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Finding the right keynote speaker to kick off your event or wrap things up on a positive note is not an easy task. You can have confidence and peace of mind that working with Sam Glenn and his team will prove to be a positive experience.

Sam will work with you to create engaging content and customize his speech to fit your theme, industry and audience. We would love to learn more about your event and see if Sam Glenn would be a good fit.

Also, we can help answer any of your questions about his speech topics, available dates and rates.

Email Sam’s Program Manager, Michelle Arnold at:
Call: 419-305-9028


Sam Glenn’s Event Preparation LINKS

(Michelle Arnold, Sam’s Booking Manager, will ensure you get these links before event. If you should have any questions or need assistance, please email her at

1. Sam Glenn AV RIDER (Performance Art)


3. Sam Glenn Promotional BIO (word doc)

4.  Sam Glenn Promotional BIO for Event Brochure (PDF – in color) (PDF – grayscale)

5.  Speech Customization Form (word doc)

6.  Canvas Building Instructions

7.  AV Requirements – No ART Performance

Sam Glenn – Promotional Image Downloads:

Photo of Sam Glenn, keynote speaker and inspirational author on Attitude

Click for a hi-res-photo

Sam Glenn the attitude guy headshot

Click for larger image

Attitude Motivational Speaker

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Conference Motivational Speaker

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Click on Images For a Higher Resolution Images For Print:

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 Sam Glenn – chalk art performance canvas building instructions:

OPTION 1 – Download version:

This shows the step-by-step-instructions (PDF file) in a printable format of making the easel.

OPTION 2 – View 3-part videos:

Step by step, Kevin will walk you through construction of the easel Sam uses for creating his chalk art.

  1. Parts
  2. Assemble Frame & Legs
  3. Clamp Frame on Legs
Easel Instructions 1: Parts
Easel Instructions 2: Assemble Frame and Legs
Easel Instructions 3: Clamp Frame on Legs

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