I Hate My Job!

10 Reasons 46% of Currently Employed People Hate Their Jobs:

I recently had the good fortune to chat with a job recruiter, and was able to get some valuable insight which I will be sharing in the next few months. What got my attention was that she informed me of the following: an estimated 46 percent of people who are currently employed are dissatisfied in their current positions, and would leave for a new job with the same pay.

Here are the top 10 reasons people hate their current jobs:

1. Don’t feel appreciated or valued.

2. Aren’t challenged.

3. Don’t like job responsibilities.

4. Underemployed—doing something they are over qualified to do.

5. Job isn’t bringing them any closer to their goals. Job and goals don’t align.

6. Don’t see value in what they do.

7. Coworkers are negative.

8. Don’t respect manager or corporate vision.

9. Working just to pay bills. There is no purpose other than to pay bills.

10. The job is so consuming they don’t have time for a personal life.

The good news? I HAVE THE SOLUTION to get people to LOVE what they do!

For the past 14 years, hundreds of companies have hired me to speak at their meetings, conferences and events, with the following challenge: “How do we get our people more engaged and positive about their jobs?”

It’s actually easier than most realize, but most don’t take the time to actually do what they know they should do. How many of you know you should do something to improve your life, but keep putting it off?

We all do that in our personal lives at times, but we also do it in our work lives.

My first priority with managing any team is to ensure the attitude of the team is positively charged. I start with attitude first because whatever the attitude is of anyone, it moves to action and then to results. So if a customer is treated poorly, it’s because of a bad attitude in action.

Hating your job is a negative attitude towards your job and current situation. The more you hate what you do, the more you will feed that negativity and look for more reasons to hate your job and not give your all.

They key is recognizing that if you want positive results, it doesn’t start with another board meeting, budget meeting, to-do meeting; it starts with an ATTITUDE MEETING. An attitude meeting is not a bad thing either. It’s a meeting to recognize the value of your people, and help them to get positively recharged.

Whatever the attitude is of your coworkers, that is the attitude they put into action every day. If that attitude is negative, everything is going to go wrong. I get tons of stories emailed to me every week about this. Employees tell me, “My company says holding an attitude meeting is a good idea, but they don’t have time.” This is funny to me; it’s like trying to expect a new result by doing the same thing over and over.

I am excited about the launch of my Telly-Award-Winning Employee Motivational Training Tool that is easy to use, fun, and will recharge any organization’s office or team. It provides a recipe for recharging your team’s attitude. Click here to read about it.

What do you do to recharge the attitudes in your workplace? Would you hold an Attitude Meeting? What would it look like?

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