7 Reasons Why Companies Hire Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy

It is a question I get asked quite frequently as a professional speaker, “Why do organizations hire you to speak at their leadership events, meetings or conference?”

My honest answer has been, “Because my presentation rocks!”  (Read my previous blog to understand this answer.)

My professional answer is, “I work with organizations that value positive people engaged in positive action.”

The real reason why organizations hire me is because they understand something that is not wide spread, which separates them from their competition and how they handle setbacks and new changes.

Of the companies that have been hiring me to speak at their events, several have been rated the best companies to work for in the country. It was obvious that they valued attitude and service but I wanted to learn more about how they achieved such a status.

So for the first time in my fifteen year career, I started asking people, “Why did you hire me or what is it about my speech that makes having a speaker like me a necessity?”

I asked people from my audience, people on the planning committee, the CEO’s, the VP, the janitor and possibly a few assistants to the regional manager why a presentation on attitude was such a necessity to incorporate as a kick off to an event like theirs.  I understand that some organizations want to kick off their event with something positive that sets the tone for the day or something inspirational to wrap things up on a high note in order to send people on their way feeling good and inspired about the day or conference.  I get that, but if they are already successful, why hire the Attitude Guy to talk give a talk on attitude?  To most, it would seem they already understand the value of attitude and are enjoying the benefits of having a positive attitude. In fact, most people get an attitude when they find out there is going to be a speech on attitude, but not these organizations.
After careful research as to why companies and associations choose me as their keynote speaker, I was able to determine a common and very positive thread amongst each of these organizations. Most organizations that hire me do so because they understand 7 primary things about attitude and how it relates to their work efforts.”

Successful organizations that value positive people engaged in positive action understand the following 7 things:

1. Your attitude is either in the way or making a way.

2. Your attitude is either connecting you to others or disconnecting you from others.

3. Your attitude is either your greatest asset or your biggest liability.

4. Your attitude is either pushing you ahead or holding you back.

5. If your attitude is not right, then nothing is right.

6. Your attitude is either making a mess or making a difference.

7. Finally, that a person’s attitude is a lot like a battery and needs to be re-charged.  A fully re-charged attitude in partnership with positive efforts achieves better results.

Simply put, they understand that “attitude” is the starting point to all things. It starts with attitude first –  (customer service, sales, leadership, teamwork, administration, maintenance, safety, projects, making a budget work, doing more with less, etc – you name it). These companies understand that a positive attitude will not stop negative things from happening, but it will give you the mental clarity to persevere and seek innovative and creative solutions to challenges as they arise.

Reinforcing positive behavior is always more successful then punishing or criticizing negative behavior. These organizations believe in the value of attitude and reinforce their message and their culture by bringing in Me – Sam Glenn, the Attitude Guy to encourage their teams and give them tools to continue building on their success every day. Some organizations may have identified that attitude is an area that they could improve or is an area that they struggle with. My message will also work for them. My message gives teams a fresh perspective and the jolt they need to help them use their attitude to improve their lives both personally and professionally. Plus, I utilize the right amount of humor, art, laughter, and energy to engage groups and ensure that the message on a positive attitude engaged in positive action has a lasting impact.

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