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Sam Glenn, speaker, author

7 Remarkable Reminders for Business Success

Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy ( I love speaking at recognition meetings. It is awesome to watch people get recognized for their amazing hard work, efforts and attitude.  A sign of an outstanding organization is when they take the time to recognize, reward and reinforce the attitude, efforts and behaviors in the people who make …

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Sam Glenn encourages us to show people we appreciate them

Celebrate People Now

Too often we wait till someone is gone to celebrate how special they were. A few weeks ago, my grandma passed away at the age of 94. She lived a full life.  She was in hospice for a few weeks and we knew what was coming. Everyone in the family kept telling me, “Grandma always talked about you because you …

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Sam Glenn Recharge!

4 Leadership Skills to a Positive Work Atmosphere

4 Leadership Skills to a Positive Work Atmosphere Wе hаνе all worked in places where we grew to drеаd getting up in the morning, and a few οf υѕ hаνе hаd thе pleasure οf working fοr a boss whο mаkеѕ υѕ feel lіkе wе саn dο anything right. Lеt’s examine a few differences between a …

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7 Simple Ways to Be Happy ©

There are many things that can create happiness, but ultimately happiness is an inside job. It is you choosing to be happy. You can’t put the weight of your happiness on another person or wait for the weather to be just right. Ultimately, it is you making a choice in the midst of whatever is going on in life to give yourself the gift of happiness by simply making choices that create happiness for you. You may have more to add to this list, but here are some simple ways to speed up your happiness metabolism and start living and feeling happy now.

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