7 Remarkable Reminders for Business Success

Sam Glenn, speaker, author
Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy

I love speaking at recognition meetings. It is awesome to watch people get recognized for their amazing hard work, efforts and attitude.  A sign of an outstanding organization is when they take the time to recognize, reward and reinforce the attitude, efforts and behaviors in the people who make success and positive growth possible.

Here are a few simple reminders that will contribute to your organization’s success and keep recognition on track.

  1. High turnover is a sign something’s gotta change.

    High turnover means people are not connecting with leadership or finding purpose in what they are doing.  If they are doing a poor job from the get go, then the hiring process needs to be refined. Every person who quits should be given an exit interview in order to find out what is the true reason behind their desire to leave.  If you want to cut costs and add to a bigger bottom line, then it is imperative that you cut turnover.

  2. Customer service is everyone’s job. 

    It is every single person’s job to provide great service at all times. Team members should be empowered to think creatively to solve customer challenges and given the tools to create memorable experiences for customers.

  3. Conflict can create awesome opportunities. 

    Not every situation is identical, so ask yourself and teach your people,“What is the right thing to do to make the situation right?”  There is a huge difference between saying we will do better next time and demonstrating we are doing our best right now.

  4. Organizations get better if their people are getting better.

    When I speak at leadership events for property management groups. My mission is to light a fire in people’s hearts and not under their butts.  From time to time we need that kick in the butt motivation, but what works long term miracles is when we recharge our attitude batteries and rekindle that potent power of enthusiasm that makes an organization stand out from the crowd.

  5. If you want people to trust you, then do what you say you will do when you say you will do it.

    If you tell someone you will email them by 3:00 PM, then it should not be 3:01 coupled with an excuse. By following through and being a person of your word, it builds trust. Even if you don’t have the answer they want, communication will help build trust that you are doing everything you can on the other person’s behalf.

  6. Change is random, but growth is optional.

    Things are always changing.  There are new ideas, new technology, new budgets, new policies, new regulations, new underwear – who knows – but one thing is for sure is that change is a part of life and the job. Instead of viewing change as something scary, help people view the positive in the unexpected and transitions.

  7. Recognize each other.

    It is always important to encourage each other in both good and tough times.  We will have our rough times and that is when we have to stand together as a team and forge ahead. Instead of always looking for or pointing out what others do wrong or what isn’t working and why, we need to change our tune and start looking for others who do right and recognize it by showing authentic appreciation.  It makes others feel important and sculpts a greater sense of purpose into their contribution to the big picture.  We all want to know we matter, so take the time to celebrate great efforts and attitudes.


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