Snow Day: Does Your Company REALLY Care About You?

How do you know your company cares about you? Is it in the benefits or just the simple little things?

Recently, a friend of mine texted me that her company would not let the employees go home. Basically, the word was that there was still work to be done. The day before, everyone received a memo that there was no excuse to be late and leave early.

So what’s the problem? The town she lives in is having the worst snow storm reported in almost 30 years. The roads are bad, and my friend was not only upset that the commute home would be several hours, but she was concerned for her safety. Visibly looking out the window, she saw the snow coming down and heard all the news channels giving firm warnings, “If you don’t have to travel, stay in.”

So, what is a sign your company cares about you more than just as an employee—but as a person? …When the company does the right things by you and for your safety. In a snow storm that could threaten lives, this means sending families home to make snowmen with their kids. My friend’s employer is just a medium-sized company that sells stuff.  However, the sales manager felt that if you left, you were a wimp and really didn’t want to succeed.

I am going to be crystal clear when I say this, so there is no misunderstanding me: this is a selfish company, and one acting from a place of pure ignorance. It is in moments like these that you discover the true character of your organization. When a company doesn’t have your welfare in hindsight, you are not viewed as valuable, but as a means to end.

The sad truth is there are so many companies who act in this fashion that the people who work for them do so with a sense of, “I am here to get a paycheck.” And as a result, the company loses buy-in through vanishing loyalty, commitment, engagement and passion from the very people who clock in every day. This is how companies lose so much money—by treating the very people that work there in a poor way. It makes you wonder what kind of product or service you will get as a customer. If the employees are being treated with disregard, then what do you think you as the customer will be treated as?

4 thoughts on “Snow Day: Does Your Company REALLY Care About You?”

  1. I can honestly say that my company cares for the safety of its employees. I work for a VERY large insurance company spanning 4 states The entire state of Illinois shut down today- except for my office which is downstate. Oklahoma office- shut down. Many offices in TX- shut down. We received a corporate voice-mail last night at 11:00 that advised around 8,000 people to not report to work today. Even though this poses a very large loss of productivity and service to our customers- they saw their employees as valuable and worth protecting. Kudos to my company!

  2. Sam ~ thanks for telling it like it is because you’re right~those companies are selfish & very short-sighted.

    My company cares for its employees because I’m home right now reading your blog! I’m in Rockford, IL and let me tell you, city officials are telling folks to stay home so that emergency vehicles can get through, if necessary.

    One really bogus thing though: I heard on the news last night that if people are stranded on the road, they get a citation and a $200 tow bill! Don’t know what to say about all that…..

  3. It’s a small point, but might be a subtle challenge or kudos to corporate leaders. “Companies” don’t care about employees any more than a refrigerator cares what kind of food you store in it. Companies are made up of leaders, some with titles and some without. When corporate leaders care, employees know…and then guidelines and policies evolve to demonstrate that care to all levels of the organization.

    Great blog. Great reminder.

  4. I can honestly say that my company — or the people in it at the top — do not care about me. They have proven it in a hundred or more ways. Not ONCE has my boss asked me about my family or my well-being. I have felt trapped in a miserable place, and am plotting my escape.

    I continue to be ME and try to laugh at every turn. It’s become nearly impossible and I feel completely harrassed and hated. I am going to call this one an 18-year failure (stayed to provide for my little family), and Escape from Alcatraz!!

    God willing, I will have a small retirement income and health care to show for so many years of dedicated, dependable service that has gone unappreciated and unrecognized for 11 years now (currrent regime).

    I am like the educated Egyptians in Tauhrir Square — I am rebelling against the regime, but I will not die here to make the difference. I will prosper after failure and take the party that is ME, wherever I go.

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