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Ignite A Positive Attitude, 10 Unforgettable Quotes

Can our attitude really change everything?

For the past 20 years, I have been speaking at conferences, working with outstanding leaders and professional athletic teams on the topic of attitude. What I have learned is that our attitude is the main thing that affects everything. EVERYTHING! Our attitude plays one of the most significant roles in every aspect of our life. Everything follows our attitude. Our attitude is either working for us or it is working against us and we determine which every day. In fact, we all have certain skills, education, talents and abilities, but what drives us around every day is the attitude we choose. If our attitude isn’t working right, then nothing will be right.

In my newest book, Attitude Changes Everything, I focus on creating more awareness or mindfulness of how our attitude is working. Is your attitude rewarding you or making things worse for you?

Think about this for a second, how much would you pay your attitude to give a pep talk to your favorite sports team, 10 minutes before game time? Today, professional athletes make pretty good money, so why would they invest in making sure everyone has the right attitude? Hmmmm…it’s because attitude changes everything! Attitude is the ultimate game changer.

Attitude is our brand, logo, culture, leadership, service, product, communication and anything else you can think of. It really is!

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Do you know anyone who has ever worked with a negative co-worker or boss? They can tell you that attitude is a very big deal. For some people, they get physically sick because their workplace is so toxic. Why do you think Monday is the number one day for heart attacks? People are stressed out about going to a place to work that isn’t healthy or supportive. Attitude changes everything!

If you Google road rage videos, you will instantly see people who lack emotional management skills. Meaning, they let their heated attitude control their responses. They are reactive and make choices that lead to negative consequences.

If you have ever met someone who has been diagnosed with cancer or an illness, they will tell you that attitude is everything.

Here is an attitude quote from the late ESPN announcer, Stuart Scott, regarding his battle with cancer.

“When you die, it does not mean you lose to cancer.
You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live.”
– Stuart Scott

Our attitude becomes what we feed it.
10 Life Changing Attitude quotes that will Awaken Your Mindfulness to how incredible your attitude is.


  1. A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.

-Joyce Meyer

  1. Being positive in a negative situation is not naïve. It’s leadership.


  1. Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.

-Charles Swindoll


  1. The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.

-Eckhart Tolle


  1. Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

–Viktor E. Frankl

  1. Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, surrounded by assholes.

–Sigmund Freud

  1. A positive attitude doesn’t stop adversity from knocking at the door. However, a better attitude gives us mental clarity, creativity and resilience to deal with life’s curve balls, learn from them, grow from them and move on from them.

– Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy

  1. Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have and offer thanks for all the troubles we don’t have.


  2. Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.


  3. Drama does not just walk into your life. Either you create it, invite it, or associate with it.

There are more quotes I could post here, but these stand out to create some perspective on how valuable our attitude really is. Nobody can choose your attitude but you. You own your attitude and the results and stories it creates. Remember, a little bit of the right attitude can make a huge difference. Attitude changes everything!



By Sam Glenn,The Attitude Guy
Author, Attitude Changes Everything
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Are You a Real Leader

or Just a Leader With a Title…Here is How to Tell.

For the past 20 years, I have been professionally speaking at conferences on leadership as it pertains to creating employee engagement in the workplace – meaning, how to get people excited about their work, give their best and show up ready to work hard.  There are different ways we can learn about leadership.  We can read books or attend seminars, but I think the best way to learn is by example, coaching, or through a mentor.


I am sure there is enough activity in your world that provides real leadership lessons to learn from.  It is said that great leaders create more leaders.  If that is true, I think we have to examine the example we set for others to follow.  The example we set truly defines if we are a real leader or someone who is in a leadership role because of a title.  Come on, you know it and I know it, not all people in leadership roles are real leaders.  Their example of leadership lacks substance, respect and value for others.  They do only what they think or assume leaders do. That is not real leadership.  Leadership is about owning your position and being an example that cultivates leaders in others.

Recently, I ordered 5000 copies of my new book, The Magic of Enthusiasm. It’s one of my best books – ask anyone who has read it – it’s awesome.  I personally like to self publish most of my new books because it allows me write and publish with speed and control.  Some of my other books I have printed with publishers, but that process may take years to get to completion, so it favors me to self publish.  Anyways, the printer I was using informed me my 5000 new books would arrive on a certain date. It was critical that they arrived by that date because of all the pre-orders I had as well as for the events I was speaking at.

So, the trucking company delivering them called and set up a window of time they would be dropping them off and I waited around for 5 hours and finally I heard the truck pull up.  As the driver was unloading the boxes, he said, this sure seems like a small amount to be 5000 books. Upon closer inspection we quickly realized it was the wrong order.  Another authors books and been sent to me and my books got sent to some guy’s house in Boston.  He must have been a little surprised.


When I called the printer to inquire what happened, I got the run around. Nobody wanted to take ownership for the error.  I even emailed the owner to ask how they would fix it. His only response was, “We are looking into it.”   That’s all I got!

There was no apology, personal phone call, discount, or promise to make it right.  Eventually it was an assistant who reached out to me blaming the shipper for the error, still taking absolutely no responsibility. So, I called the shipper and they said it was defiantly the printer who was at error.  Basically, nobody wanted to step up and own the mistake.  At this point, I felt like I was dealing with a bunch of  kids who did something wrong and didn’t’ want to get in trouble. Ultimately even if it was the shipper’s error, the printer decided to utilize that company so they need to figure it out with them.  That said, they still have an obligation to make things right with their customer. It doesn’t even need to be in form of monetary compensation, a simple phone call with an honest apology and promise to do better would have been sufficient.


But more importantly then a phone call, what example does this set for everyone in their organization? Leaders who lead because of a title play the blame game. They don’t want to look bad so they point the finger.  This is not a real leader and it will not inspire leadership within their team.

Real leaders step up, take ownership, fix it, make it right and win customers.

Their example is what creates more leaders in their organization.   Leaders with only a title don’t create more leaders, they create just the opposite.  Titled leaders take credit for the wins and real leaders give credit to everyone else for the wins.  Titled leaders blame others for the losses and real leaders take ownership for the losses.

I often like to ship out most of my own books when people purchase them.  I will sign them up and often I like to add something extra as a way to say thanks for following and supporting my work.  Plus, I love knowing I am going to make someone’s day.  I remember one time, I had 100 orders to go out and so I bought 100 priority stamps and packed up all the orders.  I didn’t want the packaging to tear, so I taped up the package with shipping tape.

However, I noticed all these orders were being shipped back to me.  The post office sent me a note saying you can’t tape over a stamp because it could be someone reusing an old stamp.  As a result, I had customers emailing me asking about the status of their orders and why it was taking so long.  As much as I wanted to blame the post office, I owned my error, paid for the mistake and made it more than right with my customers.  In doing that, I demonstrated real leadership and I won the hearts of my customers.

When you go above and beyond to fix something that is frustrating to your customer, you win their loyalty and hearts.

It is important to evaluate your style of leadership.  Ask yourself, are you demonstrating the kind of leadership that inspires great leadership in others or are you frustrating others and pointing the finger when things go wrong kind of leader.  Your example is everything when it comes to leadership.  The example you set communicates if you are a real leader or someone in a leadership role with a title.

Real leaders take their organization and people farther.  Real leaders win customers loyalty and hearts.  Leaders who operate off a title create disengagement and frustration in the workplace and lose customers.  Real leaders empower people for success.  Titled leaders don’t care about others becoming successful, they only care about themselves.

Take a moment and evaluate your leadership.  Are you the real deal or someone who thinks they are?
Think about it.

Sam Glenn, Award Winning Keynote Speaker

7 Simple Ways to Ramp Up Enthusiasm in Your Workplace

By Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy – Award Winning Keynote Speaker and Author  (

Being a professional speaker and author, I give close to 100 inspirational speeches a year and as I work closely with my client’s leadership, I have noticed the increase in demand for ramping up enthusiasm in the workplace. Think about it, if your company or business burned to the ground from a fire, who would help you rebuild and who would roast marshmallows? People who have more enthusiasm in the workplace are more loyal, focused, aware, engaged and committed to the core values and for this reason, they would help you rebuild.

Those who lack enthusiasm in the workplace may do what needs to be done, but not with all their heart. Less engaged employees try to get by with minimal effort, a so so attitude, don’t care as much, and would defiantly celebrate your demise by roasting marshmallows if your organization did burn to the ground.  While that is only a metaphor, its makes you think about who is really for organizational success and who is simply a passenger.

Let me help by sharing my experiences working with outstanding leadership with highly enthusiastic cultures and organizations.

First, it doesn’t matter what type of industry you are associated with, enthusiasm is always a game changer. No matter what any one says, organizations with high attrition weaken the foundation and value system that built the organization.

As a result, there is:

  • more stress at work,
  • more sick days,
  • loss of great employees,
  • consistently upset customers,
  • lower quality of work,
  • higher turnover
  • and the list goes on and on.

When I work with leadership teams on ramping up enthusiasm in the workplace, I am very clear about keeping the process simple. Too many people complicate simplicity and that is their downfall.

Ramping up enthusiasm in the workplace can be simple and cost effective. The key is being consistent about it.

The moment you lose consistency in what should always be a priority; you lose positive momentum, trust and strength in your workplace culture.

On the flip side, it is also important to remember, a workplace culture that operates with enthusiasm is more productive, attentive, communicates better, serves better and works harder. So why would you not do everything you can to make enthusiasm a priority in your workplace? There should be no excuse – its easily the most measurable element in any workplace. Either you’ve got it going on or you don’t. Either it’s a priority or it’s not. The results always reveal the truth about what your organization stands for.

Here are a few very simple ideas to ramp up enthusiasm in your workplace.

1. Coach people for success.

Recently, a group who hired me to speak at their all employee meeting informed me that some leaders coach people into fear. Meaning, they scare people by informing them that if they don’t do things a certain way, or reach certain metrics, they have the potential to lose their job. People need to be coached to improve, learn from mistakes and inspired to get better. Poor leadership always leads to losing outstanding employees. So remember to coach people for success.

2. Improve Communication.

In some cases, organizations try to adapt to certain organizational changes by coming up with new ideas, strategies, or core values. But it is important to note that a new vision may come from the top, but it only grows from the ground up. When you plant a seed in a garden, you work to nurture that seed. To bring any vision to life, you have to improve your communication from the ground up – through words and action. If you expect people to embrace the macro vision, changes, growth, new ideas, you need to dump the memo’s, get personable and do something engaging to make it memorable in the heart beat of your organization. Get out of the board room and connect and communicate with people who make visions a reality. This is a job that should never be delegated.

3. Listen.  Listen. Listen.

Feedback is essential to positive growth. You want to listen to your people are saying – how do they speak about your organization, how do they communicate with each other, how are they treating customers, is there something that is limiting someone from better quality and production. You have to put the brakes on always being in response mode, and listen to the heartbeat of your organization. When you act on someone’s feedback, it demonstrates acknowledgement and shows that you value people and their input.

4. Give Your Meetings and Conferences a Life.

Do you like boring meetings?   So why have them then?  Why put effort into planning a boring meeting?   Nothing zaps quality energy from a meeting room faster than a boring meeting.

The next time you have an all company meeting or conference, watch where people sit. If they fill up the room back to front first, it means they don’t trust what is going to happen on the stage or in the front. Your goal is to create trust by planning and investing in quality presentations with quality presenters who captivate, engage, entertain and make a positive impact. One of the big reasons groups have me back to speak year after year, is they don’t want to lose that trust. I work hard for my clients, but it doesn’t always have to be a speaker.

Maybe the next time you have an office meeting, play a funny or inspiring video from Youtube to break the ice, kick things off or create positive energy for the meeting.

Recently, I got an email from a  hospital leadership team that said, their meetings got so bland that people would do anything to avoid them or sit in the back of the room first. But once they changed the format of their meetings and started doing things that engaged them, they noticed their employees started looking forward to their meetings. It never hurts to change things up a little, have a little fun, create some positive energy and get people excited about what they do and the impact they can make.  You can still get a lot of work done, and more so when you add a little spice to perk everyone at your meetings. Delivering information without a kick, is a recipe for boredom, disengagement and negative results.

5. Create a Personal and Professional Library.

A few years ago, I spoke at a car dealership that had been in business since the 1960’s. They had low turn over and their people were successful.When I sat in the office of the owner, I could see why. He had an incredible library of books and audios. He said, “Sam, when people get better at who they are, they become awesome at what they do. That is the key to our success here.”

When people feel like they are growing and progressing in life and work, they get excited. Best of all, they become more loyal to that organization.

6. Change The Attitude And You Will Change Everything.

The core of all my speeches ties back into attitude.

There is something remarkable about an organization that is driven by the right attitude. They:

  • Handle set backs better
  • Find solutions faster
  • Solve problems quicker
  • Don’t give up
  • Don’t speak ill of the people and organization they work for
  • Make positive contributions.

Sometimes, you have to do what my late mentor, Zig Ziglar said,

“Do a check up from the neck up.”

First start with your attitude. Is it in the way or is it making a way. Then evaluate your cultures attitude. What attitude is driving your bus. Attitude is a choice. Attitude is contagious. The wrong attitude is filled with many expensive consequences, so beware.

The right attitude doesn’t stop change from happening or unfavorable circumstances, but the right attitude will empower you to persevere, become resilient, start over, give all you got, think better, find solutions and have that mental stamina that keeps you moving forward. The wrong attitude will lead you to a dead end.

7.  Reward People.

Take time to reward people for their efforts and accomplishments. You don’t have too, but by doing so you reinforce positive engagement and make people feel valued. Maybe, have a fun contest in the office and who ever wins gets a day off, a gift card or free gasoline for a month.

One of my clients likes to reward their people with housecleaning service. No body wants to come home after a long day and clean – I sure don’t. So, this service is a great way to let people go home and experience a clean household and feel valued. Make it fun. Make it worth it.

Sam Glenn is an Award Winning Motivational Speaker, performance artist, and inspirational author who  captivates audiences with a motivational experience that entertains, educates and empowers. Meeting planners call Sam Glenn, “A conference favorite!”
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5 Signs Your Workplace Has The Magic of Enthusiasm

Something incredible happens when enthusiasm shows up in our attitude, our efforts, our workplace and our life…I call it magic!

Some might argue that you can’t measure enthusiasm in the workplace and I enthusiastically disagree. Enthusiasm always reveals itself in the work we do, how we serve, sell, educate, and lead.

The other day, I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel downtown Memphis Tennessee.  In 20 years of speaking professionally to every type of industry you can imagine, I will tell you that the first sign an organization has the magic of enthusiasm is when their people are more engaged, loyal and create exceptional experiences for their customers.

Organizations that lack enthusiasm have
higher turnover, poor leadership,
and consistently struggle.

I called down to room service to order up some breakfast.  I ordered a small pot of coffee, a cheddar cheese omelet and a side of bacon.  Thirty minutes later, there was a knock at the door – room service!  I was hungry and excited to eat a good breakfast. When I signed the bill, I noticed the price for everything was $54.  I even remarked,

“For $54, this better be the best omelet on the planet.”
Anticipation of a great mealTypically when you order room service, they charge you a ton of fees, so it adds up quickly.  I like to eat my breakfast in my room so I can work and prepare for my day.

When I lifted the topper off the plate and saw the omelet, my first thought was, “That’s it?!”
What I saw was about the size of  KitKat candy bar -not big at all. In addition to not having any size, it was watery and runny.  I remember thinking, “Did they soak my omelet in water before they brought it up?”
I then cut into the omelet to check the cheese content, and it was evident that there was a possible cheese shortage in Memphis. Even Elvis would be disappointed.  When you order a $54 omelet with cheese, you kinda expect the state of Wisconsin to be in there!

It was evident that whoever made this omelet didn’t have the magic of enthusiasm in their work.  At best, it was a $2 omelet and that is appraising it on the high end. Honestly at that point I was just hoping not to get food poisoning.

My initial thoughts were, “Why should I pay $54 for something that looks like it was cooked on a hot plate in an unclean gas station?” I would be doing the Sheraton Hotel in Memphis a disservice if I didn’t speak up. They will never get better if they are not aware there is an issue.

The Second Sign that organizations have the Magic of Enthusiasm is they are always striving to get better.

They work hard to improve their people, service and products.  They learn from their mistakes and conflicts and always strive to get better.

I called down to the front desk and spoke with someone who seemed to have as much enthusiasm as paint drying on a wall.  Let’s be real, you can tell when people care and when they don’t.  He didn’t.

The Third Sign your organization has the Magic of Enthusiasm is your people care.

When your people care, it shows in how you communicate with each other and with customers.  Customers should feel you smiling through the phone.

I asked the manager why the omelet was made so poorly and if he felt it was right to charge $54 for what they sent up. His response was, “I am sorry, we just get busy. Do you want us to send up a new omelet?”
I said, “No, Thank you! Unfortunately I do not have time. And I imagine it costs you guys a lot more when you have to do things over again.”  Basically, I was trying to create a teachable moment without charging my normal fee.

The guy at the front desk asked me, “So what do you want us to do about it?”
My response to anyone who asks such a question like this is, “Do something that will make me happy, smile and want to tell others about your organization.”
His response was a very bland “Ok sir.”
In the end, they didn’t do anything to fix it.  They charged me $54 for a $2 omelet.

The forth sign your organization has the magic
of enthusiasm is you hire people who care.

Southwest Airlines was once asked why their people care so much and their response was golden, “Because we hire people who care.” A sign your culture needs to make adjustments is if your organization has high turnover.  It means you are either not hiring the right people or your culture is so bad that people want out.

The fifth sign your organization has the magic of enthusiasm is your leadership makes it a priority.

Attitude is contagious. Great visions and ideas might be born at the top of your organization, but they grow from the ground up.  Leaders who value engaged employees, make it a priority to empower people with that special ingredient that makes success possible – enthusiasm.   Have you ever been to a Chick-Fil-A and seen how the teenagers there serve customers?  It’s outstanding.  It’s a sign they have great leadership.  Now, go to any other place a teenager might be working, my bet is it’s not going to be or have the same experience as Chick-Fil-A.

Without enthusiasm, we are just zombies going through the motions. An organization can only be truly successful if every person from the lowest level to the highest level works with enthusiasm and pride.  When you have the magic of enthusiasm, your $54 omelets will look and taste like a $1000 omelet.

magic-topperYou get the picture – enthusiasm pushes us to go above and beyond.  If you want magic to happen in your workplace, relationships and life then remember to incorporate a little enthusiasm and see what happens!

Is there a difference between being nice and being kind?

My daughters are one and two years old. They are beautiful, fun, smart, creative and the absolute joys of my life. They are also perfectly normal toddlers who test boundaries and are learning and growing every single day. My wife and I work on teaching them little things such as how to be told “No” with out losing your mind or crying (still working on that) as well as how to dress themselves, use the potty, etc.

While we work on the basics like the alphabet, but our biggest focus
right now is helping them learn how to be kind.

I believe kindness is one of the most important traits you can have, no matter what your job is, where your life takes you, or whom you interact with.  If you are kind that is by far one of the most important things. Think about it…lets say you are at a store and have a request that the salesperson can not meet. The way you will feel about the experience totally depends on whether or not the person is kind to you. Either way, for whatever reason you are not able to get what you want, but if the person treats you with kindness you will still leave with a good impression. If your manager has to give you negative feedback and if they do it with kindness then you will be more likely to take the feedback in a positive way and improve your work…which will ultimately positively impact your career.

So we have taught our girls through our actions and our words how to treat others, including yourself, with kindness. After hearing my wife remind our daughter to “please be kind” for the 19th time this morning I started thinking…is there a difference between being nice and being kind? Most people would say it is the same or use the terms interchangeably, but I believe there is a big difference.

Some people are nice because it’s what they are “supposed to do” or they do it because they have to…but not because it is what is in their heart. I have heard of people being called “fake nice” but I have never heard someone be called “fake kind”.

I believe being nice is what you do
but being kind is who you are.

I don’t want my girls being nice to each other just because I’m watching. I want them to treat each other with kindness because they understand the value of kindness and they want to share joy with another person.

In the workplace managers need the employees to treat everyone with kindness regardless of whom they are serving or who is watching. If employees only serve others with kindness when the manager is standing close by, then the team and the business will crumble quickly.

How do managers (and parents)
encourage kindness?

1. They reward it when they see it. Immediately.

If you see someone doing a behavior you want them to repeat then drop whatever you are doing (if possible) and compliment them.
It will have more of an impact when it’s fresh in their memory and they will want to repeat the behavior.

2. They model it themselves  – be an example.

This is HUGE. People will learn more from your actions  than your words. Is this well known advice?
Yes. Does every one need a reminder of it? Absolutely. When you need something, how do you ask your employee for it?
Are you respectful? Polite? Make sure your actions are modeling what you want done. Be aware.

3. Don’t ignore bad behavior.

In the same way, if you see something you want, then you should immediately praise it, but if you are seeing things you don’t want happening then you need to address it as quickly as possible. Just make sure you do the correcting in private.

Praise in public, correct in private. When you offer correction, do it in a respectful way. You don’t want to make someone feel bad but instead create a learning opportunity. Compliment them on a few things that you like about them or what they do and then present the situation to them and ask how they could have handled it differently and help them come up with a few ideas. When people come up with the solutions themselves in a positive way they are much more likely to actually implement them.

My challenge for you today is this, are you treating others with kindness?

What do you believe the difference between being kind and being nice? Let me know in the comments and thoughts on my facebook page (

Have a good week!


Sam Glenn's Postcard Club

“Sam Glenn delivered a memorable, rousing, infectious and educational message to our attendees.  He was the perfect closing session speaker, leaving our attendees energized with a “new” attitude.”

– Lorraine Okabe, Director of Education and Conferences, League of California Cities

Stop Dulling Your Life by Doubting Your Greatness! “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”

 When you doubt yourself, you defeat yourself.
When you believe in yourself, you win.

As I sat there humped over my dinner, I could not stop the tears from rolling down my face. I had my heart set on a basketball scholarship. But it seemed like a faint wish at this point that would not come true. I had injured my knee a few months before and the recovery was going slowly. I had just returned home from basketball practice wherein my coach told me how disappointed he was in me and my performance. I had very little confidence in myself and I could understand my coach’s frustration. I was a team leader and my injury was hurting the team. I was not performing up to my previous ability. I sat there at a crossroads and contemplated quitting. I knew quitting would not show leadership, but I didn’t want just to sit on the bench.

As I sat there trying to eat what my mom had kept warm for hours, I opened up the newspaper. Every other Thursday the area newspaper would show the statistics of all the top area players – points averaged per game, rebounds, and all the other good stuff. After the start of the season, I was at the bottom in almost every category and non-existent on the rebound list. It was embarrassing. I was a big man averaging less than six rebounds a game. According to my position and stature, it was my role on the team to get rebounds, but I was not living up to that expectation.

I was dead last in the rankings, and instead of wallowing one more minute in my situation, I made up my mind right there that I was going to turn it all around.

My goal was to go to the top. It was an outrageous goal, because I was in the company of some incredible players. I knew it would be a tough race and a long shot, but I was at the bottom with only one place to go: up. I had nothing to lose by aiming and shooting for the top. So I set my heart and my mind to it and away I went…

For weeks, rebounding was all I could think about. I would see my name being listed as number one on the statistics sheet for area rebounds. I would visualize myself going after every rebound.

My performance turned around dramatically.
My body was following the path in which my mind believed.
My teammates and coach could not believe the turnaround.

I still had some odds set against me. I was rehabilitating an injured knee. I wore an Omni brace, which is a huge leg brace that keeps your knee stable, preventing a blow-out. While it protected my knee, it added weight and took time to get used to.

When game time came, I was a maniac. I was almost crazy out there. It wasn’t long before I found myself moving toward that picture in my mind. I was getting 10 rebounds a game, then 15, then 18, and then 22. If that ball came off the rim, I knew it was mine! My hands became glue. In fact, one of my teammates picked up on what I was doing and he started going after rebounds like crazy. He went from averaging 4.5 rebounds to getting 9, 12, and sometimes 15 rebounds a game. My drive and determination raised the level of my teammates’ play as well. As I write this, I have goose bumps because it was so incredible!

Weeks passed into the season and I wasn’t sure where I stood in the ratings. I saw my name on the bottom of the list, and in the middle, but didn’t stop believing in reaching the top. The final Thursday in which I would see the year-end standings came. I was nervous on the car ride home from practice. I want to point out that I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing and believing in, not even my family.

My goal was strictly personal.

As I walked in the front door, I could see the paper sitting on the counter next to my dinner. I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when he opened up the chocolate bar to win the golden ticket. I ate a few bites of my dinner and slowly opened the paper to the standings page. I glanced really quickly and didn’t even see my name on the list. My heart skipped a beat and I thought, this can’t be right. I have been averaging so many rebounds. I took a deep breath and looked again, and then I realized why I didn’t see my name at first. I was looking at the bottom of the list, to make sure I wasn’t there, and the middle, because that’s where I had been most recently. But, when I looked at the very top to see just who was at the number one spot (the #1 rebounder), it read these words: SAM GLENN.

I put the paper down on the counter and started to cry because I had reached my goal. It took so much hard work and determination, but in that moment I tasted what true victory in reaching my goals was all about. I honestly wasn’t sure if I could do it or not, but I tried and gave it my very best. I set my heart and mind to it, envisioning and acting upon it, and it happened – even more perfectly than I could ever have imagined.

Building confidence in yourself is a daily process.
Step by step, you can rebuild, or build from scratch on the confidence you have.

The change in my attitude was my decision to define what I wanted, and then start believing in myself and my ability to achieve my objective. It is true – you really can achieve greatness when your heart and mind are fully in it. Tapping your potential starts with believing in yourself.

When you doubt yourself, you defeat yourself.

When you believe in yourself, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Believing in yourself should not be an ego thing, but rather a confidence thing. It means knowing you have what it takes to achieve, move forward and attract what you desire into your life. If you battle feeling insecure, or have failed in the past and are experiencing a sense of fear, you need to refer back to the principle, “Get Over It and Get On with It.”

It’s okay to believe in yourself. It’s good to believe in yourself. And yes, some people may say cruel and disrespectful things to you and try to keep you down, but you don’t have to listen to them. You get to choose what to accept.

When you realize who you are, and the greatness and potential you possess, the same truth will apply. Someone will almost always put you down and try to keep you from the prize, but knowing the truth frees you from the lies and even prevents you from considering the negative comments of others.

Give yourself permission to believe in the greatness of who you are, and when you do, incredible things will happen in your life.

Face Your Limitations With The Attitude of Courage

Life is about managing the things that we tolerate. What are you no longer willing to tolerate? What is currently bad enough for your life that you are willing to let it go?

Can you answer these tough questions?

What limitations are in your way? What emotional limitations have you created that are tripping you up from being your very best? Is it a bad habit that needs to be broken in half and tossed to the curb? I am asking what limitations you are aware of that are preventing you from living your best, because you need to face them, get over them and get on with living a better life and now.
Is there something blocking you from achieving your dreams and happiness? Is there something that is ruining your relationships?

What is it for you?

Is it…

  • Fear?
  • A past experience?
  • Laziness?
  • Someone who hurt you, who you can’t forgive or forget?
  • An excuse of some sort?
  • A negative attitude?
  • A relationship?

Whatever it is, you need to face it, get over it and get on with it if you are ever to experience more out of life. You can’t get to the “more,” until you overcome what’s in the way of it. This is much easier said than done, but the very act of making the decision to get over it means you are on your way. You have raised the bar for your life. You are ready to explore beyond your current boundaries, to see what life really has to offer you.

The process of overcoming limitations doesn’t fully begin until you have a willingness to change, improve, and unlock the shackles you have placed upon yourself – willingly or unknowingly.

To get the best out of life and yourself, you have to get real with yourself and address this question: what negative limitations are keeping you from your best – your best attitude, best choices, best thinking, best that life has to offer? Identify what is in the way that is making you feel like you are in that rut, causing you to jostle up and down, preventing you from getting the promotion, making your relationships stale rather than enriched, keeping you from winning more sales, distracting those around you from cementing a common vision, igniting strife with co-workers, or distancing you from a healthy lifestyle.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you complain a lot?
  • Do you have a short temper – everything gets to you?
  • Do you judge others and criticize?
  • Do you believe nothing goes your way and that you are always the victim?
  • Are you too controlling?
  • Do you suffer from low self-esteem?
  • Filled with hate?
  • Emotional eating?
  • An addiction?

You have to at least be willing to face, conquer and move past what is holding you back. Really, what’s occurring is identity theft. Something is robbing you of your greatness in life. And the purpose of knowing what’s limiting you is that you will then know what you need to conquer.

Most limitations do not start on the outside of us; they start on the inside and work their way out. We tend to create most of our own limitations.

So examine your limitations and develop a plan to  overcome them. Perhaps you need to talk with someone who can help. Maybe it’s just time to make new choices that deliver new consequences.

The point is, if you are going to have any kind of breakthrough, you have to be willing to work on you and break free from what is preventing you from living your best.

When you face what limits you and conquer it, the world around you will shift and will begin to seem better all the way around!  Life will begin to reward you with freedom.

— Sam Glenn, author, speaker, chalk performance artist, attitude guy!


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Sam Glenn awards include: MPI, Michigan Meetings & Events logo, Telly Awards
+!  Is often featured in thousands of newspapers with guest appearances on TV talk shows and radio programs.

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+!  Is the “go-to guy” for hundreds of organizations who value positive people engaged in positive action.

Recharge Your Batteries

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your
life that count. It’s the life in your years”
Abraham Lincoln

One of the hardest life lessons to grasp is to take adequate time to renew ourselves, to slow down and let go in order to get back to a place of strength. It’s hard to live your best if you are running on fumes. We need time to rest, relax, think, reflect, and let go. If we don’t take the time to release, our stress will begin to manifest itself in negative ways physically and emotionally.

The Key to healthy living?

The key to healthy living is not in waiting to be forced to rest, but in planning it with purpose. And it’s not easy. We live in times when we practice stress, rather than renewal, on a daily basis. We have to be aware of how harmful unmanaged stress is and why renewing ourselves can be crucial in creating reserves to last us through.

If I asked you to stand on one leg for a few minutes, I bet you could do it. But what if I asked you to stand on one leg for a few hours? Eventually, you would fall over from exhaustion. At first, the stress of standing on one leg would be manageable, but the longer you stand there, the more unbearable the strain would become, causing you to fall.

We can only do so much of what we do
without running into the burnout zone.
The stress can build to a place where we are
no longer any good for ourselves, relationships or work.

Are there signs you need to recharge?

It’s important to recognize the signs of needing renewal. Here are just a few: constant fatigue, moodiness, snapping, rage, frustration, depression, tense neck muscles, forgetfulness, headaches, and a spike in weight gain or loss. While these can all be symptoms for a lot of other underlying issues, in basic terms they spell out an overly stressed person whose mind and body needs some rest.

Many of these factors can put us at a higher risk of heart disease. Plus, if we are running on fumes, our minds become magnets for negative thinking. We might carry around unnecessary thoughts that get blown out of proportion. We might be more prone to saying and doing something regretful. A lack of energy can feed your tiger, as we discussed in the last chapter.

The lesson of needing to recharge ourselves is something we can see all around us. Think of your cell phone. I have to recharge mine every night when I get ready for bed. What about when your kids get cranky? Our first thought is, this kid needs a nap. Taking a necessary rest is a lesson we must grasp and apply to our lifestyle, no matter what we do.

What are the benefits to recharging yourself?

We are more productive. We take care of ourselves more effectively. The experiences we create for others are of a higher quality. Our relationships improve. Our passion and enthusiasm are rekindled. We no longer carry around unmanaged stress that causes us to drag, but we are energized and ready to get the best out of ourselves and life.

Here are a few ideas to help recharge yourself.

Go for a walk.

As you walk, let go of your day. Be in the moment.

Take a nap.

Thomas Edison used to have a cot in his office, so he could take 10 minute naps to get recharged. Rest for 10 to 20 minutes to get a quick recharge.

Get out of town.

Plan a getaway… often. Not just once a year, but maybe once every few months. It doesn’t have to be long. Just a few days will do wonders. I personally enjoy getting away and going fishing. It always revitalizes me when I can sit on the beach and just watch the sunset and crashing waves.

Getting out of town can help separate you from your world. And that’s key to recharging yourself. There will always be things to get done – projects, deadlines, and the unexpected – but in order to face them with strength, you have to be at your best. Sometimes finding your best requires losing your worries in a fresh environment for a short time.

Do nothing.

Sometimes I do nothing and I get a lot out of it. I may just watch TV, sit on my porch, take a two-hour nap, or putter around. There are times when if you called me and asked, “What are you doing?” I would tell you, “Nothing, and loving it.” Really, it’s just me resting, and not thinking about work, bills, projects, etc…

Go for a spa treatment.

Pamper yourself with a massage. Doing this can rid your muscles of toxins that have built up due to stress.

More things you can do to recharge yourself:

  • Call and talk with a good friend.
  • Go watch a good movie.
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • Exercise.
  • Eat something healthy.
  • Read a good book.
  • Take a shower or bath.
  • Listen to some good tunes.
  • Do some art.
  • Pray.

Make recharging your emotional and
physical batteries a priority.

To be at your best, you have to be active about it. We are going to encounter stress on a daily basis, and too much of it left unmanaged can hurt us. If you try to get up the mountain on fumes, you are not going to make it. You won’t be happy, and life will seem like a drag. So make the choice to slow down, let go and get renewed. When you do, you will always come face to face with your best self.


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Sam Glenn awards include: MPI, Michigan Meetings & Events logo, Telly Awards

  Has won multiple awards -Speaker of the Year by both Meeting and Events magazine and Meeting Professionals International.

+!  Won two Telly Awards for Most Outstanding Motivational Video.

5 Tips on How to Stay Positive in a Stressful Workplace

You just took a sip of coffee, looked down at your desk and the to do list keeps growing. The phone is ringing.  Someone has a question. You just checked your emails five minutes ago, but now you have ten new emails that need to be replied too.  There is a meeting starting in 20 minutes and someone just stopped by to small talk, so you are nice and talk to them for a little bit.

A normal work day is filled with deadlines, agendas, meetings, emails, phone calls, new demands, new technologies, memos that the company is making new changes, updated schedules, customers, projects and when it is all said and done, you have to get home to the family and be on your game there.  By the time your head hits the pillow, you are exhausted mentally, but your mind won’t shut off, so you try to sleep, but it’s not easy, especially knowing you have to get up in a short time and do it all over again.

Sound stressful?

I kind of want to take a nap after reading all that.  Stress in the workplace can drain us of our energy and positive attitude.  It is important to be proactive and plan some ways to manage stress, so when it happens, you are not entirely caught off guard, but are prepared to handle it in a positive way.

When the workload is intense, it may seem difficult to be optimistic but it is really important to stay positive no matter what the workplace situation might be. Let me pinpoint some strategies that will help you remain positive and keep your sanity when stress attacks without warning.

  1. Take it as an Opportunity to Learn:

Overwhelming demands present the opportunity to learn from them. You might discover how to efficiently multitask, get trained to effectively manage time and become skilled at completing difficult projects with the utmost competence.  When everything is fighting to be a priority, it is important to learn how to manage and arrange your demands in a way that will allow you stay focused and get as much done as possible.

  1. Take Breaks:

Working continuously without any break results in tiredness of the body and your brain will be exhausted, resulting in nothing average work. You should give yourself a short break every two hours. This can be getting up and taking some steps from your desk, breathing some fresh air from an open window or having a cup of coffee. You will feel refreshed and ready to restart immediately with a clear mind and recharged body.  Stretch a little bit, but do something that revives you. Do not reach for sugar or anything that might drain you of your mental and physical energy later in the day.

  1. Surround Yourself with Optimistic People:

This is one of the most important tips to stay positive in difficult work situations. There are some people who affect you poorly with their negative attitudes. Minimize your time from them.  That means you have to create boundaries.  Some people want to eat up your time and energy with their negativity – do not let them!   Find someone who will take a break with you and maybe go for a 15 minute walk.  Have someone that when things are getting stressful, you know they will be on your side, lift you up, encourage you and help you out.

  1. Turn It All Off.

When work is done. Be done with it for the day.  When you get home, don’t be checking emails at work or thinking about things that distract you from valuable time with your family.  Turn off the phone. Don’t check emails.  Focus on what matters most – your family. You will be happier and healthier by doing this.

  1. Take care of yourself.

Eat good foods that energize you – like salads.  You don’t to be eating pasta for lunch and then feel like you need to take a nap the rest of the day.  Drink lots of water.  Get some protein bars to snack on.  I personally like coffee, so if you like a little caffeine in your day, reach for a cup of coffee to perk yourself up or perhaps some tea.

After work, detox your day, by going for a walk for 30 minutes.  It doesn’t have to be much. Maybe later, sit down and watch a funny comedy.  Do things that make you feel good, sleep good, and have a healthy attitude that is strong enough to fight off stress when it attacks.

I hope this helps. These tips are really simple and I am sure there may be a lot more, but start with these and I am sure you will discover that feelings of being overwhelmed won’t trip you up, but rather you will be able to handle what comes you way with a positive attitude.

Have a great week!!




Sam Glenn Highlights

Sam Glenn awards include: MPI, Michigan Meetings & Events logo, Telly Awards

  Has won multiple awards -Speaker of the Year by both Meeting and Events magazine and Meeting Professionals International.

+!  Won two Telly Awards for Most Outstanding Motivational Video.

+!  Is often featured in thousands of newspapers with guest appearances on TV talk shows and radio programs.

+!  Has given speeches to audiences as large as 75,000 people at stadium events.

+!  Is the “go-to guy” for hundreds of organizations who value positive people engaged in positive action.

10 Inspiring Quotes to Make Your Day

I love inspiring quotes. They are like vitamins for your attitude.

Everyday, I pause what I am doing and read several inspirational quotes and reflect on what they mean to me and how I can apply them to personal and professional life.  I do that to keep my attitude pointed in the right direction.  I do it to stay motivated to accomplish what needs to get done.  I do it to stay focused and remember what is most important.  I think for the past 10 years, I have been posting positive quotes on my facebook fan page (eaglepainter) and enjoy observing the responses and likes, knowing that people are embracing the inspiration as I do and have.  Some days we just need a little inspiration and inspirational quotes are a fantastic way to jump start your day and stay on task.

Now, I have my personal favorites, but I asked my fans on my facebook fan page what inspiring quotes make their day. I wasn’t able to list them all, but will use others in future blog posts, but here are just a few inspirational quotes that will make your day.

Enjoy these inspirational Quotes!

  1. To succeed in life you need three things….a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone -Reba McIntire
  2. Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is a little voice inside your head that says I’ll try again tomorrow. R. Lynn Costlow
  3. We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” -Ben Sweetland-
  4. “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” – Kurt Vonnegut
  5. “Make a CHOICE, Take a CHANCE, Be the CHANGE!” – Geanna Kincanon Prescott
  6. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Phil 4:13
  7. Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.
  8. Sam this is for when your daughters are older and move away and leave home. I told this to myself when I was missing our kids – “we gave our kids the world and wings, why wouldn’t they fly?”
  9. Always remember to go to bed with a dream & wake up with a purpose.
  10. Explore, grow, and have fun building yourself into the person you are going to be for the rest of your life while taking positive risks to better yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. – Pathways to Point 2007


Thank you for reading my blog post on 10 Inspiring Quotes to Make Your Day! If you have a favorite, please reach out to me and share. I love posting them on social media.


Rock On!



Sam Glenn, Author, Speaker, Artist

Sam Glenn awards include: MPI, Michigan Meetings & Events logo, Telly Awards

  Has won multiple awards -Speaker of the Year by both Meeting and Events magazine and Meeting Professionals International.


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