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Sam’s Speeches are an Exciting, Fun and Effective Way to Inspire, Motivate and Achieve New Levels of Greatness in Life and Work!

Sam's speeches are customized
to your needs:

Managing Change | Embracing Growth | Employee Motivation
| Leadership | Customer Service
Workplace Wellness / Communication / Inspiration
Recognition / Attitude / Teamwork

If you need a little help picking the best title for your event, contact our office and
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Sam's humorous and inspiring speeches are perfect for for the following:

  • Annual Conference Keynote
  • All staff / department / employee meetings
  • Sales meetings, rallies, retreats and conferences
  • Recognition functions
  • Leadership development meetings
  • In-service
  • Opening and Closing sessions


Our members just LOVED Sam

How can I possibly thank you for being by far and hands down not only the best speaker the AMA has ever had, but for most, the best speaker they have ever heard!

Our members just LOVED Sam, the presentation was perfect, it was funny, heart-felt and honest.

— Director of Education and Events, Arizona Multihousing Association


Bro – you rock!

"Sam, hey, I was one of the guys who helped with the production, lights and sound today. Bro - you rock!  We have to sit through each session that the client plans and most of them are snoozers.  A bunch of us were talking at dinner and we all agreed, your session is one of the best we have ever seen - literally! You held our attention the whole time.  Most of the team just hangs out, but they all listened in.  That's impressive man. I'm going to tell more our clients about you. You defiantly know how to wake up a room and bring energy to it.  It was a pleasure working with you and hope to see you down the road at more events."

Email from production company for a conference in Texas

Attitude Changes Everything! (Most Requested)

Attitude Changes Everything, book by Sam GlennThis keynote presentation by Sam Glenn is an empowering, entertaining and captivating way to recharge your group’s attitude batteries, rekindle enthusiasm and ignite a new level of personal and professional positivity +! It is what we like to call a positive kick in the attitude!

Every day we pick the attitude we will go at life with. Sam often refers to this as picking the driver of your bus. Which attitude do you want driving your bus for your life and your organization?   The bus being our skills, education, experience and objectives. If the wrong attitude is driving our bus, we will not achieve our full potential or give our best.  This is why it is vital to have attitude awareness – to understand that the attitude we choose everyday is either leading us closer to our desired success or further away from it.

Our attitude is a lot like a battery and sometimes it loses it’s positive charge. Sam not only puts that positive spark into everyone’s attitude, but shows how to maintain that positive spark in the midst of adversity and the things that drain us. Sam discusses how we make attitude a choice everyday and that our attitude is either in the way or making a way and we determine which every day.

This program is designed to rekindle your organization’s enthusiasm. More than just having a positive attitude, Sam discusses ways to put the right attitude into action and how doing so will achieve the best results. While we cannot control what goes on around us, we can control our perceptions, responses and actions, which ultimately form our attitude. In this side-splitting humorous program Sam shares his seven attitude lessons that will transform your organization.

Some Key Take Away Points Sam will Highlight In His Speech:

  1.  How to detox any negative or disruptive thinking that keeps us from being our best.
  2.  The fastest way to reduce stress and get your attitude on a positive track.
  3.  How to increase your leadership factor. Leadership is not a position; it is our attitude mixed with positive efforts.
  4.  How to inject more positivity into your organizations culture and atmosphere. The atmosphere you create determines your culture, product, service and reputation.
  5. Realistic ideas that work on dealing with things that drain our attitude battery.   Attitude drainers include the stresses of unexpected changes, challenges, growth, regulations, restructure, technologies and whatever else you can think of.
  6.  How to deal with negative situations and people in a faster, friendly and more effective way.
  7.  How to raise the roof of excellence, quality, purpose and engagement with one simple attitude.

Share Your Popcorn

 ( An Inspirational Approach to Personal and Professional Leadership)

We all lead everyday.  However, to be a better leader,  we need to be aware of how and why we lead.  This humorous and insightful perspective on becoming a better leader will open your mind and ears to to lead in new and empowering ways.

Real leaders demonstrate courage daily, which means they lead outside their comfort zone.  They learn to lead themselves first and then become an example for others to replicate.

Real leaders give away 3 things daily - inspiration, recognition and purpose.

Real leaders who share their popcorn take only 1 thing every day - responsibility.

"Share Your Popcorn - Leadership"

Sharing your popcorn is a metaphor for sharing your heart - your vision, belief, passion and purpose.  The idea is to make the message stick and Sam communicates just how to do that in only a way he knows how.

A few other lessons to expect in this speech:

  • Discover a leader’s #1 priceless and zero cost resource for boosting morale.
  • How our communication determines responses in others.
  • Why helping people find purpose in what they do is the key to excellence.
  • How to build loyalty. Satisfied employees are fine, but loyal employees are like striking gold!
  • How to remove negativity roadblocks internally.
  • How to Positively Navigate People Through Change.
  • How to build a safe culture where people can grow through mistakes and find encouragement to keep getting better.

Inspirational leaders develop leaders at all levels. They set an example that others respect and replicate. They mentor through change and coach for success. They empower people to do the right things. They eliminate limitations that prevent people from performing at their best. They provide tools, training and opportunities for personal and professional development. This cultivates and attitude of engagement and belief that positivity in the workplace is vital to the success of the team and the organization.

Be Your Own "Real Life" Superhero

real-life-superhero-sam-glennBy Sam Glenn

This keynote talk is awesome and perfect for any group looking for something positive, inspiring, engaging and uplifting.  Let’s be real, we have all had dreams or aspirations of being the superhero in the movies or books, but what about in real life?  Is it possible?  ABSOLUTELY!

This message is customized by Sam to fit the objectives of your conference or meeting as well as your individual group and theme.  Sam’s message, "Become Your Own Superhero", will focus on living the best version of yourself and using your strengths to make positive contributions.

The core of this speech is empowering people to choose an attitude that works for them and their organizational success, personal and professional development, serving customers with excellence, building a culture where people thrive, improving communication and becoming the kind of person that people are excited to be around.

Some Key Points to this Talk (not all of these points below will relate to your group, and that is why Sam customizes the right superhero points specifically for your group.)

  1. Not all superheroes wear capes and masks – we all have a superhero living within us.
  2. Superhero leaders help others realize their superpowers.
  3. Superheroes work on themselves to learn, grow and enrich their content and value.
  4. A superhero doesn’t act like a super villain when encountering conflict or challenges.
  5. Superheroes believe in creating stories that make someone’s day.
  6. Superheroes understand that the right attitude is their greatest strength.
  7. Superheroes turn adversity into opportunities.
  8. Superheroes don’t give up, they find a way.
  9. Superheroes use enthusiasm to fuel their purposes.
  10. Superheroes work to create unity and teamwork.
  11. Superheroes act with integrity.
  12. Superheroes don’t take everything so seriously….they understands that humor can release stress and give them more energy and positivity.

GOOD NEWS!  Sam’s Speeches Qualify for Accredited Programs

Sam Glenn and his team will work with you to provide the planning and activity documents needed for accredited continuing education if that is your goal for attendees. This will be discussed between Sam Glenn and client specifically on a case by case basis.

Attitude Changes Everything


Recharge Your Enthusiasm!

Keynote Speech by Sam Glenn

(Customized to fit your group and event theme)

When you are excited about what you do, it shows up in the work.
When you are excited about life, you live with greater purpose.
Enthusiasm is a game changer.

Recharge Your Enthusiasm keynote speech

Recharge Your Enthusiasm highlights
the positive impact we have when we fuel our:

 attitude        goals        customer service       sales
efforts      education   relationships    teamwork
words       leadership      health      culture

 …..And LIFE with the magic ingredient of ENTHUSIASM!

In this humorous and uplifting speech by Sam Glenn, you will gain a new perspective on the value and importance of enthusiasm in work and life.  Sam's insights will rekindle that magical spark and give you and your workplace a positive boost of energy and positivity.

But, what happens when we don’t have enthusiasm in the workplace?

Organizations that DO NOT make enthusiasm a priority suffer negative consequences of higher turnover, more stress, weakened communication, more conflict, less profit, upset customers and disengaged employees. Without a positive focus, your workplace becomes a factory of zombies rather than a place where people feel they can grow and thrive. Basically, without enthusiasm, your heart will not be fully in what you do.  This presentation by Sam Glenn will rekindle your passion, drive, loyalty, excitement and deepen your defined purpose in the work you do.

This talk is for groups who want and need a positive recharge, encouragement to take things to a new level, manage change better, recognize greatness and desire to make a positive difference.

Bottom Line: Enthusiasm is essential to your success! If you don’t believe it, just try riding the bus without it and you will understand the message.


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The Gift of Attitude – Creating Exceptional Experiences for Others

Every day, we choose the face of our attitude and give it away through the experiences we create for others: customers, co-workers, strangers, associates, employees, family, and friends. This speech highlights how to use your attitude to connect with others and create a meaningful gift that makes others feel remarkable, recognized and valued.

If you are in the business of creating positive experiences for customers and making a difference, this presentation is all about using your gifts and a positive attitude to make a positive impact.

The Gift of Attitude Focuses on...

  • Being Customer Focused - Customer Service is Everyone's Job
  • Being Leadership Focused - Engaging Others to Live Up to Their Potential.
  • Being Team Focused - Working and Communicating in a Way that Makes Progress Possible
  • Being the Difference - our attitude is our message, our culture, our leadership - it is what people know us and and remember us for
  • Being Family Focused - Your family always deserves your best.
  • Being You Focused - when you get better as a person, you have more to give and have increased contribution power.

Sam will work with your group to learn more about your industry and audience, to determine the best key take away points that will have the most effect.

motivational speech, closing speech

(BONUS) Inspiring Performance Art

Sam's performance art is optional on all 60 minute speeches
and highly suggested for longer programs.

Sam uses the art as a captivating visual that draws the audience in and ties back into his speech.  Sam has several signature and unique paintings that he created for his speeches.  And you get to keep the finished artwork!

Besides being an award winning keynote speaker, Sam Glenn is also a seasoned performance artist. For nearly 18 years, Sam has been captivating audiences as large as 75,000 people at stadium events with his inspiring speeches and artistic performances.

It was over a cup of coffee that the late Zig Ziglar shared these words with Sam, “Attitude determines our altitude of success.”  Sam’s performance art ties back into leadership, vision, attitude and courage.  Sam paints a captivating and creative drawing within minutes that your group will get to have as a keepsake or use as a fun give away to someone special in the audience.

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