Choose Positive Perspectives to Change Your Circumstances

Sam Glenn the Attitude Guy

One person asked me, “How can I move forward if I’m in a dead-end job
surrounded by negative people I can’t stand?”

Sound familiar? Trust me, you’re not alone, I get this
question all the time. So what can you do?

The key is to adopt a different mental perspective. If you rely on your job for income and need it in order to pay bills and meet other responsibilities, you must rethink your mental outlook if you are to survive and thrive.

Truth is, your job is what it is.

But you might call taking on a different attitude re-framing the situation. It’s much easier said than done but it is necessary if you want to progress through your current situation and achieve something better. The late business philosopher Jim Rohn once said, “Don’t ask, ‘What am I getting?’ but instead ask, ‘What I am becoming?’ Because who you become is what you will attract.”
It’s not a complicated formula, but simple common sense that can get distorted with stress and frustration.  But think about it this way, What you send out comes back – multiplied.  What you use creates what you want…if you use it the right way.

When a woman and I stepped into an elevator at the same time, we did what everyone does on an elevator: stood a comfortable distance apart and then ignored each other the entire ride. When we stopped at her floor, though, she turned to me as she stepped out. She smiled and said, “You have a great day!”
I gladly smiled back, “You too!”

It was a pleasant surprise for a stranger to take the time to wish me well. When I got off at my floor, in fact, I was still smiling. Turning back toward the elevator, I said, “You have a good day!”

Now, there was no one in there but it just felt fun to do…and it felt good. Just imagine how great it would have been if someone else had been in there to receive a smile and well wishes from a stranger. And how many people might that person have impacted by passing on that simple gesture?

What if You Use Your Smile?

If you use your smile and smile at a hundred people today, odds are you’ll get a lot of smiles in return. If you frown at a hundred people, you’ll get frowns in return.

The same principle applies to everything you do. Put out poor, slipshod work and all you’ll ever be offered are poor, low-level jobs. Create only incomplete connections with your kids and the relationship will never be completely satisfactory. But let your inner self shine and you’ll have more business, better relationships and a fuller, happier life.

Using the best of who you are to create the best of what you want is simply using what you have right now (gifts, abilities, ideas, experience, skills, education, resources) and applying them with your best effort. As you implement this consistently, progress and momentum takes over. You begin to create and move towards the best of what you want. You actually become what you want!

Who you become determines if your value increases or decreases in the working world and the rest of your life. I won’t lie; I’ve had a ton of jobs I hated. I’ve been homeless, depressed and swamped with debt. But I used all those situations as opportunities to learn, grow and move forward.  If my situation was going to improve, that improvement had to start with me improving me first.

If you can take the best from where you are, no matter how bad a place that might be, you’re automatically better able to create the best of what you want.Sam Glenn the Attitude Guy