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I was still in the dentist chair

My dentist went home and forgot I was still in his chair 

The lights flickered off, and I looked around with a mildly numb jaw.  I called out” hello??!!” The receptionist sounded more surprised when she realized there was a customer still in the dental chair – me! She came back and asked why I was still here.  I said, “well, I have a cavity and the …

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Live Happy…Take Your Fiber

I was standing in the post office waiting for my number to be called when a female customer standing at the counter started yelling and making an ugly scene—about what—I have no idea. But, she was on a rant about something. It was clear she had a negative attitude and it didn’t help her situation or make her look good.

Chilean miner rescue gives prime example of teamwork in action

It was inspiring! The anticipation built as Anderson Cooper narrated the final minutes of the first Chilean being rescued. With more than 60 days trapped in a mine, 33 Chilean miners got to see the light of hope and home through the power of teamwork. Observing the teamwork of the rescue and watching people pitch in and make the mission of the rescue realized, you can’t help but to feel inspired by the example of teamwork from the Chileans.

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