7 Simple Ways to Ramp Up Enthusiasm in Your Workplace

By Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy – Award Winning Keynote Speaker and Author  (www.SamGlenn.com)

Being a professional speaker and author, I give close to 100 inspirational speeches a year and as I work closely with my client’s leadership, I have noticed the increase in demand for ramping up enthusiasm in the workplace. Think about it, if your company or business burned to the ground from a fire, who would help you rebuild and who would roast marshmallows? People who have more enthusiasm in the workplace are more loyal, focused, aware, engaged and committed to the core values and for this reason, they would help you rebuild.

Those who lack enthusiasm in the workplace may do what needs to be done, but not with all their heart. Less engaged employees try to get by with minimal effort, a so so attitude, don’t care as much, and would defiantly celebrate your demise by roasting marshmallows if your organization did burn to the ground.  While that is only a metaphor, its makes you think about who is really for organizational success and who is simply a passenger.

Let me help by sharing my experiences working with outstanding leadership with highly enthusiastic cultures and organizations.

First, it doesn’t matter what type of industry you are associated with, enthusiasm is always a game changer. No matter what any one says, organizations with high attrition weaken the foundation and value system that built the organization.

As a result, there is:

  • more stress at work,
  • more sick days,
  • loss of great employees,
  • consistently upset customers,
  • lower quality of work,
  • higher turnover
  • and the list goes on and on.

When I work with leadership teams on ramping up enthusiasm in the workplace, I am very clear about keeping the process simple. Too many people complicate simplicity and that is their downfall.

Ramping up enthusiasm in the workplace can be simple and cost effective. The key is being consistent about it.

The moment you lose consistency in what should always be a priority; you lose positive momentum, trust and strength in your workplace culture.

On the flip side, it is also important to remember, a workplace culture that operates with enthusiasm is more productive, attentive, communicates better, serves better and works harder. So why would you not do everything you can to make enthusiasm a priority in your workplace? There should be no excuse – its easily the most measurable element in any workplace. Either you’ve got it going on or you don’t. Either it’s a priority or it’s not. The results always reveal the truth about what your organization stands for.

Here are a few very simple ideas to ramp up enthusiasm in your workplace.

1. Coach people for success.

Recently, a group who hired me to speak at their all employee meeting informed me that some leaders coach people into fear. Meaning, they scare people by informing them that if they don’t do things a certain way, or reach certain metrics, they have the potential to lose their job. People need to be coached to improve, learn from mistakes and inspired to get better. Poor leadership always leads to losing outstanding employees. So remember to coach people for success.

2. Improve Communication.

In some cases, organizations try to adapt to certain organizational changes by coming up with new ideas, strategies, or core values. But it is important to note that a new vision may come from the top, but it only grows from the ground up. When you plant a seed in a garden, you work to nurture that seed. To bring any vision to life, you have to improve your communication from the ground up – through words and action. If you expect people to embrace the macro vision, changes, growth, new ideas, you need to dump the memo’s, get personable and do something engaging to make it memorable in the heart beat of your organization. Get out of the board room and connect and communicate with people who make visions a reality. This is a job that should never be delegated.

3. Listen.  Listen. Listen.

Feedback is essential to positive growth. You want to listen to your people are saying – how do they speak about your organization, how do they communicate with each other, how are they treating customers, is there something that is limiting someone from better quality and production. You have to put the brakes on always being in response mode, and listen to the heartbeat of your organization. When you act on someone’s feedback, it demonstrates acknowledgement and shows that you value people and their input.

4. Give Your Meetings and Conferences a Life.

Do you like boring meetings?   So why have them then?  Why put effort into planning a boring meeting?   Nothing zaps quality energy from a meeting room faster than a boring meeting.

The next time you have an all company meeting or conference, watch where people sit. If they fill up the room back to front first, it means they don’t trust what is going to happen on the stage or in the front. Your goal is to create trust by planning and investing in quality presentations with quality presenters who captivate, engage, entertain and make a positive impact. One of the big reasons groups have me back to speak year after year, is they don’t want to lose that trust. I work hard for my clients, but it doesn’t always have to be a speaker.

Maybe the next time you have an office meeting, play a funny or inspiring video from Youtube to break the ice, kick things off or create positive energy for the meeting.

Recently, I got an email from a  hospital leadership team that said, their meetings got so bland that people would do anything to avoid them or sit in the back of the room first. But once they changed the format of their meetings and started doing things that engaged them, they noticed their employees started looking forward to their meetings. It never hurts to change things up a little, have a little fun, create some positive energy and get people excited about what they do and the impact they can make.  You can still get a lot of work done, and more so when you add a little spice to perk everyone at your meetings. Delivering information without a kick, is a recipe for boredom, disengagement and negative results.

5. Create a Personal and Professional Library.

A few years ago, I spoke at a car dealership that had been in business since the 1960’s. They had low turn over and their people were successful.When I sat in the office of the owner, I could see why. He had an incredible library of books and audios. He said, “Sam, when people get better at who they are, they become awesome at what they do. That is the key to our success here.”

When people feel like they are growing and progressing in life and work, they get excited. Best of all, they become more loyal to that organization.

6. Change The Attitude And You Will Change Everything.

The core of all my speeches ties back into attitude.

There is something remarkable about an organization that is driven by the right attitude. They:

  • Handle set backs better
  • Find solutions faster
  • Solve problems quicker
  • Don’t give up
  • Don’t speak ill of the people and organization they work for
  • Make positive contributions.

Sometimes, you have to do what my late mentor, Zig Ziglar said,

“Do a check up from the neck up.”

First start with your attitude. Is it in the way or is it making a way. Then evaluate your cultures attitude. What attitude is driving your bus. Attitude is a choice. Attitude is contagious. The wrong attitude is filled with many expensive consequences, so beware.

The right attitude doesn’t stop change from happening or unfavorable circumstances, but the right attitude will empower you to persevere, become resilient, start over, give all you got, think better, find solutions and have that mental stamina that keeps you moving forward. The wrong attitude will lead you to a dead end.

7.  Reward People.

Take time to reward people for their efforts and accomplishments. You don’t have too, but by doing so you reinforce positive engagement and make people feel valued. Maybe, have a fun contest in the office and who ever wins gets a day off, a gift card or free gasoline for a month.

One of my clients likes to reward their people with housecleaning service. No body wants to come home after a long day and clean – I sure don’t. So, this service is a great way to let people go home and experience a clean household and feel valued. Make it fun. Make it worth it.

Sam Glenn is an Award Winning Motivational Speaker, performance artist, and inspirational author who  captivates audiences with a motivational experience that entertains, educates and empowers. Meeting planners call Sam Glenn, “A conference favorite!”
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