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Choose Positive Perspectives to Change Your Circumstances

One person asked me, “How can I move forward if I’m in a dead-end job
surrounded by negative people I can’t stand?”

Sound familiar? Trust me, you’re not alone, I get this
question all the time. So what can you do?

The key is to adopt a different mental perspective. If you rely on your job for income and need it in order to pay bills and meet other responsibilities, you must rethink your mental outlook if you are to survive and thrive.

Truth is, your job is what it is.

But you might call taking on a different attitude re-framing the situation. It’s much easier said than done but it is necessary if you want to progress through your current situation and achieve something better. The late business philosopher Jim Rohn once said, “Don’t ask, ‘What am I getting?’ but instead ask, ‘What I am becoming?’ Because who you become is what you will attract.”
It’s not a complicated formula, but simple common sense that can get distorted with stress and frustration.  But think about it this way, What you send out comes back – multiplied.  What you use creates what you want…if you use it the right way.

When a woman and I stepped into an elevator at the same time, we did what everyone does on an elevator: stood a comfortable distance apart and then ignored each other the entire ride. When we stopped at her floor, though, she turned to me as she stepped out. She smiled and said, “You have a great day!”
I gladly smiled back, “You too!”

It was a pleasant surprise for a stranger to take the time to wish me well. When I got off at my floor, in fact, I was still smiling. Turning back toward the elevator, I said, “You have a good day!”

Now, there was no one in there but it just felt fun to do…and it felt good. Just imagine how great it would have been if someone else had been in there to receive a smile and well wishes from a stranger. And how many people might that person have impacted by passing on that simple gesture?

What if You Use Your Smile?

If you use your smile and smile at a hundred people today, odds are you’ll get a lot of smiles in return. If you frown at a hundred people, you’ll get frowns in return.

The same principle applies to everything you do. Put out poor, slipshod work and all you’ll ever be offered are poor, low-level jobs. Create only incomplete connections with your kids and the relationship will never be completely satisfactory. But let your inner self shine and you’ll have more business, better relationships and a fuller, happier life.

Using the best of who you are to create the best of what you want is simply using what you have right now (gifts, abilities, ideas, experience, skills, education, resources) and applying them with your best effort. As you implement this consistently, progress and momentum takes over. You begin to create and move towards the best of what you want. You actually become what you want!

Who you become determines if your value increases or decreases in the working world and the rest of your life. I won’t lie; I’ve had a ton of jobs I hated. I’ve been homeless, depressed and swamped with debt. But I used all those situations as opportunities to learn, grow and move forward.  If my situation was going to improve, that improvement had to start with me improving me first.

If you can take the best from where you are, no matter how bad a place that might be, you’re automatically better able to create the best of what you want.Sam Glenn the Attitude Guy

10 Inspiring Quotes to Make Your Day

I love inspiring quotes. They are like vitamins for your attitude.

Everyday, I pause what I am doing and read several inspirational quotes and reflect on what they mean to me and how I can apply them to personal and professional life.  I do that to keep my attitude pointed in the right direction.  I do it to stay motivated to accomplish what needs to get done.  I do it to stay focused and remember what is most important.  I think for the past 10 years, I have been posting positive quotes on my facebook fan page (eaglepainter) and enjoy observing the responses and likes, knowing that people are embracing the inspiration as I do and have.  Some days we just need a little inspiration and inspirational quotes are a fantastic way to jump start your day and stay on task.

Now, I have my personal favorites, but I asked my fans on my facebook fan page what inspiring quotes make their day. I wasn’t able to list them all, but will use others in future blog posts, but here are just a few inspirational quotes that will make your day.

Enjoy these inspirational Quotes!

  1. To succeed in life you need three things….a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone -Reba McIntire
  2. Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is a little voice inside your head that says I’ll try again tomorrow. R. Lynn Costlow
  3. We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” -Ben Sweetland-
  4. “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” – Kurt Vonnegut
  5. “Make a CHOICE, Take a CHANCE, Be the CHANGE!” – Geanna Kincanon Prescott
  6. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Phil 4:13
  7. Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.
  8. Sam this is for when your daughters are older and move away and leave home. I told this to myself when I was missing our kids – “we gave our kids the world and wings, why wouldn’t they fly?”
  9. Always remember to go to bed with a dream & wake up with a purpose.
  10. Explore, grow, and have fun building yourself into the person you are going to be for the rest of your life while taking positive risks to better yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. – Pathways to Point 2007


Thank you for reading my blog post on 10 Inspiring Quotes to Make Your Day! If you have a favorite, please reach out to me and share. I love posting them on social media.


Rock On!



Sam Glenn, Author, Speaker, Artist

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Need a little positivity in your mailbox?

My job is empowering people with positivity.  I love my job.

I give close to 100 speeches a year to organizations and companies who believe in empowering their people and equipping them for success.  After every speech, I give everyone in the audience a positive postcard.  It’s a postcard with my artwork on the front along with a positive quote.  People swarm to them and grab them by the handfuls.  Some people hold on to them for years.  One guy stopped me in the Pet Smart parking lot telling me that he saw me speak, got my postcard and it’s been on his fridge for years.  His family keeps it there as a reminder to put on the right attitude to kick start every day.

Some might think the idea for a positive postcard club is a little bit old fashioned.  That it’s snail mail, but some people – myself included, like getting something positive in the mail other than a bill or junk mail.  You can give these away to people at work, your children, post it up on your bathroom mirror…where ever. The point is that it is a tangible reminder to stay positive regardless what happens during your day.

The idea seems to be getting positive feedback as hundreds have already signed up since we launched last week.

It is 100% free to join.

This is my way of giving back and thanking everyone who supports what I do and spreads positivity through out the year. I will send out 4 postcards through out the year. The art that is on the postcard will also be available in my etsy shop.

If you want to sign up, CLICK HERE

Feel free to pass the link along to anyone who may be interested!

Zero Cost to Be Nice

It will cost you nothing to be nice to someone who needs it.

To be nice to others is not a form of weakness, but a form of awareness and respect.  When someone is nice to you, it makes your day.  When someone is rude or short with you, it can steal the wind from your sail.

I have a story I want to share with you and it goes like this…

I am a dad, a husband and a small business owner. However, one big difference being a small business owner is that I don’t have the big company or corporate budgets for marketing.  So we rely heavily on resourcefulness to build our business.  We have to be creative and smart with every penny.  One thing I do every week is email 10 new people from associations, companies and organizations so that I may introduce myself.  And a lot of times we send a free copy of my new book as a gift.

Well, as the story goes, I emailed an executive with an Indiana association and his response was so rude and disheartening that I was in complete shock. If I had 4 tires on my car, this guy just deflated all 4 of them.  He chewed me out for interrupting his day, taking up email space and by the time he was done I felt like the worst human on the planet.  I emailed him back and invited him for coffee so he could get to know me and maybe my attitude would rub off. His response was, “I would never waste my time on a cup of coffee with you.”

Was he nice?  Nope.

Did he make his association look good?  Nope.

Did he make himself look good?  Nope.

Would I trust him to walk my grandma across the street?  No way!

Would I buy from him or want to work with him in the future?  Nope.

When you are rude and borderline disrespectful, it has severe long term consequences on how people will perceive you and the company/association that you represent.

We are all busy and trying to make it. I was just introducing myself.  I will share my signature statement that I have been sharing for years, “Our attitude works for us or against us and we determine which.”

On the flip side of this coin, I introduced myself to an executive director for an educational group and he said, “Sam, I am so busy, but I paused for a moment to look at your website and clicked on one of your videos.  I started laughing so hard that everyone was coming into my office door to see what was going on.  I played your video for everyone and we all had a good laugh. I haven’t met you yet, but we have all become true Sam Glenn fans!  Let me have our meeting planner connect with your office about our annual conference. I think you would be perfect to lighten things up a bit for us. We always have so many business protocols to go through, procedure updates, etc…, at our meetings that this will be a welcomed and refreshing change for us.”

Did that make my day?  You bet!

It doesn’t cost anything to be nice, even when you are the busiest person in the world.  Being nice starts with the little things like holding a door open for someone, letting someone merge into traffic or just giving someone a smile and a few kind words.  It doesn’t cost much, but the rewards are truly amazing.

So my encouragement to you is to find a way every day to extend yourself to be nicer. Be nice to your family, your co-workers, your employees and strangers.  Our world needs a little more positivity and hope in mankind.


Sam Glenn is an award winning keynote speaker and is often the highest rated speaker at every conference he speaks at.  If you are looking for an uplifting speaker that your audience will absolutely love and gain value from, then contact Sam Glenn’s office about booking him.  –

Why I love HOSA

HOSA stands for Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) I want to share an experience I had recently with this organization.  I recently was selected as the keynote speaker to kick off a state HOSA conference in Oklahoma.  Mind you, I have been working with student leadership groups for close to 17 years now, but this was my first time being invited to speak at a HOSA event.  What peaked my interest was quite a bit of my work  for the past several years (speaking at conferences) has been working with leaders in the health care industry– Health Care Associations, Hospital Associations, Nursing Associations and Emergency Response Providers.

I love working with these organizations because I believe patient care starts with attitude.  Why I love working with HOSA is being able to share the real world principles that matter the most to working well with others, serving patients with care and building trust, as well as how to be effective under pressure and unexpected changes.  The health care world is always facing new changes in technology and regulations and because of that, the value of having the right attitude is a necessity.

While, I always make my speeches memorable and entertaining, I also ensure solid content that members can use and apply immediately.  The scope of my speech to the HOSA audience was not just for the younger crowd, but also for the nontraditional members attending the event who were looking to sharpen their leadership skills. I intentionally made sure my message connected with everyone regardless of their level of experience.

About a week after the event, I got a handwritten note signed by the entire leadership team and here is what it said,

“Dear Mr. Glenn,

Thank you so much for on behalf of the Oklahoma HOSA for delivering a challenging and inspiring message that we could all relate to.  Thank you for delivering in such a level that would all understand.  

We deeply appreciate the kindness, support and incredible attitude you have.  You have made a lasting impact on the lives and in the lives of Oklahoma’s HOSA members.”   – State Secretary

I am glad I could make a positive impact and was more impressed that their leadership took the time to recognize my small part in what was a pretty big event.  That was impressive.  That was great leadership.

The future of health care occupations starts with HOSA and that is a big reason I love this organization.  The education, skills and involvement this organization offers young people today is going to play a big role in future patient care.  Being a patient or having a loved one being a patient can be a little scary, but when you see the effort, development and attitude of HOSA members, it gives you the confidence that some amazing people are working hard to make a positive difference.

A part of my speech was encouraging everyone to choose an attitude that works for them.  When we choose the right attitude, we serve others better, we handle stress better, we work with others better, we feel better and we feel a greater sense of purpose and connection to the role we desire to play in the world of health care.  Attitude is such a broad subject and some may even say that it is a topic that is not very measurable.  I think it is the most measurable element in any workplace place and life environment.  I remember when I had my shoulder surgery a few years back and I felt scared.  You almost feel helpless.  But, everyone from the nurses, doctors, administration, insurance – and I do mean everyone helped me feel supported, confident and guided me through the valley of my fears.

I am now a big fan of HOSA.  I can’t wait to work with other state chapters.  I know as I continue to work with the health care industry, I am going to continue working with many HOSA members as they make the journey through personal and professional healthcare development.   Some students who saw me speak when they were in high school are now grown up, working in the health care field and hire me to bring that fuel of attitude into their departments, hospitals, offices because the know the value of  positivity in an ever changing and stressful industry.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about HOSA, here is their national website.  Take a few minutes to check it out and all that they offer their members.  It’s pretty outstanding.

Until next time, remember  IT ALL STARTS WITH ATTITUDE!

Sam Glenn is an award winning keynote speaker and is often the highest rated speaker at every conference he speaks at.  If you are looking for an uplifting speaker that your audience will absolutely love and gain value from, then contact Sam Glenn’s office about booking him.  –

Customer Service is Everyone’s Job

I had a situation recently when we were trying to update our 800 phone line for our business.  We wanted to move phone carriers, mostly because of extremely poor service.  At some point, you get tired of being treated poorly and it’s just not worth the headache anymore, so we made the decision to move on, even thought we had been with this certain carrier for close to 8 years.   When your customer service treatment dwindles, so do your customers.   This company was lacking awareness and when you lack that one valuable iconic element, it will cost you.

The consequence of complacency is lost business and future business.

As the story goes, we showed a credit of $200 on our statement, but it hadn’t been applied.  Now, what I am about to tell you I wish where an exaggeration, but rather it’s haunting and disheartening.  We called the customer service line over 30 times to resolve the issue.  And you may ask, why did it take over 30 phone calls to resolve a little issue?  Because we kept getting hung up on, transferred, and hung up on again.  The first few hang ups, you think, “oh, something must be wrong with the connection.”  But, after 20 hang ups, you start to get the idea that someone trained these customer service reps, “If you don’t have a solution, just disconnect.”    And that is what they did.

I was in South Dakota, with a few hours to spare before I was about to give a speech and I thought I would take another shot at it and try and resolve the issue.  My wife was burned out from being put on hold, transferred and then hung up on.   It was almost like we knew their customer service outline.

By chance, I accidentally called the wrong number, which went to Verizon Collections Department.  We didn’t owe anything, but I started talking to the person in the collections department about my situation and she said she would call the customer service line and assist in transferring me.   But, I asked her if she would mind staying on the line to listen in and verify the poor treatment we were receiving.  She agreed.  She even helped manage the communication as she introduced herself with Verizon and in doing that you could tell the other customer service representative became more alert and attentive to help.

It was interesting.   When he answered the phone is was a very bland and routine answer, “Hello, my name is Pete, can I have your account number.”

The Verizon woman introduced herself and me on the line and for some reason, Pete came to life!  It was like Jesus brought Lazarus back to life.  The Verizon woman turned it over to me and I explained everything to Pete as I my wife and myself had done so many times before.  He did what they do on every call and put us on hold.   During that hold time, I got talking to the Verizon woman from collections.  We talked weather, family, sports, books and then Pete returned with familiar news, “I am sorry, I don’t see a credit and there is nothing I can do.”

That is when the Verizon lady jumped in and said, “I am looking at the same statement you are Pete and it clearly says there is a credit due.”

Pete says, “Let me get my manager.”

And we basically went through the same thing again, we got introduced to some guy with a heavy accent named Larry.  He put us on hold and during that time the Verizon lady and I talked more.  We talked about kids, family, work, life, and then Larry returned.

“Yes, I do not see a credit.”

Verizon Lady, “Larry, I am looking at the same statement you are right now and it clearly says there is a credit due to Mr. Glenn.”

CLICK!  Larry hung up.

This customer service show lasted a good 54 minutes and some seconds.  I said to the Verizon lady, “See, they just hang up on you.”

She was not happy and apologized about it and said she would ask a favor of her manager to help look into this for us.  And they did and we got it resolved.   This issue wasn’t even something that had to do with their department, but they did it for me.  They treated me like a human being with understanding and took ownership to see how they could make me a happy customer.  This exceeded my expectation.

Did she make Verizon look good?  Yes!   Even if she could not resolve it, did it make me a happy customer?  Yes, because she was doing something on my behalf.   Did she step it up and demonstrate that great customer service does exist?  Yes!

the awesome Verizon lady who made my day

I want to share and put the Verizon lady in the spotlight, but I don’t know the rules at Verizon and sometimes doing something outside what they are suppose to do can be viewed as out of bounds, so I don’t want to get her in any trouble, but for the sake of this blog, I will call her the awesome Verizon lady who made my day.  It might be the first time I have wanted to reach through the phone and hug someone in customer service. Although she was in the collections department, she saw a customer in need and did what she could to make it right.   It doesn’t matter the department, title, role or position in your organization, customer service is everyone’s job.

4 Leadership Skills to a Positive Work Atmosphere

4 Leadership Skills to a Positive Work Atmosphere

Wе hаνе all worked in places where we grew to drеаd getting up in the morning, and a few οf υѕ hаνе hаd thе pleasure οf working fοr a boss whο mаkеѕ υѕ feel lіkе wе саn dο anything right. Lеt’s examine a few differences between a positive аnd a negative work environment.

Signs οf a Negative Work Environment

  • Thе boss іѕ unfriendly.
  • Thе boss іѕ critical.
  • Thеrе іѕ high employee turnover.
  • Thеrе іѕ low employee morale.
  • People watch thе clock.
  • People don’t gеt much performance feedback.

Sam Glenn, Leadership QuoteSigns οf a Positive Work Environment

  • Thе boss demonstrates interest іn thе employees.
  • Thе boss hаѕ аn encouraging attitude.
  • Employees lіkе working thеrе.
  • Thеrе іѕ evidence οf company pride аnd loyalty.
  • People know whеrе thеу stand wіth thеіr supervisors.

Thousands οf books hаνе bееn written οn thе subject οf managing аnd motivating people, аnd аѕ many training seminars аrе conducted οn thіѕ subject around thе world еνеrу day. And уеt іt’s іntеrеѕtіng thаt even wіth аll οf thіѕ available information, few companies succeed аt сrеаtіng a positive work environment. Why is that?  Is it really that complicated or is someone making it complicated?  My research points to someone or several who make the process difficult.  There are four simple skills that if you implement them, you will begin to experience a more positive work atmosphere.  Lеt’s see whаt’s involved.

Four Key Leadership Skills to a Positive Work Atmosphere

Crеаtіng a positive work environment іѕ based οn four key skills. Thеу аrе:

  • Tеll people whаt уου expect οf thеm.
  • Shοw interest іn уουr team members.
  • Crеаtе аn encouraging environment.
  • Recognize аnd reward gοοd performance.

Leadership Skill #1 to a Positive Work Atmosphere:

State Yουr Expectations

Telling people whаt уου expect οf thеm means doing thе following:

• Communicating expectations clearly

• Having a specific job description

• Identifying specific performance standards

• Specifying deadlines

• Setting goals

Leadership Skill #2 to a Positive Work Atmosphere:

Shοw Authentic Interest іn Yουr Team – Employees – Associates

Whаt behaviors convey thаt someone іѕ interested іn уου?

  • Mаkіng eye contact
  • Calling уου bу name
  • Asking уουr opinion
  • Smiling
  • Complimenting уουr work
  • Taking уουr suggestions

Thеѕе behaviors convey a lack οf interest:

  • Ignoring уου
  • Nοt knowing уουr name οr nοt using іt
  • Nοt asking уουr opinion
  • Ignoring уουr suggestions
  • Nοt commenting οn уουr work
  • Following уουr suggestion, bυt οnlу whеn heard frοm someone еlѕе

Such signs discourage productivity bесаυѕе thеу mаkе people feel discouraged, аngrу, less confident, аnd stripped οf self-esteem.

Leadership Skill #3 to a Positive Work Atmosphere:

Crеаtе аn Encouraging Environment

Mοѕt people wουld agree thаt аn encouraging work environment іѕ one whеrе:

  • Yουr іdеаѕ аrе valued.
  • Creativity іѕ encouraged.
  • Initiative and risks аrе encouraged.
  • Fun аnd laughter аrе accepted.
  • Nеw іdеаѕ аrе rewarded.
  • Yου feel appreciated.
  • People thank уου fοr уουr contributions.
  • Flexibility іѕ valued.
  • Yου feel lіkе раrt οf thе team.

Crеаtіng such аn environment results іn thе following benefits tο employees.


• Contribute more іdеаѕ.

• Feel more committed.

• Look forward tο coming tο work.

• Arе more productive.

• Hаνе increased self-esteem.

• Have loyalty

Crеаtіng such аn environment results іn thе following benefits tο managers аnd business owners:

• Less turnover

• Less sabotage

• Greater loyalty

• Easier tο find employees due tο gοοd reputation

• Higher productivity

Leadership Skill #4 to a Positive Work Atmosphere:

Recognize аnd Reward Gοοd Performance

A reinforcer іѕ anything thаt happens, аftеr a behavior, thаt tends tο increase thе chances thаt thе behavior wіll bе repeated. Meaning, if you like what someone is doing, reinforce it my acknowledging the action.   Included аrе such things аѕ:

• Compliments

• Smiles

• Thumbs-up gesture – a little cheesy, but still fun to do.

• Saying “Thank уου″

• Public announcement οf уουr achievement

• Positive letter іn уουr personnel file

• Promotion

• Time οff

• Special parking space

• First сhοісе οn schedule

• Dinner wіth thе boss

• Tickets tο аn event

• Extra employee discount

• Picture οn thе bulletin board

• Applause аt a meeting

  • A gift card for gasoline
  • An all paid vacation.  (my personal choice)

Here are a few Recognition Guidelines

  1. Describe thе results уου аrе recognizing. Bе specific. It’s іmрοrtаnt tο mаkе сеrtаіn thе employee knows whаt behavior οr accomplishment уου аrе referring tο.
  2. State уουr personal appreciation. Sау, “I appreciate іt.” Adding уουr personal appreciation mаkеѕ thе compliment feel more genuine.
  3. Encourage thе person tο continue producing such gοοd work. Thіѕ increases thе chances thаt thе person wіll repeat thе desirable behavior.

Would you like a more positive work environment and the positive benefits that come along with it?

Then,  start small to get the ball rolling in the right direction by taking initiative to implement these 4 skills to a positive work environment.  Are they hard to do?  Not at all.  Can you start right now?  Yes you can!


This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.   Sam is a sought after motivational speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action.  Sam Glenn offers strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and the right culture where people will thrive.  Sam Glenn is a great kick off or closing to any event.  Sam Glenn’s Official Website: (

How To Deal With A Bad Apple In The Workplace

Bad attitudes are a completely natural part of being, well, human. Everyone catches a bad or negative attitude at some point in their lives. However, the truth is,  no one likes being treated badly because of a bad attitude.

In fact, bad attitudes simply drive morale down. It makes everyone feel worse than they probably already do. Some people respond to bad attitudes with more negativity and/or annoyance, while others simply retract into themselves, unable to cope with the situation. No matter the reaction, bad attitudes simply make people feel outright bad. This is especially the case for business-oriented environments.

Bad apples in the workplace?

The bad attitude of a particularly ‘bad apple’ can essentially ruin the entire workforce’s morale. As an example, encouraging a positive attitude in employees directly improves team communication and teamwork, increases their overall morale and makes them much more productive.

Bad or negative attitudes, however, provide the exact opposite effect. They say that it’s just one bad apple that can spoil the entire bunch—and that saying is very much true when it comes to bad attitudes in the workplace.

How can one bad apple ruin morale and stifle productivity? People harboring negative attitudes make other workers feel more stressed, ruining any potential for teamwork opportunities since a company’s overall employee engagement will suffer.

If that bad attitude worker continues making people feel stressed, it directly affects their moods to the point of decreasing productivity. Managers and/or employers don’t want to deal with bad attitude employees too, since they can make their management practices ineffective in the long run.

What makes a bad apple in the workplace?

Bad apples in the workplace vary, generally depending on the type of person harboring a negative attitude. Most, however, possess traits that many managers and/or employers recognize as detrimental to their workplace environment like:

  • Testing and/or criticizing company policies and rules
  • Lacking motivation, performing the bare minimum of work and/or refusing to work
  • Spreading malicious gossip/rumors, treating employees/employers with a lack of respect
  • Maintaining control over the workplace atmosphere by using negativity
  • Conducting themselves in a poor manner

Many bad apples possess one or more traits that can significantly impact the performance of a workplace. They can also be incredibly difficult to sway or convince to change their attitudes, especially when they’re set in making the environment unpleasant for others. Sometimes, these negative employees might not have enough evidence against them for an employer and/or manager to seek a suspension and/or termination of their services.

To handle that, employers should understand how to deal with problematic employees, so they can possibly eliminate their negativity from their workplace atmosphere, making everyone much more comfortable.

Resolving problems with negative attitudes in the workplace

How can an employer deal with bad apples anyway? Most of the time, many negative employees are, well, shown the door after they’ve tested the final warning of their employer. Some people, especially small business owners, might not know how to ‘show bad apples the door’ much like their medium to big business counterparts.

Some small part of ourselves always stops us from taking things a step further, especially regarding taking disciplinary actions. Any employer, however, can discipline a problematic employee, as long as they take a few steps:

  • Give them a warning. Most employers take the verbal approach, as it’s considered the most honest and upfront way to talk to problematic employees. Some employers question these employees of their potential behavioral issues, pointing out exactly why said issues impede the workplace.
  • Keep record. Whether talking to them on a verbal basis or not, employers should keep record of their conversations with problematic employees. This helps keep track of the efforts made to suppress workplace problems.
  • Issue final warnings before a potential termination. Sometimes the finality of it all straightens out the worse workplace attitudes. These warnings can be either written or verbal warnings, sometimes a combination of both. Termination and/or suspension is considered the last resort for problematic employees who impede the workplace’s atmosphere—and sometimes the only solution if it hinders employee engagement and productivity.

Workers want to feel motivated to work and put in their hours for the day. To make employees feel much better about coming to work, resolving the negative attitude problem in the workplace should be the first priority of any employer.


This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, America’s #1 Speaker on Attitude ™ .   Sam is a sought after keynote motivational speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action to achieve positive results.  Sam Glenn’s Speeches and Motivational Books offer strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and a positive culture where people will thrive.  Sam Glenn is a great kick off speaker or closing to any event.  Sam Glenn’s Official Website: (

Engagement Starts with Attitude….Your Attitude!

Last week, I had the pleasure and privilege of traveling to Bentonville Arkansas to deliver a keynote speech, 5 Leadership Lessons to Engagement © , to Wal-Mart’s home office.  Part of what made it such an extraordinary visit was that  I got to visit the Wal-Mart museum and view some history points including the founder of Wal-Mart, Sam Walton’s office which looked exactly like it did before he passed away.  There front and center was also his beat up Ford pickup truck which he drove around everywhere with his hunting dogs.

The real highlight was meeting the people of Wal-Mart who are passionate and dedicated to creating a more engaged employee culture.  An engaged culture is defined as people who are passionate about their work, feel involved in the big picture and know that what they do really does contribute value to a growing organization.

What is it that makes this type of engagement possible?

Engagement in the workplace starts the moment you choose to become fully engaged yourself.  An engaged attitude partnered with the right actions is what contributes to a more engaged culture.

Subscribe for a free ebookYou can’t wait for others to get engaged first, you have to take that step first.  And in doing so, there will be some resistance.  Negative people who don’t really think of themselves as negative will dismiss your efforts as a possible gimmick to get more production.  The key is that you have to be consistent with your engagement efforts.  It is important to remember that employee engagement first starts with your attitude.  People will mirror your attitude into their work plan.  If your attitude is not engaged, don’t expect others to be engaged.

It is important to develop some attitude awareness.

Assess your attitude and determine if it is working for you or against you.   What can you do to enrich your attitude with a little more engagement?  Maybe it is allowing yourself to be a little more personable and willing to connect with others on a personal level.

Get to know your coworkers by asking them what their goals are and what is important to them as well as what they have going on in their life. By doing so, it lets them know you authentically care.

The next step is be aware of how you respond to adversity.

If people observe you losing your cool in at the site of challenges, then expect them to mirror your example.  Do a mental inventory of times you could have done better handling adversity and learn from it for future challenges.

Another step you can take is by choosing
to be more optimistic.

People who are optimistic carry with them a positive energy that infuses others with the same.

Implementing more engagement doesn’t have to be complicated.  When it comes to engagement, start small and build on each engaged action you take – they will fit together nicely. Start with your attitude first and continue to learn new ways on how you can help others become more engaged.  But, remember, to create engagement it takes leadership to make it a priority.  It also requires not just talking about it, but being an example of it.  The results will add up to being  able to do more with less, leverage your current talent, increase customer loyalty, experience less turnover, improved innovation and employee buy in of companies goals.  If that sounds good, then engagement is the key to making that happen.

Sam Glenn is a sought after leadership keynote speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action to achieve positive results.  Sam Glenn’s Speeches and Motivational Books offer strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and a positive culture where people can and will thrive.  Sam Glenn understands the value of a positive attitude in life and lives his message everyday by example.  Sam Glenn is a great kick off speaker or closing to any event. 

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50 Shades of Negative

By Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy

Motivational Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

It is 4 minutes to 9 am and I need to run into a retail store to grab a few items.  I know exactly what I want.  I have the cash, credit or check – however the retailer wants to be paid.  I walk up to the door of the store and it is locked.  Well, I am a few minutes early, but wait here comes somebody walking towards me from the back.  It seems that they are going to let me in just a little early because they know I am a customer with cask, credit or check – however they want to be paid.  The store associates name was Patty.  I could see that on her name tag.  She proceeded to unlock the doors, opened the door a crack, stuck her head out and said with gruffness, “We don’t open for another four minutes, come back then!”

Then she closed and locked the door, turned her back and walked away.

Let me examine this with some witty, yet truthful common sense.  You see, by the time Patty informed me to come back, bolted the door and walked away without a care of who wanting to give her some cash, it was 3 minutes till opening.   So, I had 180 seconds to reflect on how I was treated and examine how Patty got infected with 50 Shakes of Negative.  Because only someone who is negative and clueless would do such a ridiculous thing.   For real, “Who does that?”

Who turns away a paying customer
at the door with 180 seconds till opening?

Who paints a negative picture of their company in the eyes of the customer?

Who doesn’t care enough about customers and sales that they let 180 seconds gets in the way of customer loyalty and revenue or commissions?

It’ s PATTY!

Do you know a Patty?   Not by name of course, but someone like Patty who subscribes to negative outlook that makes her clueless to what real success is all about.

Let me ask you this, if you were a business owner, would you hire someone like Patty?

Would you say Patty doesn’t have a clue?

Why did Patty need 180 seconds?  Did Patty have to finish a text message to a girlfriend?  Did she have to water her cactus plant?  Where could I go for 180 seconds and then come back to buy from Patty and reward her 50 shades of negative attitude?

Who is really to blame for a bad attitude like Patty?  Did the corporate office not train her properly?  Was she sick on how to make sales and win customers training day?

Maybe she ate a bran muffin and had a few cups of coffee before work and needed 180 seconds to have some human time.  Sure that seems rough of me to think, but I got turned away for business and have 180 seconds to think about things and this thought came to mind.

Did her regional or district manager tell her, “If you see a customer at the door ready to pay cash, credit or by check and there is 180 seconds till opening, you rudely open the door and inform that customer with an attitude of how dare you come to our store before we open and ask them to come back at the correct time.  Then you turn your back to them and walk away.”

Someone is responsible for Patty’s 50 shades of negativity. 

If you are in leadership and success is your goal, you do not tolerate this.Because what you permit is what you promote.

Patty is also responsible for her attitude and actions.  If you don’t know how to use them when the goal is revenue for the company, then you need to get a clue and learn the rules for success.  Otherwise you are defeating yourself and the company’s objectives.

I can honestly say that if I saw an employee do this, I would invite them into the boardroom and in less than 180 seconds give them a Donald Trump style, “You’re fired!”

I am serious.  I would not tolerate this from any employee.  Who turns away a ready to pay customer and sale with 180 seconds till opening?  Not only would I not tolerate it as a business owner, but I don’t tolerate the treatment as a customer.   What Patty doesn’t realize is that she did get fired that day.  Not by her company, but by the customer.  That is the power of a customer.  They can fire a company of any size by not buying from them.   Well, Patty is making her way back to the door to open the store.  I wonder if I should let her know that it’s been 210 seconds and she should have opened the door 30 seconds ago?  I mean considering she was so adamant with communicating to me to come back in 180 seconds till they officially open.  I think I will just walk away and find another store that wants to help me and likes to make sales.

Does it sound like I am a little upset as a customer?  I am as upset as I am disappointed.  You might argue that Patty was following rules or needed to finish up a few things before opening, but you don’t take the time to walk as far as what she walked, unbolt the door, not great me with a smile, welcome or reason for the 180 seconds of time needed, but just an unhappy face and a rude tone informing me, “We are not open yet, come back when we are.”, then walks away.

No…no…no.  That is not good business.
That is someone who has 50 Shades of Negative and
needs a clue to what makes success possible.


This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.   Sam Glenn is a sought after keynote motivational speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action to achieve positive results.  Sam Glenn’s Speeches and Motivational Books offer strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and a positive culture where people will thrive.  Sam Glenn is a great kick off speaker or closing to any event.  Sam Glenn’s Official Website: (


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