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3 Ways To Get Better Everyday and Live Your Best

3 Ways To Get Better Everyday and Live Your Best By Sam Glenn, Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Author and Performance Artist Speaking Inquiries :   When I married my wife, I told her that I would not be perfect every day, but I would always work hard to get better. I wasn’t trying to …

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Sam Walton's Office

Engagement Starts with Attitude….Your Attitude!

Last week, I had the pleasure and privilege of traveling to Bentonville Arkansas to deliver a keynote speech, 5 Leadership Lessons to Engagement © , to Wal-Mart’s home office.  Part of what made it such an extraordinary visit was that  I got to visit the Wal-Mart museum and view some history points including the founder of …

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My Mom

You’ve heard me talk about my mom in my programs, and how she put a lizard in my lasagna. I have lots of other memories of my mom… I remember being a little boy and having to get my tonsils out.

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