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Our members just LOVED Sam

How can I possibly thank you for being by far and hands down not only the best speaker the AMA has ever had, but for most, the best speaker they have ever heard!

Our members just LOVED Sam, the presentation was perfect, it was funny, heart-felt and honest.

— Director of Education and Events, Arizona Multihousing Association


Bro – you rock!

"Sam, hey, I was one of the guys who helped with the production, lights and sound today. Bro - you rock!  We have to sit through each session that the client plans and most of them are snoozers.  A bunch of us were talking at dinner and we all agreed, your session is one of the best we have ever seen - literally! You held our attention the whole time.  Most of the team just hangs out, but they all listened in.  That's impressive man. I'm going to tell more our clients about you. You defiantly know how to wake up a room and bring energy to it.  It was a pleasure working with you and hope to see you down the road at more events."

Email from production company for a conference in Texas

Here is a preview of a few of Sam’s most requested motivational talks. To learn about additional topics as well as customization options that are available for every speech please contact Sam’s office for more information.

Attitude Changes Everything

Attitude Changes Everything!

When we think better, we do better. We have all heard speeches about attitude throughout out our life, but not quite like this. Sam Glenn presents an enlightening and lighthearted perspective on how and why your attitude is the one thing that truly affects every single aspect of both your professional and personal life.

Sam will share:

  1. Why humor is the key essential to staying positive.
  2. How to diffuse stress and stressful situations in under a minute by doing this one thing.
  3. The importance of choosing your attitude on a daily basis instead of letting your circumstances define it.
  4. How to recharge your attitude daily in fun and effective ways.
  5. How enthusiasm can turn your profession into your passion.
Sam utilizes performance art to captivate audiences while sharing his message. This ensures audiences are fully engaged through out the program and remember his message long after the conference. The best part? This one of a kind painting is yours to keep to utilize however you like. Groups have loved displaying his art in their buildings to remind people of the importance of attitude or auctioning the painting off for a charitable causes. These paintings have gone for anywhere between $5000-$25,000.

Attitude Is A Choice by Sam Glenn

What role does attitude play in your industry, leadership, work and life?  Is it a minor role or major?

This is an uplifting, fun, engaging and educational speech that digs deeper into attitude awareness. Sam covers how to remove mental road blocks, overcome negative distractions, improve communication, and how to get, keep, use the right attitude to achieve new levels of personal and professional success.

Need Proof How Attitude Plays One of The Biggest Roles In Your Life, Work and Industry?

Your Attitude Plays A Role In How You….

Attitude Is A Choice book cover
  • Communicate
  • Manage change
  • Lead
  • Love
  • Sell
  • Serve
  • Answer a phone
  • Treat others
  • Treat yourself
  • Give thanks
  • Solve
  • Save
  • Spend
  • Create
  • Teach
  • Parent
  • Coach
  • Learn
  • Plan
  • Dream
  • Manage your time
  • Handle pressure
  • Play the game
  • Deal with Loss
  • Face failure
  • Achieve success
  • Face adversity
  • Get stuff done
When you book Sam to speak, he will work with you to customize the best attitude points that pertain to your group and event objectives.
Contact our office to book this energizing, humorous and educational speech.

Share Your Popcorn


This is a creative and inspirational approach to personal and professional leadership. In this keynote speech, Sam’s shares some of the absolute best leadership ideas from working more than three decades with leaders from every industry you can imagine.

To Inquire about this Speech, Email us to get Sam’s 7 Key Leadership Components to Sharing Your Popcorn

"Share Your Popcorn - Leadership"

Be Your Own "Real Life" Superhero

A conference favorite!

This keynote talk is perfect for any group looking for something engaging, high energy and inspirational.  "Become Your Own Superhero", focuses on living the best version of yourself and using your own unique strengths to make positive contributions in your professional and personal life.

 If this speech interests you, email us to get Sam’s 12 Super Rules of Being a Real Life Superhero.

It All Starts With Attitude

(Part 2)

Since, over 70% of our clients book Sam to speak again, we now offer a Part 2 as a follow up to each of the talks above. Each follow up is an expansion of Part 1 but with all new takeaways, stories, and art. It also stands alone as its own talk so anyone who missed out on hearing Sam during part 1 one will not feel lost.

The title and content of this keynote speech will be customized to your groups needs and can build on the original points shared  with all new takeaways or be customized to meet any new objectives that have changed or developed since Sam presented part one. Expect to laugh, learn and walk away with renewed purpose and enthusiasm.

  • WORKSHOP AND BREAKOUT SESSIONS: This part 2 can also be utilized as a breakout or workshop after Sam’s main keynote speech.  This is discussed during the booking process.
Keynote speech, It all starts with attitude

Safety Starts With Attitude by Sam Glenn

Safety starts with attitudeRecently named one of the Top 100 Best Motivational Speakers Today, Sam Glenn empowers leaders to think better so they do better, lead better  and live better. 

The goal of wellness and safety is to ensure nobody gets hurt and everyone gets to go home. However, it’s the little things that can trip us up and create an unsafe work culture: 

  1. Poor communication
  2. Fatigue - distractions
  3. Cutting corners
  4. Incomplete education and quality training
  5. Average or hot tempered attitudes
  6. Lack of leadership and mentor-ship

The focus of this keynote speech is to rekindle “awareness” into how our attitude plays the biggest role in workplace safety and wellness. When people care more, they watch out for each other more, are more engaged, attentive and set an example worth following.

A Quick Word From Sam:

My focus isn’t tactical, because when I speak to people about safety, they know what it’s all about, however I try to rekindle the excitement of how a safe workplace culture can positively impact the quality of peoples lives, families and communities.

Sometimes we just need to know that we are not spinning our wheels over and over and that our safety message really  does matter every day. My goal is to rekindle a positive perspective on the value of watching out for each other and trusting the process of safety guidelines.

Email us to inquire about this speech.

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