Is “Fun” Good for Professionalism?

Can you be professional and have fun at the same time? Is it advisable?

Many of you may notice some of my short video clips have an element of “FUN” in action.

By incorporating “FUN” into the mix. Fun builds relationships, makes work exciting, raises your energy level, improves your mood and helps you sleep better at the end of the day.

“FUN” involves being yourself, while respecting the nature of others.

I meet hundreds of new people every week. Like you, I get tired, hungry and stressed like anyone else, but to be a positive influence and make the impression that defines my legacy, I need an avenue that my attitude can Go Positive!

Stress can be a slow killer. It can cause you to gain weight, loss sleep, turn to substances to get up and or down, and get in the way of a positive attitude.

Fun is an avenue to get healthy.
You can’t show up to be professional if you are not healthy.
You can’t enjoy your family if you are not healthy.

I say with a resounding “YES”, fun is good for professionals. The lack of it, I think, creates terminal professionalism. You know the type of people who complain about everything? They are “bad finders,” meaning there could be 100 good things in a room, and only one bad thing, and they will gravitate to the one bad thing and harp on it. Why? Because it’s not their way. They don’t subscribe to it.

Now, sure you can debate me and say, “Sam, I work in an office and fun is not allowed. It’s not the place for it.” I disagree 100%!

Let me ask this, is it fun to get paycheck? Is it fun when you get along with others at work? Is it fun when a plan works? Is it fun to go home and actually leave work at work so you can enjoy your family? If you can’t do that, you need to re-think your mental priorities.

Fun is possible. How you define fun is up to you.
If it is pure and positive, then FUN is good for professionals.

Maybe it starts with decompressing. One of my friends, before she goes home, will stop at the Super Wal-Mart and walk for about 30 minutes in the store, just to let her mind relax from the day. They she goes home and she is actually home for her family, and not mentally still at work.

Now, remember, not everyone will subscribe or sign up for your FUN way of life. And that is okay. Not everyone is going to like my fun videos. But, for every one person who didn’t like my goofy, fun and creative videos, there are 100 who love it. It makes their day. They smile. They feel better. The stress melts away and their mood improves.

So, for now, I think I will keep having fun and see who I attract. It’s who I am. It’s part of my legacy. Fun is good!

1 thought on “Is “Fun” Good for Professionalism?”

  1. I’m definately for fun at work! Fun gets it done. My team mate and I created a “Wall of Fun.” We took bright colored paper and put it up on a wall, added some pictures and quotes that we found fun, inspirational, or motivational. We bought bright colored rugs and put them on the floor in front of the “Wall of Fun” because we are in a gray walled cubicle environment. We have also had some great adventures while traveling together on business and we document the adventures by taking pictures – crazy signs, cars, just silly things that happen to us along the way. Our business partners invite us on business trips with them all of the time now, and the enrollment for our training classes (that we facilitate) fill up in 10 minutes because we have developed such a reputation for fun. We have “snowball fights” in classes, and all sorts of things to lighten up while learning.

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