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5 Signs Your Workplace Has The Magic of Enthusiasm

Something incredible happens when enthusiasm shows up in our attitude, our efforts, our workplace and our life…I call it magic!

Some might argue that you can’t measure enthusiasm in the workplace and I enthusiastically disagree. Enthusiasm always reveals itself in the work we do, how we serve, sell, educate, and lead.

The other day, I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel downtown Memphis Tennessee.  In 20 years of speaking professionally to every type of industry you can imagine, I will tell you that the first sign an organization has the magic of enthusiasm is when their people are more engaged, loyal and create exceptional experiences for their customers.

Organizations that lack enthusiasm have
higher turnover, poor leadership,
and consistently struggle.

I called down to room service to order up some breakfast.  I ordered a small pot of coffee, a cheddar cheese omelet and a side of bacon.  Thirty minutes later, there was a knock at the door – room service!  I was hungry and excited to eat a good breakfast. When I signed the bill, I noticed the price for everything was $54.  I even remarked,

“For $54, this better be the best omelet on the planet.”
Anticipation of a great mealTypically when you order room service, they charge you a ton of fees, so it adds up quickly.  I like to eat my breakfast in my room so I can work and prepare for my day.

When I lifted the topper off the plate and saw the omelet, my first thought was, “That’s it?!”
What I saw was about the size of  KitKat candy bar -not big at all. In addition to not having any size, it was watery and runny.  I remember thinking, “Did they soak my omelet in water before they brought it up?”
I then cut into the omelet to check the cheese content, and it was evident that there was a possible cheese shortage in Memphis. Even Elvis would be disappointed.  When you order a $54 omelet with cheese, you kinda expect the state of Wisconsin to be in there!

It was evident that whoever made this omelet didn’t have the magic of enthusiasm in their work.  At best, it was a $2 omelet and that is appraising it on the high end. Honestly at that point I was just hoping not to get food poisoning.

My initial thoughts were, “Why should I pay $54 for something that looks like it was cooked on a hot plate in an unclean gas station?” I would be doing the Sheraton Hotel in Memphis a disservice if I didn’t speak up. They will never get better if they are not aware there is an issue.

The Second Sign that organizations have the Magic of Enthusiasm is they are always striving to get better.

They work hard to improve their people, service and products.  They learn from their mistakes and conflicts and always strive to get better.

I called down to the front desk and spoke with someone who seemed to have as much enthusiasm as paint drying on a wall.  Let’s be real, you can tell when people care and when they don’t.  He didn’t.

The Third Sign your organization has the Magic of Enthusiasm is your people care.

When your people care, it shows in how you communicate with each other and with customers.  Customers should feel you smiling through the phone.

I asked the manager why the omelet was made so poorly and if he felt it was right to charge $54 for what they sent up. His response was, “I am sorry, we just get busy. Do you want us to send up a new omelet?”
I said, “No, Thank you! Unfortunately I do not have time. And I imagine it costs you guys a lot more when you have to do things over again.”  Basically, I was trying to create a teachable moment without charging my normal fee.

The guy at the front desk asked me, “So what do you want us to do about it?”
My response to anyone who asks such a question like this is, “Do something that will make me happy, smile and want to tell others about your organization.”
His response was a very bland “Ok sir.”
In the end, they didn’t do anything to fix it.  They charged me $54 for a $2 omelet.

The forth sign your organization has the magic
of enthusiasm is you hire people who care.

Southwest Airlines was once asked why their people care so much and their response was golden, “Because we hire people who care.” A sign your culture needs to make adjustments is if your organization has high turnover.  It means you are either not hiring the right people or your culture is so bad that people want out.

The fifth sign your organization has the magic of enthusiasm is your leadership makes it a priority.

Attitude is contagious. Great visions and ideas might be born at the top of your organization, but they grow from the ground up.  Leaders who value engaged employees, make it a priority to empower people with that special ingredient that makes success possible – enthusiasm.   Have you ever been to a Chick-Fil-A and seen how the teenagers there serve customers?  It’s outstanding.  It’s a sign they have great leadership.  Now, go to any other place a teenager might be working, my bet is it’s not going to be or have the same experience as Chick-Fil-A.

Without enthusiasm, we are just zombies going through the motions. An organization can only be truly successful if every person from the lowest level to the highest level works with enthusiasm and pride.  When you have the magic of enthusiasm, your $54 omelets will look and taste like a $1000 omelet.

magic-topperYou get the picture – enthusiasm pushes us to go above and beyond.  If you want magic to happen in your workplace, relationships and life then remember to incorporate a little enthusiasm and see what happens!

My dentist went home and forgot I was still in his chair 

Sam Glenn, speaker, author
The lights flickered off, and I looked around with a mildly numb jaw.  I called out” hello??!!”
The receptionist sounded more surprised when she realized there was a customer still in the dental chair – me!
She came back and asked why I was still here.  I said, “well, I have a cavity and the dentist shot me full of numbing medicine and said he would be right back.  It’s been over an hour, will he be coming back soon?”
She looked horrified and said, “Umm, he went home for the night.”

Let’s stop the story and play, “What would you do?”

At that moment I discovered a fear greater than that of the sound of the drill – bad service.  I am not making this up, they literally forgot me, in the chair, with a numb mouth.I didn’t know what else to do so I got up, went home with a sore jaw and would never ever return.  But moving forward and having to look and pick out a dentist was a scary and some what awkward process. There is really no polite way to ask, “In a year how many patients do you forget about before leaving for the day?”I told my brother the story and he said, “You gotta go to my guy, he is awesome. ”

At this point, I am thinking all dentists are evil. The best business for a good dentist is word of mouth.  I acted on my brothers recommendation and it was a great experience.  I think I confused the dentist when I kept asking if he was going to leave me.

His staff was friendly.  They didn’t try to sell me on anything I don’t need.  Sometimes dentist’s do that. They show you an ugly picture of teeth gone bad and then tell you if you buy this mouth wash for $100 that your teeth will be happy forever.  When I ask the Dr. “What do you suggest?”

I am hoping his response geared towards my health and long term well being and not just an add on to the menu of options that will add more cash in his pocket.  I know the dentist has to make a living, but if you do things in a way that dissolves fear and builds trust, you should never have to worry about the money – it will follow.

The dentist that forgot me in the chair had one of the nicest offices I have ever seen.  They had state of the art equipment, which was really cool.  They worked with my insurance.  They had everything that would assume a successful practice, but they lacked one thing that can’t be bought – awareness.

Awareness is this:

1. Communicate you care.

Get to know your customers, ask questions, and focus on helping them achieve long term goals as well as solving short term concerns.

2.  Each patient or customer doesn’t have to be a one time patient/customer.

Focus on long term relationships, people talk.  A successful practice is built on happy patients who rave about their experience and not only come back, but tell their friends.

3. Build trust.

Don’t try to sell every possible thing you have in ever conversation you have with patient. Listen to the patient, give the best treatment possible, and then when appropriate make recommendations that will truly benefit the patient. People will come back to buy more if they trust you have their best interests at heart.

This doesn’t just apply to dentists, it applies to everyone in service positions. Be aware, communicate, build long term relationships, and build trust. When these three elements are in practice, everything else positive will quickly fall into place.


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Live Happy…Take Your Fiber

I was standing in the post office waiting for my number to be called when a female customer standing at the counter started yelling and making an ugly scene—about what—I have no idea.  But, she was on a rant about something.  It was clear she had a negative attitude and it didn’t help her situation or make her look good.  After she finished her negativity show, my number was called.  I walked up to the counter and the people working at the post office just had these looks on their faces like, “Whew…thank God she is gone.”  

Sam Glenn FiberHowever, I heard one guy say to another employee, “Looks like someone didn’t get enough fiber today.”

That caught my attention because if you have ever sat in one of my presentations, that is my shtick or stuff.  I talk about how we researched that moody and negative people are often that way because they have toxins in their body creating a negative effect on their attitude, and fiber is one option that gets the trash out. If you have seen me talk on this, you know I make it funny. If you haven’t—well, buckle up! It’s what some may call the ugly truth to achieving a positive attitude!

I asked the employee, “Where did you hear that saying?”

She said, “A friend of mine saw this speaker who said that if you don’t get enough fiber, you become negative.”

I said, “THAT’S ME!”

She started laughing and was like, “For real!?”

“Yes, when people are negative, I often ask them if they had their fiber today.”

She laughed more and whispered, “There are several people here who could use some fiber!”

It is not meant to be gross in any way, but rather a humorous play on truth.  In all the research I have done, fiber is a good thing.  It is heart healthy, brain healthy and mood healthy.  Why would you not share this information? It’s awesome!  

So, let me ask you something: do you know anyone in your office or place of work that could use some fiber—a better attitude?  I am sure there is.  But here is what is important to know: we cannot change other people’s attitudes.  They have to make that choice.  But, you can have fun and buy them some fiber, put it on their desks, and include a note saying, “You seem a little moody lately; this should help.”

It’s fun and guarantees a good laugh.  The other person may not see the humor ‘til they actually use the fiber, but it’s all good fun.

Fiber is not just something we take to get rid of toxins; there are other kinds of fibers that get the trash out of our mind.  Some of us think poorly because of experiences we may have had or just a lack of self confidence, so your mind always drifts south and you think negative.  How do you “fiber that out?”

Simple:  Input leads to output.

If you don’t like your current level of thinking and can acknowledge that my thinking or thoughts may not be the best, then you have taken step one.  Now it’s time to do something about it (fiber it out!).

To change your thinking, it starts when you change your daily input.  Some input you cannot control, but you can pre-plan some input that will keep the toxins out of your thinking and create gravity towards a positive attitude.   

5 Things You Can Do to FIBER OUT a Bad Attitude, and Get a Positive Attitude:

  1.  Read three pages or five minutes a day of a positive book. (I happen to know a great one titled A Kick in the Attitude!)
  2. Determine if the people you spend the most time with are negative or positive.  If they are negative, then you need to trim that time down and create boundaries.  If they are positive, then plug in more and embrace their positive.  Copy it!
  3. Work out.  If you want to feel good, you have to do good. Treat your body better.  Work it out, so you feel fit and look fit.
  4. Eat clean. Eat salads and fish. Go on-line and research best meals for good health. There are some great recopies online. I used to hate fish, but I found new ways to grill it up and now I love it.   
  5. Make being positive a choice. Ultimately a negative attitude or a positive attitude is your choice.  Nobody can choose your attitude for you.  You have that responsibility everyday and all day.   Develop an attitude awareness.  What are your thoughts – positive or negative? If they are negative, what will adjust them to go positive?  How are you responding to adversity and others? Do you need to step back and fiber out the bad, so you can get engaged with the positive?

Fiber isn’t always just something you get at the store; it’s a philosophy that when you have some toxic thinking, you act in a way that fibers out that thinking and puts you in a better frame of mind and gets you living with a positive attitude.

So the next time you feel moody, maybe playfully say, “Oh Boy, I need some FIBER!”

Have fun with it and until next time, embrace all that a positive attitude has for you!

How do you give your attitude a fiber boost?


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