New Beginnings Can be Tough

by Sam Glenn

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

New beginnings mean a fresh start and a new take on the way you will move forward in life. The other night I was flying home from California, and I started to reflect on what new beginnings means to me. It means change. Things are not going to be the same as they were. What worked yesterday, may not work today. New beginnings mean acceptance of change.  

A few years ago, I was out to dinner with some friends, and they told me they invited a friend from church who had lost his wife of 40-some years. He was depressed and not doing well. He hadn’t asked for this “new beginning,” and I am sure he didn’t want it. It was undoubtedly hard for him to accept and walk peacefully in the new beginning. Years have gone by since, however, and he has found ways to move forward and accept the new beginning.

Some new beginnings mean looking for new work. Maybe one job isn’t working out or you got laid off. A friend told me just today that they are struggling to make it and have accepted the fact that they may lose their home to foreclosure because they cannot afford the bills. There is no money coming in. New beginnings can be sad moments at first, but there are lessons to embrace that can make the transition a positive experience. The positive for my friends is that their faith has grown more and their relationship has improved.   

My grandma who turned 91 this past Tuesday is in great health, but she is slowly forgetting stuff and names. I remember being just a boy and having the best times of my life at Grandma’s house—climbing the apple tree and doing cannonballs into the pool. However, life keeps moving forward into new beginnings. They are not always easy to accept at first, but you can embrace the lessons and treasure the memories.

Some new beginnings you have to create: for example, making your health a priority. I am just now working out and eating in a way that will help me to last longer in life. As my brother Ben puts it, “You have to start living to last.”

Maybe a relationship didn’t work out or you’re single and wondering how to move forward and meet new people? A plan helps, but acting on a plan is better. The plan may not work out to your liking at first, but adjust your actions and plan. You can do that.  

New beginnings are about starting new chapters. And when you start a new chapter, it means you have to get closure on the old chapters. We don’t have to walk into new beginnings scared, but maybe encouraged. You can find encouragement from your friends and family to help you move forward. Will it be easy? I don’t know that it ever is, but it’s possible.  

Some new beginnings are just awesome from the get-go – maybe a new relationship, new job, new place, fresh start—you name it. You are bolting to the new beginning and that is awesome!

While we may not be able to control other people or certain circumstances, one thing is for sure, we can choose our attitude as we walk through the doorway of new beginnings. And that is the most important aspect of new beginnings—attitude.

What new beginning are you contemplating? Is there a loss you experienced that you could turn into an opportunity for a new beginning?

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings Can be Tough”

  1. I like this, Sam. “While we may not be able to control other people or certain circumstances…”

    A friend of mine recently told me “I control everything except nouns.” He’s right. We have little control over people, places or things. Ultimately, though, we have control of our choices and our attitudes.

    Great reminder, Sam.

  2. New beginnings – daughter is graduating and moving to California; son just passed his GED, got a job and is looking to join the military; I’m having a job change at work that will reduce my salary and work requirements … so many new beginnings at once … I’m on overload. Trying to stay positive … Help? Prayers anyone?

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