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6 Ways to Spot Great Leadership

Many people view leadership in the workplace as something easily acquired, but it requires the right kind of effort. Unfortunately, in some cases, leadership roles are awarded to those who are not quite ready to fulfill the requirements expected of a successful leader. This can have an undesirable effect on the work environment by causing …

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Go Positive +!

10 Signs Your Co-Workers Can’t Stand You (A Humorous Perspective)

We face them every day, that co-worker with little quirks and an attitude that can be a big turn off or highly irritating.  But, have you ever thought if you might be that person?  Sometimes it is fun to take a humorous perspective on an annoying subject.  The following are humorous signs that co-workers can’t …

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The Passing of a Legend

    Before I started my career as an author and professional development speaker, I was a kid with a not so great attitude and minimal ambition in search of my life’s purpose.  When I say a kid, I was in my early twenties.  I am a little more than double that now and hard …

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