bran muffin and had a few cups of coffee before work and needed 180 seconds to have some human time.  Sure that seems rough of me to think, but I got turned away for business and have 180 seconds to think about things and this thought came to mind.

Did her regional or district manager tell her, “If you see a customer at the door ready to pay cash, credit or by check and there is 180 seconds till opening, you rudely open the door and inform that customer with an attitude of how dare you come to our store before we open and ask them to come back at the correct time.  Then you turn your back to them and walk away.”

Someone is responsible for Patty’s 50 shades of negativity. 

If you are in leadership and success is your goal, you do not tolerate this.Because what you permit is what you promote.

Patty is also responsible for her attitude and actions.  If you don’t know how to use them when the goal is revenue for the company, then you need to get a clue and learn the rules for success.  Otherwise you are defeating yourself and the company’s objectives.

I can honestly say that if I saw an employee do this, I would invite them into the boardroom and in less than 180 seconds give them a Donald Trump style, “You’re fired!”

I am serious.  I would not tolerate this from any employee.  Who turns away a ready to pay customer and sale with 180 seconds till opening?  Not only would I not tolerate it as a business owner, but I don’t tolerate the treatment as a customer.   What Patty doesn’t realize is that she did get fired that day.  Not by her company, but by the customer.  That is the power of a customer.  They can fire a company of any size by not buying from them.   Well, Patty is making her way back to the door to open the store.  I wonder if I should let her know that it’s been 210 seconds and she should have opened the door 30 seconds ago?  I mean considering she was so adamant with communicating to me to come back in 180 seconds till they officially open.  I think I will just walk away and find another store that wants to help me and likes to make sales.

Does it sound like I am a little upset as a customer?  I am as upset as I am disappointed.  You might argue that Patty was following rules or needed to finish up a few things before opening, but you don’t take the time to walk as far as what she walked, unbolt the door, not great me with a smile, welcome or reason for the 180 seconds of time needed, but just an unhappy face and a rude tone informing me, “We are not open yet, come back when we are.”, then walks away.

No…no…no.  That is not good business.
That is someone who has 50 Shades of Negative and
needs a clue to what makes success possible.


This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.   Sam Glenn is a sought after keynote motivational speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action to achieve positive results.  Sam Glenn’s Speeches and Motivational Books offer strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and a positive culture where people will thrive.  Sam Glenn is a great kick off speaker or closing to any event.  Sam Glenn’s Official Website: (www.SamGlenn.com)

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