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5 Signs Your Workplace Has The Magic of Enthusiasm

Something incredible happens when enthusiasm shows up in our attitude, our efforts, our workplace and our life…I call it magic!

Some might argue that you can’t measure enthusiasm in the workplace and I enthusiastically disagree. Enthusiasm always reveals itself in the work we do, how we serve, sell, educate, and lead.

The other day, I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel downtown Memphis Tennessee.  In 20 years of speaking professionally to every type of industry you can imagine, I will tell you that the first sign an organization has the magic of enthusiasm is when their people are more engaged, loyal and create exceptional experiences for their customers.

Organizations that lack enthusiasm have
higher turnover, poor leadership,
and consistently struggle.

I called down to room service to order up some breakfast.  I ordered a small pot of coffee, a cheddar cheese omelet and a side of bacon.  Thirty minutes later, there was a knock at the door – room service!  I was hungry and excited to eat a good breakfast. When I signed the bill, I noticed the price for everything was $54.  I even remarked,

“For $54, this better be the best omelet on the planet.”
Anticipation of a great mealTypically when you order room service, they charge you a ton of fees, so it adds up quickly.  I like to eat my breakfast in my room so I can work and prepare for my day.

When I lifted the topper off the plate and saw the omelet, my first thought was, “That’s it?!”
What I saw was about the size of  KitKat candy bar -not big at all. In addition to not having any size, it was watery and runny.  I remember thinking, “Did they soak my omelet in water before they brought it up?”
I then cut into the omelet to check the cheese content, and it was evident that there was a possible cheese shortage in Memphis. Even Elvis would be disappointed.  When you order a $54 omelet with cheese, you kinda expect the state of Wisconsin to be in there!

It was evident that whoever made this omelet didn’t have the magic of enthusiasm in their work.  At best, it was a $2 omelet and that is appraising it on the high end. Honestly at that point I was just hoping not to get food poisoning.

My initial thoughts were, “Why should I pay $54 for something that looks like it was cooked on a hot plate in an unclean gas station?” I would be doing the Sheraton Hotel in Memphis a disservice if I didn’t speak up. They will never get better if they are not aware there is an issue.

The Second Sign that organizations have the Magic of Enthusiasm is they are always striving to get better.

They work hard to improve their people, service and products.  They learn from their mistakes and conflicts and always strive to get better.

I called down to the front desk and spoke with someone who seemed to have as much enthusiasm as paint drying on a wall.  Let’s be real, you can tell when people care and when they don’t.  He didn’t.

The Third Sign your organization has the Magic of Enthusiasm is your people care.

When your people care, it shows in how you communicate with each other and with customers.  Customers should feel you smiling through the phone.

I asked the manager why the omelet was made so poorly and if he felt it was right to charge $54 for what they sent up. His response was, “I am sorry, we just get busy. Do you want us to send up a new omelet?”
I said, “No, Thank you! Unfortunately I do not have time. And I imagine it costs you guys a lot more when you have to do things over again.”  Basically, I was trying to create a teachable moment without charging my normal fee.

The guy at the front desk asked me, “So what do you want us to do about it?”
My response to anyone who asks such a question like this is, “Do something that will make me happy, smile and want to tell others about your organization.”
His response was a very bland “Ok sir.”
In the end, they didn’t do anything to fix it.  They charged me $54 for a $2 omelet.

The forth sign your organization has the magic
of enthusiasm is you hire people who care.

Southwest Airlines was once asked why their people care so much and their response was golden, “Because we hire people who care.” A sign your culture needs to make adjustments is if your organization has high turnover.  It means you are either not hiring the right people or your culture is so bad that people want out.

The fifth sign your organization has the magic of enthusiasm is your leadership makes it a priority.

Attitude is contagious. Great visions and ideas might be born at the top of your organization, but they grow from the ground up.  Leaders who value engaged employees, make it a priority to empower people with that special ingredient that makes success possible – enthusiasm.   Have you ever been to a Chick-Fil-A and seen how the teenagers there serve customers?  It’s outstanding.  It’s a sign they have great leadership.  Now, go to any other place a teenager might be working, my bet is it’s not going to be or have the same experience as Chick-Fil-A.

Without enthusiasm, we are just zombies going through the motions. An organization can only be truly successful if every person from the lowest level to the highest level works with enthusiasm and pride.  When you have the magic of enthusiasm, your $54 omelets will look and taste like a $1000 omelet.

magic-topperYou get the picture – enthusiasm pushes us to go above and beyond.  If you want magic to happen in your workplace, relationships and life then remember to incorporate a little enthusiasm and see what happens!

Is there a difference between being nice and being kind?

My daughters are one and two years old. They are beautiful, fun, smart, creative and the absolute joys of my life. They are also perfectly normal toddlers who test boundaries and are learning and growing every single day. My wife and I work on teaching them little things such as how to be told “No” with out losing your mind or crying (still working on that) as well as how to dress themselves, use the potty, etc.

While we work on the basics like the alphabet, but our biggest focus
right now is helping them learn how to be kind.

I believe kindness is one of the most important traits you can have, no matter what your job is, where your life takes you, or whom you interact with.  If you are kind that is by far one of the most important things. Think about it…lets say you are at a store and have a request that the salesperson can not meet. The way you will feel about the experience totally depends on whether or not the person is kind to you. Either way, for whatever reason you are not able to get what you want, but if the person treats you with kindness you will still leave with a good impression. If your manager has to give you negative feedback and if they do it with kindness then you will be more likely to take the feedback in a positive way and improve your work…which will ultimately positively impact your career.

So we have taught our girls through our actions and our words how to treat others, including yourself, with kindness. After hearing my wife remind our daughter to “please be kind” for the 19th time this morning I started thinking…is there a difference between being nice and being kind? Most people would say it is the same or use the terms interchangeably, but I believe there is a big difference.

Some people are nice because it’s what they are “supposed to do” or they do it because they have to…but not because it is what is in their heart. I have heard of people being called “fake nice” but I have never heard someone be called “fake kind”.

I believe being nice is what you do
but being kind is who you are.

I don’t want my girls being nice to each other just because I’m watching. I want them to treat each other with kindness because they understand the value of kindness and they want to share joy with another person.

In the workplace managers need the employees to treat everyone with kindness regardless of whom they are serving or who is watching. If employees only serve others with kindness when the manager is standing close by, then the team and the business will crumble quickly.

How do managers (and parents)
encourage kindness?

1. They reward it when they see it. Immediately.

If you see someone doing a behavior you want them to repeat then drop whatever you are doing (if possible) and compliment them.
It will have more of an impact when it’s fresh in their memory and they will want to repeat the behavior.

2. They model it themselves  – be an example.

This is HUGE. People will learn more from your actions  than your words. Is this well known advice?
Yes. Does every one need a reminder of it? Absolutely. When you need something, how do you ask your employee for it?
Are you respectful? Polite? Make sure your actions are modeling what you want done. Be aware.

3. Don’t ignore bad behavior.

In the same way, if you see something you want, then you should immediately praise it, but if you are seeing things you don’t want happening then you need to address it as quickly as possible. Just make sure you do the correcting in private.

Praise in public, correct in private. When you offer correction, do it in a respectful way. You don’t want to make someone feel bad but instead create a learning opportunity. Compliment them on a few things that you like about them or what they do and then present the situation to them and ask how they could have handled it differently and help them come up with a few ideas. When people come up with the solutions themselves in a positive way they are much more likely to actually implement them.

My challenge for you today is this, are you treating others with kindness?

What do you believe the difference between being kind and being nice? Let me know in the comments and thoughts on my facebook page (

Have a good week!


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– Lorraine Okabe, Director of Education and Conferences, League of California Cities

4 Leadership Skills to a Positive Work Atmosphere

4 Leadership Skills to a Positive Work Atmosphere

Wе hаνе all worked in places where we grew to drеаd getting up in the morning, and a few οf υѕ hаνе hаd thе pleasure οf working fοr a boss whο mаkеѕ υѕ feel lіkе wе саn dο anything right. Lеt’s examine a few differences between a positive аnd a negative work environment.

Signs οf a Negative Work Environment

  • Thе boss іѕ unfriendly.
  • Thе boss іѕ critical.
  • Thеrе іѕ high employee turnover.
  • Thеrе іѕ low employee morale.
  • People watch thе clock.
  • People don’t gеt much performance feedback.

Sam Glenn, Leadership QuoteSigns οf a Positive Work Environment

  • Thе boss demonstrates interest іn thе employees.
  • Thе boss hаѕ аn encouraging attitude.
  • Employees lіkе working thеrе.
  • Thеrе іѕ evidence οf company pride аnd loyalty.
  • People know whеrе thеу stand wіth thеіr supervisors.

Thousands οf books hаνе bееn written οn thе subject οf managing аnd motivating people, аnd аѕ many training seminars аrе conducted οn thіѕ subject around thе world еνеrу day. And уеt іt’s іntеrеѕtіng thаt even wіth аll οf thіѕ available information, few companies succeed аt сrеаtіng a positive work environment. Why is that?  Is it really that complicated or is someone making it complicated?  My research points to someone or several who make the process difficult.  There are four simple skills that if you implement them, you will begin to experience a more positive work atmosphere.  Lеt’s see whаt’s involved.

Four Key Leadership Skills to a Positive Work Atmosphere

Crеаtіng a positive work environment іѕ based οn four key skills. Thеу аrе:

  • Tеll people whаt уου expect οf thеm.
  • Shοw interest іn уουr team members.
  • Crеаtе аn encouraging environment.
  • Recognize аnd reward gοοd performance.

Leadership Skill #1 to a Positive Work Atmosphere:

State Yουr Expectations

Telling people whаt уου expect οf thеm means doing thе following:

• Communicating expectations clearly

• Having a specific job description

• Identifying specific performance standards

• Specifying deadlines

• Setting goals

Leadership Skill #2 to a Positive Work Atmosphere:

Shοw Authentic Interest іn Yουr Team – Employees – Associates

Whаt behaviors convey thаt someone іѕ interested іn уου?

  • Mаkіng eye contact
  • Calling уου bу name
  • Asking уουr opinion
  • Smiling
  • Complimenting уουr work
  • Taking уουr suggestions

Thеѕе behaviors convey a lack οf interest:

  • Ignoring уου
  • Nοt knowing уουr name οr nοt using іt
  • Nοt asking уουr opinion
  • Ignoring уουr suggestions
  • Nοt commenting οn уουr work
  • Following уουr suggestion, bυt οnlу whеn heard frοm someone еlѕе

Such signs discourage productivity bесаυѕе thеу mаkе people feel discouraged, аngrу, less confident, аnd stripped οf self-esteem.

Leadership Skill #3 to a Positive Work Atmosphere:

Crеаtе аn Encouraging Environment

Mοѕt people wουld agree thаt аn encouraging work environment іѕ one whеrе:

  • Yουr іdеаѕ аrе valued.
  • Creativity іѕ encouraged.
  • Initiative and risks аrе encouraged.
  • Fun аnd laughter аrе accepted.
  • Nеw іdеаѕ аrе rewarded.
  • Yου feel appreciated.
  • People thank уου fοr уουr contributions.
  • Flexibility іѕ valued.
  • Yου feel lіkе раrt οf thе team.

Crеаtіng such аn environment results іn thе following benefits tο employees.


• Contribute more іdеаѕ.

• Feel more committed.

• Look forward tο coming tο work.

• Arе more productive.

• Hаνе increased self-esteem.

• Have loyalty

Crеаtіng such аn environment results іn thе following benefits tο managers аnd business owners:

• Less turnover

• Less sabotage

• Greater loyalty

• Easier tο find employees due tο gοοd reputation

• Higher productivity

Leadership Skill #4 to a Positive Work Atmosphere:

Recognize аnd Reward Gοοd Performance

A reinforcer іѕ anything thаt happens, аftеr a behavior, thаt tends tο increase thе chances thаt thе behavior wіll bе repeated. Meaning, if you like what someone is doing, reinforce it my acknowledging the action.   Included аrе such things аѕ:

• Compliments

• Smiles

• Thumbs-up gesture – a little cheesy, but still fun to do.

• Saying “Thank уου″

• Public announcement οf уουr achievement

• Positive letter іn уουr personnel file

• Promotion

• Time οff

• Special parking space

• First сhοісе οn schedule

• Dinner wіth thе boss

• Tickets tο аn event

• Extra employee discount

• Picture οn thе bulletin board

• Applause аt a meeting

  • A gift card for gasoline
  • An all paid vacation.  (my personal choice)

Here are a few Recognition Guidelines

  1. Describe thе results уου аrе recognizing. Bе specific. It’s іmрοrtаnt tο mаkе сеrtаіn thе employee knows whаt behavior οr accomplishment уου аrе referring tο.
  2. State уουr personal appreciation. Sау, “I appreciate іt.” Adding уουr personal appreciation mаkеѕ thе compliment feel more genuine.
  3. Encourage thе person tο continue producing such gοοd work. Thіѕ increases thе chances thаt thе person wіll repeat thе desirable behavior.

Would you like a more positive work environment and the positive benefits that come along with it?

Then,  start small to get the ball rolling in the right direction by taking initiative to implement these 4 skills to a positive work environment.  Are they hard to do?  Not at all.  Can you start right now?  Yes you can!


This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.   Sam is a sought after motivational speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action.  Sam Glenn offers strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and the right culture where people will thrive.  Sam Glenn is a great kick off or closing to any event.  Sam Glenn’s Official Website: (

Is Your Workspace Positive?

Is Your Workspace Positive?

By Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy

Motivational Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur


Years ago I heard a little saying that goes like this, “the atmosphere you create determines the product you make.”  I like that because I subscribe to creating a work environment where I can thrive.   I know that is not always the case with every job out there.   If you watch Mike Rowe on the discovery channel and his program Dirty Jobs, it may be a challenge to hang a poster of an inspirational saying on the wall.  In fact, what is cool about that show is that the jobs that these people do – dirty- what contributes to the right work environment is their attitude.   If you don’t have the right attitude, the job just becomes dirtier and doesn’t get done right.

Let me speak from an entrepreneur’s perspective, because that is what I relate most too.  We are in the business to get positive results and achieve success.   Keeping a positive attitude is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  Creating the right work environment starts with your attitude.  The attitude you bring to your workspace is going to determine your level of effort.  If you have a positive attitude working, then you are going to have more energy, be more creative and get more done.  If you have a bad and negative attitude, then you won’t get as much done and your efforts and creativity will be minimal.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to have things in your workspace that support, remind and nurture that positive attitude.  In my office, I have art that inspires me.  Every piece of art has a meaning that when I look at them, it reminds me of a positive message.  Plus, it makes me feel inspired.  I think it ok to have a few items that enhance your workspace for optimal performance.  However, the flip side is that if you work with others in the same area of space, you have to be respectful.  You can’t just dominate the space with what you deem good for you.   If you want to put up a poster, picture of your family, a cartoon that makes you laugh or some kind of knick knack that is a symbol of something positive, ask permission of others around you and see if they are ok with it.  Don’t be defensive if they are not or don’t subscribe to your “empowering the workspace” for positive performance.  Maybe you just need to start small.

If you have your own workspace, go all out to make it a place where you can thrive.   One office I visited had amazing colors, plants and a fish tank.  It’s an understatement to say it was awesome.  I loved it.  If you are able to, determine what colors you want in your workspace. Colors can be inspirational.  If you want a little life, adds some plants.  I suggest the bonsai tree. They are magnificent miniature looking trees that just fill a room with large energy.  I am a fan of bonsai trees.  Maybe Google empowering office designs in order to get some ideas for yourself.  The goal is not to create clutter by collecting and posting up everything cool thing that sparks something in you, but rather, be proactive and plan what things are of a positive nature that if they are in your workspace, it will inspire a positive attitude in you.  Remember, the atmosphere you create, determines the product you make.  That product can be your leadership, your service to others, ideas, how to treat others or how achieve your goals.  Your workspace atmosphere plays a huge role in feeding your attitude.  So, maybe make a few adjustments and create a workspace that empowers you to thrive and be your best.  But, don’t’ forget the number one thing that creates a positive atmosphere is a positive attitude.  You have to choose the right attitude every day.


This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.   Sam Glenn is a sought after keynote motivational speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action to achieve positive results.  Sam Glenn’s Speeches and Motivational Books offer strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and a positive culture where people will thrive.  Sam Glenn is a great kick off speaker or closing to any event.  Sam Glenn’s Official Website: (

How Much Will a Bad Attitude Cost Your Company?

How Much Will a Bad Attitude Cost Your Company?


A positive attitude engaged in positive action leads to positive results. But what happens when not everyone has a positive attitude?  Have you thought of how much a bad attitude can cost your company?

Recently, I went to purchase a Television from a well know retailer.  I had an exact budget of $500.  As I browsed brands and sizes of televisions, I noticed an open box special on a TV, however it was a little more than my budget, but not by much.  I asked the sales associate if I could get it for $500.  It never hurts to ask, right?   She said, “I don’t have the authority to authorize that discount, but let me ask the store manger.”

She got on the service phone and called the manger.  We stood there waiting and then waiting some more.  Five minutes go by, then ten and then fifteen.  She excuses herself to try and call the manager again.  A short five minutes later, I see what appears to be a manager rounding the corner of the electronics aisle.    I could tell this manager was not in a good mood because as he walked around up to me and the sales associate, he exuded an attitude of negativity – like we just interrupted his day.  This is not the best way to approach a customer who represents revenue.  His negativity continues. He did not make any eye contact with me, great me with a hello, smile or seem all that interested in being helpful.  He just wanted to get on with his day as I was not a customer, but a hiccup.

First words out of his mouth were the wrong words, “What seems to be the problem?”   The sales associate explained that I had a budget of $500 and the open box was just a few dollars over my budget, but she wanted to get authorized to discount it so I could afford it.

“Without even letting the sales associate finish what she was saying, the manager rudely shook his head back and forth and said with an agitated tone,   “No, we can’t give you the discount because it has already been discounted.”  Then turns on his toes and begins to march away.

You see, what you permit is what you promote and I don’t tolerate being treated the way that manager treated me.  Before he got to the end of the aisle, I called out, “Excuse me, what is your name?”

Very defensively, he turns and points to his name tag, “I am manager Mike.”

I said, “I have money to spend today and the way you just treated me as a customer was inappropriate behavior, especially someone in a leadership role as yourself.  The difference between you and I is that I represent revenue for this company and you represent an expense.  Treating customers how you just did is how you lose revenue.  Would you agree with that manger Mike?”

Manager Mike didn’t really appreciate my valuable leadership training.  The bottom line is, I walked into this large retailer to spend hard earned money which translates into revenue and profit for the company.  Manager Mike’s bad attitude cost the company the sale.  I don’t give money to companies that treat me bad and nor should you.  What manager Mike didn’t realize is that as a customer, it doesn’t matter how big of a retail chain you are, I as a single customer hold the power to “FIRE” your entire company at my choosing.  I do that when I choose not to buy from you anymore.

Now, whoever trained manager Mike forgot to mention that attitude determines sales, customer care, leadership and success.  Or they didn’t put enough emphasis or priority into attitude training that the consequence is lost revenue.  This begs the accountability question, who should be held accountable for any employee associate in the workplace that acts in a manner that creates negative circumstances as manager Mike did?

Now to a big retailer like this, you might think it is not a big deal.  Well I happen to know for a fact that this company cut out their attitude wellness programs because of budget issues.  Was it the best choice for them?  Let’s do some math and we will see.  In a recent customer service survey, they this international retailer was rated next to last next to tech support.  It gets better.  To justify why stock prices have dropped to the shareholders, the CEO is quoted as saying “People are just running out money.”

People may be tight on money these days, which means they are getting smarter about how they shop and where.  In an effort to generate more income to raise the stock price, this retailer decided it would cater to “gun enthusiast” by selling guns in more of their stores.  Are you getting the math yet?

If you were going to do anything to generate revenue for your organization and you are ranked almost dead last in customer service, it shouts, “Get a clue.  Bad attitudes are an expense that will cost you profits.”

My $500 lost sale may not have been much to this retailer, but let’s just say you duplicate my experience which I had with them and put that in 5000 of their stores.  And then let’s do some math; take one employee associate from every store who treats a customer in a negative way only one day out of the year and it costs the store $500 in lost revenue.  How much does that come out to be?  $2,500,000 a year.   Can you believe that a bad attitude could cost that much?  What if we change it up a bit and say 5 bad attitudes cost the store $500 each 5 days a year in 5000 stores.  A bad attitude equals: $62,500,000. Wow! That number is insane and is a result of bad attitudes in the workplace.  It doesn’t really matter how you calculate the scenario, a bad attitude will cost your company a small fortune and if a big retailer like the one I am highlighting, a good size fortune.  Does it make sense to develop and make some sort of attitude wellness program part of training procedures?

Understanding and implementing this philosophy into your company can save you a good chunk of change.  When you mix the right attitude into your efforts, skills and knowledge, you work to achieve the right results.  The bottom line is this:  A positive attitude will do more for you and through you than a negative attitude will.  If you are not investing a little time and effort into ensuring that the right attitude is being distributed by employees, you will invest a fortune fixing the mess that a bad attitude creates.  It’s not about wearing a slogan on your vest, shirt as much as it is actually living up to that slogan through your attitude and actions.  Words don’t mean anything unless you can back them up.  It is deception when your uniform says you care, but bad attitude clearly says you don’t.  It is the responsibility of leadership to make sure that their people have the right tools and guidance in order to develop, maintain and serve others with a better attitude.

This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.   Sam is a sought after keynote motivational speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action to achieve positive results.  Sam Glenn’s Speeches and Motivational Books offer strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and a positive culture where people will thrive.  Sam Glenn is a great kick off speaker or closing to any event.  Sam Glenn’s Official Website: (

10 Think Positive Quotes by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy

10 Think Positive Quotes by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy

Positive quotes inspire the mind to think better so we act better to achieve better. As I coined the phrase, “A positive quote a day keeps a negative attitude away!”   The following are 10 of my personal  think positive quotes to keep you positive and point your attitude and actions north.

Think Positive Quote #1: Your greatest opponent in life isn’t your competition, it is a negative thought.

Think Positive Quote #2: A positive attitude doesn’t stop negative things from happening to you, but it does give you the mental clarity and creativity to overcome the negative things better and faster than negative thinking will.

Think Positive Quote #3:  Enthusiasm gives your attitude and actions SOUL!

Think Positive Quote #4: Thinking negative has negative consequences.  If you want to change your consequences, then you have got to change your thinking.

Think Positive Quote #5: Your attitude can be your greatest asset or your biggest liability and you determine that every day.

Think Positive Quote #6: When you doubt yourself, you defeat yourself.  When you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Think Positive Quote #7: In life we will look back and see either Footprints in the Sand or Butt Prints in the Sand. Footprints in a positive impression in time with the greatness of who you are. If you see footprints, it means you gave your best. If you see butt prints, it means you made excuses. Do your best with what you have every day.

Think Positive Quote #8:  Adversity doesn’t make appointments.  Adversity is an unscheduled appointment to wrestle with your attitude.  This is why you have to keep your attitude in tip top shape every day, because you never know what you may encounter.

Think Positive Quote #9:  Positive thinking will do more for you than negative thinking.  To think positive, you must feed your mind positive information daily.

Think Positive Quote #10:  Thinking positive is not about living in a fantasy land and ignoring reality, but rather it is developing the mental pathway to positive options for your life.  When you think negative, your mental pathway leads to a dead end.  When you think positive, you have a mental toughness to overcome obstacles, try new ideas and do what has to be done in order to succeed.

Motivational quotes are an excellent source of nutrition for your attitude.  It only takes you a few seconds to read one and the affects will last you a long time.  Read a positive quote every day.  A positive quote a day keeps a negative attitude away.

This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.   Sam is a sought after motivational speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action.  Sam Glenn offers strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and the right culture where people will thrive.  Sam Glenn is a great kick off or closing to any event.  Sam Glenn’s Official Website: (

5 Customer Service and Sales Tips for Car Dealerships

5 Customer Service and Sales Tips for Car Dealerships

Buying a car can be a stressful experience for any shopper.  I speak for all car buyers when I say, we want the best car at the best deal.  But, there are a few other little things we expect and want as well.  If you ever want to see me again, get my referrals or make me a customer for life then check out my 4 Customer Service and Sales Tips for Car Dealerships.

1. Don’t stand around with other sales people like a bunch of hoodlums outside the front door. 

When I pull up to a dealership and see you all outside hanging out smoking and chit chatting, it’s a turn off.   It makes me think you have nothing better to do.   If anything, you shouldn’t be standing around.  If you want sales, get on the phone and start calling people asking for referrals or just make some courtesy calls to make sure your current customers are happy and just remind them if they have any friends of family who are looking for a new car to send them in to meet with you.

2. Be sensitive to people’s situations. 

Recently, as I was waiting on my sales guy, I overheard the finance guy talking to a couple at one of the desks out in the open for everyone to see and hear.  I wasn’t ease dropping and would have preferred not to hear what was being said, but the finance guy had no clue.  Apparently they had just run a credit check on this couple and instead of inviting them to his office to go over some details or options, he decided it would be best to share it with the couple and everyone in hearing distance.   Here is what I observed.  The finance guy informed the couple that they had bad credit and rambled on and on about it in such a way that you could see the couple crumbling in embarrassment.   I was embarrassed for them.  When it was said and done, the finance guy cost the company a customer for life.   What he should have done was demonstrated a little discernment and invited them back to his office to discuss options out of ears reach of the public.

3. Have a sense of humor.

Humor is the human connector.   I don’t know about you, but I am always turned off when someone comes up to me and says, “Can I help you?”   It’s such a generic comment that lacks life.   Why would I be at a dealership if I didn’t need help?   Think of something more creative that connects.   One dealership, while I was looking at an SUV, the sales guy came up and said, “I have much smaller cars for you where you will be sitting in the front seat and the backseat at the same time.”   It was funny because I am 6’7.   That little bit of humor was the perfect connection.   Now, I was open to the sales process with my defenses down.    I remember getting ready to do one test drive and the sales guy gets in and says, “If we get pulled over by the police and I run, you don’t know me.”   I wish I could have seen the look on my face.  He started laughing and said, “I am just kidding. “   It’s a bold use of humor, but the benefit of humor is that it makes others feel connected and comfortable with you.  That is the power of humor.

4.Do what you say you will do.

This is the ultimate fear of a car buyer, when the sales guy says one thing but delivers something else.   When we bought our Ford Escape, the sales manager told us he could match what our other car had – V6, Remote Start, Leather Seats, Heated Seats, 4 wheel drive, ect..   When you live in the Midwest, these are important things to have on cold winter days.   We trusted the sales guy, signed the papers, traded in our old car and when they finally delivered the new car it was not what the sales guy said it would be.  When we confronted him on this, he tried to back track and say, “Well in order to get you a good deal, we weren’t able to get everything.”

It was a total disappointment.

There was another instance when I called to speak to the maintenance manager about when my truck would be ready for pick up, he said, “Sam, give me 5 minutes and I will return your call.”

Five minutes go by, then an hour and then the day.  I called back the next day and asked why I never got a call back and his response, “Oh, I went out to lunch and then things got busy.”

Come on! Do what you say you will do.

5. Take Notes.

If you want a customer for life, then take notes about them.   I did a test drive at one dealership and the guy did the small talk with me, got my name and all that, but when I called to set up another test drive, he didn’t remember a single thing about me or what I was wanting.  I don’t want to waste my time and retell my story to you.   Just for that, I moved onto another sales person who cares enough to take notes and remember the important stuff.

When I purchased my truck, the sales manager made an effort to thank me for my business and asked what I did for a living and it seemed like chit chat to me, but the next time I went in for an oil change, he walked up to me and said, “Sam, good to see you again.  I checked out your website on-line, ect..”

The treatment made me feel like they cared and wanted me to be a part of their family for a long time.  I was impressed he remembered my name, what I did, and what we had discussed 4 months prior.   Now, when I go get my oil change, it is like seeing a friend and not a sales person.  People like to buy from people they like.


Do these 5 Customer Service and Sales Tips seem easy to do?  Sure they do, because they are and they work.   Not only will they work for people at car dealerships, they will work for any business in any industry.  You can easily implement them and get positive results.

This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.   Sam is a sought after speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action.  Sam Glenn offers strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and the right culture where people will thrive.  Sam Glenn’s Official Website: (

4 Customer Service Tips for Airlines

4 Customer Service Tips for Airlines

People often remark that traveling must be fun for me because I travel close to 200 days a year.   There are some perks, but over all travel has become work.   Unless you have any kind of status with an airline, you can be expected to be treated close to or around average.  When I lived in Chicago, I flew American Airlines and achieved the status of Executive Platinum.  Now that I moved to Indianapolis, the airport is new and awesome, but I have to fly other airlines that I have no status with.  It is tough when you realize you have to work more or fly more in order to achieve a level where a company will treat you exceptional.   I am not alone in this view as many road warriors can attest to this fact.

Every little action is either making your company great or not.   That is why it is important to remember the fundamentals that make your company great.  And really, they are the little things that work best.

What prompted me to write this article with the constancy of being treated poorly by airlines that I don’t have status with the exception of Air Tran.  They actually impressed me.  I never really thought much of this airline before until I flew them to Orlando.  Air Tran was impressive by the quality of service from when you check in to boarding the airplane.  Even thought I didn’t have status, they treated me as if I did.  I like that!

Now most airlines from a public relations stand point would argue that customers can make their job tough.  I won’t argue that at all.  Some customers are just rude and have no clue what is going on.   They can test a person’s attitude on a dime.  However, there are simple acts of customer service that will create experiences that build on making your company firm and stable.

Here are my 4 Best Tips for Customer Service for Airlines, but any organization can apply these same principles and achieve success.

1.        Just Be Nice. 

When I check in, don’t act like I am a burden, but act like you are glad to see me.  Fake it if you have too, I don’t care.  Maybe offer up a little eye contact or a smile.  I would even settle for half a smile.  How hard is that?  Not hard at all.  Sure a lot of people are waiting to get checked in, but is it any really extra effort to be nice?  No.   Who should do this?  Anyone who interacts with customers.

2.        Communicate Better.

Since I don’t have status with many airlines, I normally am one of the last people to board the plane, which means overhead bins are most likely full.   Before people board, be sure to offer the option to check carry on pieces to the destination.   It is embarrassing when you carry your bag on all the way to row 99 and all the bins are full and people are waiting to get by you and you have nowhere to go. So you have to fuddle around until you can carry your bag all the way back to the front to check it.   If people are walking on the plane and you notice they have a luggage that is going to be tight and not fit well, then tell them and give them the quick option to check it right there.  Speed is the key when you have a schedule to keep, so keeping open and consistent communication is vital.

3.       Don’t let your Individual attitude get in the way.

If you are having a bad day, don’t let the chip on your shoulder turn into an experience that makes customers feel uncomfortable and makes you look unprofessional.   You are there to do a job and to do it with the right attitude.  Leave your emotional junk at the door.  I didn’t buy a ticket to deal your junk, so don’t try to dump it on me.   If you feel like you might lose your cool, take a few minutes to drink some water, breathe and release negative tension.  Splash some water on your face.   But don’t’ scream at customers or chug a beer and pull the emergency slide.   If you need to, seek professional help to learn how to manage your emotions so you are not reactive and unpleasant.    Remember, a positive attitude gets better results than a negative one.  So do what it takes to get a positive attitude.

4.        Be Aware and Be Willing to Jump In.

I was at the Las Vegas airport and the lines were long. They normally are there.  I got into the First Class Line to check in and even though I didn’t have a first class ticket, I was going to inquire about an upgrade to get one.  When I stepped up, the customer service agent checked and informed that there were no first class upgrades.   Now here is where it gets interesting.  There was nobody behind me in line.  The customer service agent could have printed my boarding pass in less than 60 seconds.  However, she was not willing to jump in and help out.  She actually created more work for her co-workers, made the airline look bad and created an experience that was unpleasant.   She said if I wanted to check in, that I had to go stand in line with general boarding.  And I fully understand that is the process normally, however, if she had awareness she would have observed the general boarding lines where very long and there was nobody standing in the first class line to check in.   She could have helped out, but she complicated things and was very rude to me when I tried to figure out her lack of common sense to the situation.   I went to general boarding and waited.  Finally when it was my turn to check in, I asked the customer service agent if she could fix my ticket to get me on a different flight to get home earlier.  She was willing to help. She had to go into the back to fix a glitch in the system and as I waited, there was the customer service agent just sitting there doing nothing as her co-workers were working.  Observing this behavior made me realize it’s not always the airline as a whole that is the negative, but rather individuals who choose to be and act negative.   Would I hire a person like that?  Not in a million years.  Would I fire a person like that?  In a minute.

Having awareness is being keen on your environment and being willing is to jump in where you can help your co-workers and create a positive experience for the customer.

Are these customer service tips hard to do?  Not at all.  Do they contribute to achieving success? You bet.

This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.   Sam is a sought after motivational speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action.  Sam Glenn offers strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and the right culture where people can thrive. 

5 Habits of Positive People in the Workplace

5 Habits of Positive People in the Workplace

There are certain habits that positive people consistently demonstrate in the workplace.   These habits help them deal with the day to day up and downs.  They seem balanced and level headed when dealing with the office negatives which can boil down to a situation with a co-worker or boss.   Habits are what we do over and over again.  Implementing positive habits and taking notes from the example that positive people in the workplace demonstrate has tremendous value.

Habit # 1 of Positive People in the Workplace:  They are not overly reactive to bad news. 

Only a drama queen is a fan of drama.  Being positive doesn’t mean that you are blind to adverse information, but rather positive people in the workplace process this information and look for the best options to address it and move forward.  They know that reacting in a negative way will make a situation worse.  They understand that drama creates a negative environment, but thinking clearly and creatively always accomplishes more.

Habit # 2 of Positive People in the Workplace: They make their attitude their choice and don’t leave it to chance.

They understand the importance of attitude and it shows from the moment they walk in the door.  They are not complaining about this or that, but they are making an effort to set the tone for their day by choosing an attitude that achieves positive results.

Habit # 3 of Positive People in the Workplace: They keep a distance from negative people.

Positive people in the workplace have boundaries in place when it comes to dealing with negative co-workers.  Have you ever worked with a negative person or perhaps are working with them right now?  They are so negative that if you give them a bouquet of flowers at 8 am, the flowers will turn into a cactus by noon.  I think we all have worked with that person, but in order to stay positive in the workplace you have to establish boundaries with negativity.   The picture of that looks like this:  You are not engaged in wasting time going back and forth with a negative person.  You are not engaging in any extra time with them other than what is necessary to get the job done.   And if someone is stepping over the line, a positive person will look for the best options to address the negative behavior so it doesn’t affect production or teamwork.

Habit # 4 of Positive People in the Workplace: They do the right things.

Positive people in the workplace are not standing around wasting time talking about office politics or making negative gossip.  They know that if you say something bad about others, it will come back and bite you later.  They also work with a level of integrity.  They are not cutting corners or misleading customers.

Habit # 5 of Positive People in the Workplace: They give their best.

Positive people engaged in positive actions leads to positive results.  Everyone wants the best results possible and the positive person in the workplace understands that if they are going to achieve these results, there is only one pathway that will make that happen and it is showing up every day and giving your best.  They don’t complain, but rather make the best use of the resources they have.


This information is compiled, researched and written by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.   Sam is a sought after speaker by companies and organizations that want to re-charge attitude’s for positive action.  Sam Glenn offers strategies that combat stress and negativity in the workplace and ideas that ramp up teamwork, communication and the right culture where people will thrive.

All Day Long!

As I arrived at this beautiful hotel and conference center, I was greeted with a smile and excellent service from the bell-stand guy. I thanked him for taking my heavy luggage out of the car, and he said these words with such passion, “ALL DAY LONG!”

I kinda smiled and replied, “Cool!”

He waited for me to check in and I asked if he would mind pushing all my books and set-up material down to the conference center, which was quite a hike! He responded again, “ALL DAY LONG!”

Again, I was like, “COOL!”

As we started our 10-minute walk to the conference center, one of his fellow employees passed us and said, “He man…looking good!”

His response again was, “ALL DAY LONG!”

I just started laughing. I was like, “You sure like to say that a lot.” Read More →


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