My Foot Fell in the Toilet

Why do we resist change so much? Because it’s inconvenient, unexpected and uncomfortable. Change can be a form of adversity–layoff, bill, flat tire, headache, restructure, new policy, and the list can go on. We get in a routine and we don’t like that to be interrupted, but fortunately we can respond to change in positive ways.

I learned this lesson when my foot fell in a toilet a few years back. I was in the bathroom stall at the airport, put my foot (in a shoe) on the edge of the toilet seat, and lost my balance. I don’t mean to be gross, but it happened. My foot fell in and I thought I broke my ankle.

Everyone outside the stall I am sure thought something else happened– like I fell in or something. But at that moment, I was dealing with unwanted adversity or change. I felt negative and wanted to respond negative. However, there was a twist of humor that changed the whole experience and made it positive. In my book, Shift Happens, I highlight how to take change head on and with a positive attitude. We can’t escape change, but we can control how we deal with it. If you find change uncomfortable and it bothers you, then you will enjoy this quickread book as it readjusts your perspectives on how you deal with unexpected change.

What do you do to manage change and the unexpected?

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