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Do You Stand or Kneel?

The other day, I drove past a gigantic American Flag in Carmel Indiana. It was dancing in the cool breeze. I started to think about everything that is going on with the NFL and players kneeling during our National Anthem and how it has spread to sporting events at all levels. Here is my take …

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Sam Glenn It All Starts with Attitude

My name is Sam and I Text and Drive….NO MORE!

I  read a story in the news that  on April 2014, Courtney Ann Sanford was driving along in a very happy mood. She may even have been humming the chart-topping hit “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, of that we’ll never know. But what we do know is that at 8:33 a.m.Courtney sent a text message, or rather a Facebook status update, which …

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How Much Will a Bad Attitude Cost Your Company?

How Much Will a Bad Attitude Cost Your Company?   A positive attitude engaged in positive action leads to positive results. But what happens when not everyone has a positive attitude?  Have you thought of how much a bad attitude can cost your company? Recently, I went to purchase a Television from a well know …

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5 Habits of Positive People in the Workplace

5 Habits of Positive People in the Workplace There are certain habits that positive people consistently demonstrate in the workplace.   These habits help them deal with the day to day up and downs.  They seem balanced and level headed when dealing with the office negatives which can boil down to a situation with a co-worker …

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My Foot Fell in the Toilet

Why do we resist change so much? Because it’s inconvenient, unexpected and uncomfortable. Change can be a form of adversity–layoff, bill, flat tire, headache, restructure, new policy, and the list can go on. We get in a routine and we don’t like that to be interrupted, but fortunately we can respond to change in positive ways.

Chilean miner rescue gives prime example of teamwork in action

It was inspiring! The anticipation built as Anderson Cooper narrated the final minutes of the first Chilean being rescued. With more than 60 days trapped in a mine, 33 Chilean miners got to see the light of hope and home through the power of teamwork. Observing the teamwork of the rescue and watching people pitch in and make the mission of the rescue realized, you can’t help but to feel inspired by the example of teamwork from the Chileans.

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