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Time for a Difficult Conversation? Four Steps to Make it Easier

No matter what your profession or level in your company, at some point you’re going to have to initiate a “difficult conversation” with a boss, co-worker, or colleague. This conversation could be between you and one person, or it could be between you and an entire group of people. It’s a conversation where each party has an opinion and a perspective, and they’re all very different.

How to Deal with Difficult Co-Workers…and What You Can Learn From Them

No matter where you’re currently employed, you likely have to deal with a few difficult co-workers on a regular basis. Whether these people test your nerves by being publicly hostile, gossiping behind your back, or being stubborn and unyielding to new ideas, they’re enough to make you want to quit. But in today’s economy, quitting any job is simply not an option. Therefore, your best bet is to learn not only how to get along with difficult people, but also to learn a few lessons from them.

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