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Why is Energy Important in the Workplace?

Everything is energy. Energy is powerful enough to create your success or promote your demise. Everything you involve yourself in is a result of the energy you contribute. How you contribute to your professional environment is as important as what you contribute.

Are You Engaged?

Gallup did a poll recently, and found that the majority of employees feel disengaged at work. This means they lack passion, creativity, and involvement. Why does this matter? Because engaged employees are key for a healthy company

Keeper of the Spring

In this story, we are shown the power of a less prominent employee. Who can you recognize today, for their seemingly small contributions that make a big difference? How would your company change without this person?

Anger at Work

Demonstrating self-control and diffusing your ticking time bomb requires emotion management. Define some things that cool you down and use those tools next time you get worked up. Listen to music, go for a walk, drink a glass of water, call someone. Lighten up and try to see the humor in challenging situations. Choose to let it go, or at least walk away from it for a little bit.

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