Face Your Limitations With The Attitude of Courage

Life is about managing the things that we tolerate. What are you no longer willing to tolerate? What is currently bad enough for your life that you are willing to let it go?

Can you answer these tough questions?

What limitations are in your way? What emotional limitations have you created that are tripping you up from being your very best? Is it a bad habit that needs to be broken in half and tossed to the curb? I am asking what limitations you are aware of that are preventing you from living your best, because you need to face them, get over them and get on with living a better life and now.
Is there something blocking you from achieving your dreams and happiness? Is there something that is ruining your relationships?

What is it for you?

Is it…

  • Fear?
  • A past experience?
  • Laziness?
  • Someone who hurt you, who you can’t forgive or forget?
  • An excuse of some sort?
  • A negative attitude?
  • A relationship?

Whatever it is, you need to face it, get over it and get on with it if you are ever to experience more out of life. You can’t get to the “more,” until you overcome what’s in the way of it. This is much easier said than done, but the very act of making the decision to get over it means you are on your way. You have raised the bar for your life. You are ready to explore beyond your current boundaries, to see what life really has to offer you.

The process of overcoming limitations doesn’t fully begin until you have a willingness to change, improve, and unlock the shackles you have placed upon yourself – willingly or unknowingly.

To get the best out of life and yourself, you have to get real with yourself and address this question: what negative limitations are keeping you from your best – your best attitude, best choices, best thinking, best that life has to offer? Identify what is in the way that is making you feel like you are in that rut, causing you to jostle up and down, preventing you from getting the promotion, making your relationships stale rather than enriched, keeping you from winning more sales, distracting those around you from cementing a common vision, igniting strife with co-workers, or distancing you from a healthy lifestyle.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you complain a lot?
  • Do you have a short temper – everything gets to you?
  • Do you judge others and criticize?
  • Do you believe nothing goes your way and that you are always the victim?
  • Are you too controlling?
  • Do you suffer from low self-esteem?
  • Filled with hate?
  • Emotional eating?
  • An addiction?

You have to at least be willing to face, conquer and move past what is holding you back. Really, what’s occurring is identity theft. Something is robbing you of your greatness in life. And the purpose of knowing what’s limiting you is that you will then know what you need to conquer.

Most limitations do not start on the outside of us; they start on the inside and work their way out. We tend to create most of our own limitations.

So examine your limitations and develop a plan to  overcome them. Perhaps you need to talk with someone who can help. Maybe it’s just time to make new choices that deliver new consequences.

The point is, if you are going to have any kind of breakthrough, you have to be willing to work on you and break free from what is preventing you from living your best.

When you face what limits you and conquer it, the world around you will shift and will begin to seem better all the way around!  Life will begin to reward you with freedom.

— Sam Glenn, author, speaker, chalk performance artist, attitude guy!


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