Chilean miner rescue gives prime example of teamwork in action

It was inspiring! The anticipation built as Anderson Cooper narrated the final minutes of the first Chilean being rescued. With more than 60 days trapped in a mine, 33 Chilean miners got to see the light of hope and home through the power of teamwork. Observing the teamwork of the rescue and watching people pitch in and make the mission of the rescue realized, you can’t help but to feel inspired by the example of teamwork from the Chileans.

As I watched the first miner come to the surface after a 20-minute, half-mile ride in a small tube to the cheers of teammates— family, friends, a country—it was awesome!

You have to have teamwork in order to get the results you want. But sometimes teams, offices, and organizations get out of balance and the teamwork is not in full gear. Something is amiss. But really, when you think about teamwork, what might you decide is the starting point for teamwork?  Is it ability? Is it a plan? An idea? Or could it be ATTITUDE?

I have played on winning teams in sports and work, and I know with 101% assurance that teamwork starts with attitude. It is the attitude of the team that drives the abilities, the plan, the idea to achieve the mission.

But if not everyone is on board, it’s hard to make teamwork possible.

One of the frustrating aspects of my job is selling training tools to companies that help create positive teams. The challenge is when it comes to the topic of attitude, it’s deemed as something whose value is difficult to measure.

I don’t think it is. It’s actually simple. Do you want your people working with a positive attitude, or a negative/ average attitude? Of the two attitudes, which one do you think will achieve the best results and strongest teamwork?? The math is easy.

My suggestion is when you have your team meetings, don’t be all about business. Direct a little focus to something that inspires people to get better. When people get better, they do better and your organization gets better. How much is that worth? Check your attitude budget. Does it cost more to invest in tools to boost morale or does it the company more when teams are not working at 100% or there are negative attitudes making it hard to get the right results? One negative attitude can cost your organization thousands and thousands of dollars a year, a month!  And misery loves company, so if that negative attitude gets a teammate to join them, you lose even more.

Want to create inspiring teamwork? Start by implementing inspiring strategies that get the attitude tone set, so you know what will drive the plan, idea, and abilities to achieve the mission of the team.

What will you do to inspire teamwork? Do you think attitude is important? Post your comments and ideas.

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