Good Advice, “ Paying Attention to the Little Things.”

It's the Little things

Sam Glenn, Author The Gift of Attitude

When you like and love something,
there is no shame in promoting it
because you are a believer in it.

Every author loves the day when the shipping company pulls up with all those boxes of new books.  The neighbors all look out their windows wondering what we got and why there is a huge semi parked in our driveway.  I get the pallet of books into my garage and razor blade the first box open to see my completed work.  I picked the book up to inspect it and it looked awesome. The cover looked amazing.  Everything was just right.

I quickly sat down to flip through the pages and this is an author’s worst nightmare, I found grammar errors.  I found two on one page and as I read, I found another and then another.  If you read fast, you would miss them, but even so – my eyes grew in size, my blood pressure went up and I began to freak out a little, ‘What went wrong?  Why did they print the wrong version of this book?”

Before I started pointing fingers and reaching for a box of cupcakes, I logged into my account to verify that I sent the correct file.  And there it was in black and white, I sent the wrong file.  It was my fault. I had 3000 books sitting in my office that looked good, had a good message but what I call mosquito grammar errors.  Bummer.

What is the lesson:
Pay attention to the little things.

Why? Because if you don’t they will cost you.

For example, the husband who stops doing little things for his wife, eventually she will grow to resent him and just not want to be around him anymore and the husband is confused as to why. It’s the little things.

As parents, we learn this early on.  I was holding my 6 month old on my lap and responding to emails at my desk with one hand.  I was trying to multi – task, but hadn’t noticed my daughter eating a yellow legal pad until she started coughing on paper.  I felt awful about that, but I could have prevented it had I paid attention to her and been attentive to the moment and surroundings.

Another time, I was having one of my books formatted from a word document to something that looks like a book.  I assumed the graphic artist knew the book size, but at the end of the day, I assumed wrong.  It was something little, but it delayed everything and I had to pay double.

Again, the lesson is pay attention
to the little things.

We do that by learning from the times we don’t but also reminding ourselves to be more aware.  Sometimes little things get through the cracks and things happen, but if it happens a lot and enough times – it will cost you.  I am speaking from experience.

The little things add up.  If you buy a specialty cup of coffee from Starbucks everyday for a year, that adds up to be over $1200 a year, which is almost $40,000 over 30 years.  Be aware of the little things that add up or are deducted out of your bank account.  If you watch your pennies your dollars will take care of themselves.

If you eat a fat free ice cream bar today, it may not seem like a big deal. It’s a treat. You deserve it.  You crave it. You want it while you watch some tv and decompress.  But, what if you start eating one or something like it everyday?  That no big deal treat that seemed insignificant to your waist line now has added up and made you unhealthy and uncomfortable.  Little things add up, so pay attention.

One good story I have that paying attention to the little things saved me a lot of headache, heartache and cash was when I noticed that someone purchased a gift card to Best Buy, an electronics store, for $5.  It doesn’t seem like a big charge, so it would be easy to miss or something you might look at and think, well that’s not a big deal.  I called the credit card company and it was fraud.  At first the guy questioned me, “Are you sure you didn’t buy a gift card to Best Buy?”

I responded with, “Have you been to Best Buy?  Is there anything in the store that is even close to $5 and if I did buy a gift card for someone to Best Buy for $5 and gave it away, I am pretty sure who ever I gave it to might think it was a joke or never talk to me again.  It would be an insult.”

He acknowledged my point and started the process to cancel the card.  I then asked why someone would only hack my account for $5.  He said that ID thieves fish accounts and test them out to see if they are active and have funds.  They charge a small amount that doesn’t throw up any red flags and sometimes gets easily overlooked and then a few weeks later, they milk the account for all they can.

The lesson again, is pay attention to the little things. The more aware you are the more you will benefit in every area of your life, your relationships, your finances, your career, everything.

Until Next Time!