What Organizations Say About Sam Glenn’s Motivational Speeches

“Your Opening Keynote received the highest marks on our attendee survey.  Comments like Sam’s presentation was not only engaging, entertaining, but relevant. As a meeting planner, once I read your book “Attitude Changes Everything” - I knew I needed to reach out to you to speak at our event...”

Utah Credit Union Association
M.P., VP Education and Training




On behalf of GID and Windsor Property Management Company, I want to thank you for kicking off our annual conference. Your talents as a speaker certainly didn’t outshine your skills as an artist! Our attendees found you entertaining, engaging, inspirational, captivating and funny.  Your positive messages and performance set the tone for a successful conference. We got the “Kick in the Attitude” that we all needed!

"Sam Glenn did an amazing job kicking off our annual Summer Leadership Institute – not just once but twice in two different cities on different weekends – receiving rave reviews from our 3500 attendees. He got folks pumped up and ready to learn! You can’t go wrong in bringing Sam to your event."

- K.D, TX Association of School Boards

On behalf of the attendees and the Oregon School Boards Association, I want to thank you for your participation our Annual Convention.

You held our members’ attention and had everyone laughing. You encouraged people in their unpaid volunteer service with your message on how they are their own real-life super heroes. People told us that we should have had you open the convention rather than close it. Thank you for your service to our members!

A few of evaluation comments are as follows:

· The larger groups on Friday and Saturday would have benefited from this speaker
· Unique, not the usual presentation. Very nice.
· Really liked this guy ... almost wonder if you need a person like him to open your conference as the main speaker?
· Can only say THANK YOU for bringing this presenter to close the convention. I appreciated his message and felt challenged to "check my attitude" and "share my popcorn!" Good job!

“I saw you speak at the Indiana parks and recreation conference this week. I just wanted to send a quick thank you! I really appreciated your message and delivery, and needed a good laugh!”


“Selecting Sam Glenn to come back for the fourth time to close out our annual Leadership Conference was an easy decision!  As we prepared for our conference and we had a great dialogue with Sam on the conference theme and how he could customize his message to relate back to our focus.  He brought our conference to a close with amazing stories that our team members could relate to and learn from.  Sam’s high energy and personality shined on stage and left us inspired and laughing all the way home!”

Gene B. Glick, Property Management

"I highly recommend Sam Glenn as a keynote speaker. He quickly engaged the crowd, kept their attention and was the talk of the conference the rest of the week. Both of his breakouts were standing room only. After hearing him speak, meeting him after getting my book signed I started following him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I get inspiration in all he shares. A++ speaker, A must have at any event big or small!!!"
Kris Kenney
Board of Director, Greater Fayetteville Apartment Association &
Executive Director, Hurricanes Sled Hockey
Sam was the perfect person to speak to our team to kick the New Year off.  He was entertaining and engaging while delivering a impactful message on the importance of attitude.  It felt like our team was laughing and smiling the entire time Sam spoke and we received an amazing amount of feedback from the team on how much they enjoyed his message and delivery of the message.
- Brad Monts, Hoosier Heartland State Bank

C. Trujillo, Treasurer of NMLTA said:

Sam Glenn did an outstanding and unforgettable performance for us. He captivated every single person in the room that are of all age groups and industry backgrounds, he even captivated the staff at the resort who were serving our dinner. His humor and his inspirational messages left everyone with a positive outlook and a sore belly from laughter. The feedback was overwhelming favorable and was toted “the best speaker we’ve ever had.”

L. McLean, Board of Directors for WYMLA said:

We had Sam kick off our mortgage lenders conference and he is amazing!  He was very engaging and set the tone for our entire conference with an upbeat, positive message that our attendees loved!!!  His great attitude, fabulous sense of humor and wonderful delivery had everyone who attended on the edge of their seat wanting to hear more.  Sam is an awesome speaker and I would definitely recommend him.

“Sam was the perfect way to jumpstart our Saturday morning. He has a funny, endearing personality, and that really shows through his speaking. We received tons of great feedback about his session, and people continued to talk about him for the rest of the conference. We loved his realness, and could tell that he has the ability to relate to any audience. His painting during the session was entertaining and unique, and we all appreciated the message behind it. Sam was even generous enough to gift those paintings so we could auction them for our charity (Children's Miracle Network Hospitals)! We highly recommend Sam as a keynote speaker, and hope to work with him again in the future.”

A.M.  Member Services
RE/MAX of Michigan

Sam spoke at our hospital LDI meeting, this is a diverse group with many different professions. Sam was able to reach all of us and keep us all engaged throughout the entire program. He was able to share a great message and keep us entertained with humor."

- Amy Burdulis, Therapy Manager, CarolinaEast Medical Center

“I was excited by the response from our Team Members to Sam’s message. His stories are something everyone can relate to and are delivered in a manner that had his audience laughing out loud. It was fun just watching our team have that much fun – and that is part of Sam’s message – attitude is contagious. Our team was definitely engaged in his presentation, his art work, and his messaging. Well done.”

- Rick Silvers, CEO of Centra Credit Union

"Sam Glenn did an amazing job kicking off our annual Summer Leadership Institute
– not just once but twice in two different cities on different weekends –
receiving rave reviews from our 3500 attendees.
He got folks pumped up and ready to learn! You can’t go wrong in bringing Sam to your event."

- Kathy Dundee with TX Association of School Boards

"What a great way to start off the IAAE Annual Conference. Sam’s presentation was a tremendous hit! His message and the enthusiasm he created set a great tone for the next three days. They were still talking about him at the closing event. Of course that is what I knew would be the case after hearing Sam at one of our Missouri events and Sam certainly delivered."

- Larry Case, MO Independent Insurance Agents

"Sam Glenn’s humorous and inspirational message was the perfect way to close out our Summer Leadership Institute. The energy and positivity among attendees after Sam spoke was clear. The message he conveys about success for individual leaders, boards and institutions starting with a positive attitude couldn’t be more needed and timely.”

- Tracey Benson, Executive Director, Arizona School Boards Association

"Sam was our after lunch keynote speaker at our State SHRM Conference. He was the highlight of the conference with participants still talking about his presentation the next day. This is the toughest slot for a speaker at a conference but everyone was alert during his entire presentation and, as important, they also took away some great information."

TN, SHRM - John M Wallace

"Our General Session speaker for our recent Colorado ASBO Spring Conference was Sam Glenn (http://samglenn.com/speaker-services/audio-and-video-clips-sam-glenn/).   He was fantastic receiving one of the highest ratings we have recorded for General Session Speakers. I have now seen him four times this year and still do not tire of his combination of live artwork-performance and messaging.

I know that he has been making the ASBO circuit this year and for good reason…. He is simply fantastic!   If you do not yet have him on your radar, l would recommend him as a keynote for any of your ASBO Affiliate conferences.   Attendees were inline out the door to purchase his book at the conclusion of the session.  His artwork was offered at our Silent Action and raised $350 for our Educational Foundation!"

Bert E. Huszcza , Executive Director, Colorado ASBO

These are a few of Sam's Favorite Testimonials
(emailed to him personally)

"Sam, I have worked for the corporate giants for 25 years and have listened to motivational speakers for years and I just want you to know that your session was hands down the best I have ever seen and experienced. I saw people laughing that I didn't even know could smile. You got through. Your message is so uplifting, insightful and our people are still talking about your speech - I've never seen that happen! Thank you for all you do and who you are. I hope more people get to hear you. And I hope our planning team gets you back next year - you have a lot of fans here."

Actual Email from Attendee Participating in Leadership Development Institute in Wisconsin

"Sam, I lost my son two years ago, I didn't think I would ever be able to laugh again. Today was a breakthrough. I wasn't sure I wanted to come to the sales meeting this year, but you already made this the best conference I have ever attended. Thank you for helping laugh again. My son loved to laugh and I think a good way to honor him is to laugh as much as I can."

Actual Email from Attendee at Sales Conference in Florida

"Sam, I can't believe my supervisor got us all a copy of your book today! He has never done anything like that ever. I watched him during your speech and saw him actually laughing. He never laughs! Well done. Can't wait to read and share your book. Hope we have you back."

Actual Email from Attendee at Employee Appreciation Meeting in Missouri

"Sam, this is the third time I have seen you speak...
you keep getting better and better.
My sides still hurt from laughing.
Can't wait to see you again!"

Actual Email from Attendee at Educational ASBO Conference in Arizona

"Sam, hey, I was one of the guys who helped with the production, lights and sound today. Bro - you rock! We have to sit through each session that the client plans and most of them are snoozers. A bunch of us were talking at dinner and we all agreed, your session is one of the best we have ever seen - literally! You held our attention the whole time. Most of the team just hangs out, but they all listened in. That's impressive man. I'm going to tell more our clients about you. You defiantly know how to wake up a room and bring energy to it. It was a pleasure working with you and hope to see you down the road at more events."

Actual email from production company for a conference in Texas

“Sam Glenn delivers an impactful motivational session through a unique combination of humor and  passion. You will laugh so hard your face will hurt but rest assure you will leave with an enlightened, reach for the stars attitude that cannot be contained. We love Sam and look forward to working with him in the future”.

Darlene Johnson, CCUE, CLS, CUDE, Carib DE, Senior Vice President, Member Experience
Suncoast Credit Union

"My favorite reaction was from a teacher walking out of the presentation who said, "I really needed that." Sam changed the way we talk about attitudes in our district. We are able to keep each other in check by asking about fiber intake and the need for a Snickers! Sam is passionate about helping kids by improving the attitudes of those around them. We can't wait for our next checkup."

- Danny Parker, Assistant Superintendent, Artesia NM Public Schools

"Sam’s non-traditional presentation style was a very refreshing approach to team building and attitude awareness. Sam delivered many great points on how an individual’s attitude has a direct impact on their team and the customers they serve each and every day. It’s been 2 months since the presentation and our staff are still talking about it with a smile on their face, which says a lot! We highly recommend Sam to any organization looking to bring some FUN and POSITIVITY to sensitive topic like ATTITUDE!"

- Stacey Brubaker, Director, Surgical and Cardiovascular Services Business Operations,
Columbus Regional Hospital

“Sam’s style is completely genuine, so the audience trusts him that his message is real and can be applied to the challenges they face every day.  Besides his great delivery, the laughter doesn’t cease!  He lifts attitudes well beyond just the workplace, so that attendees are engaged and positive about all aspects of daily life.  He leaves an imprint!”

- Cindy Arterburn, Legal Services, Indiana University of Health, Inc.

Testimonials and Raves for Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn was a huge hit at the Western Region Leadership Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.
Over 2,000 students and advisors laughed and cried as he told his inspirational stories.
The magic of his picture creation had everyone mesmerized. I highly recommend Sam for your next event!

— Western Region Leadership Conference

Sam was our keynote speaker for our 2016 kickoff meeting.  I listened to Sam’s message I found myself observing the room to see the reaction of the group.  Several days after the event people are still talking about Sam and reminiscing about the real life stories he shared.  If you get a chance to bring Sam to your team please do so, you won’t regret it!

-  Branch Manager Prime Lending MN

Sam was Awesome!! We have already booked Sam for our kickoff event next year as well, and look forward to doubling our attendance!!

-  Branch Manager Prime Lending KC

"In the words of several of my faculty members, "this guy was the best one ever, he was just what we needed."  In my opinion, his levity and message are as powerful as his chalk art.  He was very personable and related well to all ages that we had him speak to.  His presentation to the combined faculties was inspiring and motivational while his presentations to the student groups were not only motivational but very relevant to their own life experiences.  We will be working to have him again in the very near future."

- Tony O'Brian, Superintendent of Newcastle Public Schools

"FAIA brought Sam back a second time because of the great reviews he received during his first appearance with us. Sam is an awesome story teller and ended our convention on just the right note with humor and inspiration. He had our group spellbound with his chalk drawing. Sam was the talk of the convention the rest of the day! To top that off, Sam is such a great person to work with."

- Cindy Molnar, CMP, Executive Assistant/Director of Meetings for FAIA

“Sam, The Attitude Guy,  recently presented a keynote address for our Leadership conference of approximately 175 attendees.  Working with Sam and Michelle prior to the conference could not have been easier.  We were extremely pleased with Sam’s presentation and our post conference survey showed that he was well-received by all. The inclusion of the artwork in his presentation fit so well with his message. We were able to give out several of his books to all of our attendees for them to take back and keep his message going.   It is not always easy to engage and please a group so large, but he did it!   I highly recommend Sam for keynotes or other motivational sessions designed to inspire your audience.”

- Pattie Woods, VP Training and Development, Fogelman Management Group.

GOOD NEWS!  Sam’s Speeches Qualify for Accredited Programs

Sam Glenn and his team will work with you to provide the planning and activity documents needed for accredited continuing education if that is your goal for attendees.
This will be discussed between Sam Glenn and client specifically on a case by case basis.

Attitude Changes Everything


“Sam Glenn delivered a memorable, rousing, infectious and educational message to our attendees.  He was the perfect closing session speaker, leaving our attendees energized with a “new” attitude.”

- Lorraine Okabe, Director of Education and Conferences, League of California Cities


"Sam was AWESOME!!!! I have had soooo many people compliment us on booking him! I think at one point he had our VP in tears laughing so hard!"

-Rockwell Collins

"Hats off to Sam Glenn, OASBO's keynote speaker for our 2015 conference! He knocked it out of the park at our first general session - he made us laugh, he inspired us, (he painted for us), and he set the perfect tone for positivity for the conference! Our members loved him - and couldn't stop talking about him the rest of the conference. That’s the kind of keynote we always look for, and he delivered. It's always a difficult and stressful process to find a keynote speaker who we believe will resonate with our members. Save yourself time this year and BOOK Sam for your next conference! He's your (positivity) guy!"

-Kim Laugherty, director of membership services, Ohio ASBO

Sam was an AWESOME keynote speaker and opening to our 35th annual conference! I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard, and yet his kick in our attitudes set the stage for a highly motivated group of attendees....Our members just LOVED Sam, his presentation was perfect, it was funny, heart-felt and honest and added life and enthusiasm to the conference. Our conference was educational, a great platform for the sharing of experiences and networking and Sam added another very important element – FUN.

— Ron Ferri, President, IBM Retail User Group

Sam is the highest rated keynote speaker we have ever had!

How can I possibly thank you for being, by far and hands down not only the best speaker the AMA has ever had, but for most, the best speaker they have ever heard! Our members just LOVED Sam, the presentation was perfect, it was funny, heart-felt and honest. For me personally, since this was my first Trade Show with the AMA, and Sam was my choice there was a lot riding on his presentation, the members were either going to love everything or dislike me for changing the format. They opted for the “loved everything”, and could not stop telling me and our Board of Directors how impactful his presentation was and how much they wanted to hire him to speak to their own companies.

— Director of Education and Events, Arizona Multihousing Association


I have had more compliments from people, not just right after the event, but days later follow up phone calls, letters; all complimenting on his presentation...more than I have ever had in the past! I knew he was great with student groups, but the adult presentation was phenomenal!

— Buddy Wood - Asst. Superintendent, Elk City Public Schools

After attending Sam's presentation, personnel told me that they felt a renewed energy to ratchet up their effort for self improvement. Thanks Sam! That's a three-win for: customers, corporate and themselves.

— Andrew J. Warcaba & Associates Inc. - Management Consultants

Thank YOU. We have staff who have been talking about looking into Sam for other groups and churches. By the way, second assembly went great as well. I encouraged our superintendent to go to the second one and he loved it! Hope to work with you again.

— Assistant Superintendent, Mid-East Career and Technology Centers

Thank you for being a keynote speaker at the 18th Annual Tennessee SHRM Conference... can certainly say this was the very best conference we have ever hosted thanks in part to wonderful speakers such as yourself. Feedback from your presentation A Kick In The Attitude has been wonderful. In fact, I would like to share some of the comments we received:

I laughed for a solid hour during Sam's presentation. He really made me see how uptight I have become and I could definitely use some fiber.

This was by far, the best presentation I have ever heard.
Sam's use of humor, his artistic talent and clever way of providing meaningful information was empowering.

Sam's presentation kept me in awe...Excellent presentation.

I have never attended a presentation that completely kept my attention the entire time. I personally felt refreshed after this session.

I needed to laugh... I was diagnosed with cancer two weeks prior to this event and needed an attitude adjustment. What a great way to see through this powerful presentation that I can still laugh and choose how I react. Thank you, I needed this.

As you can see your presentation was very well received and a wonderful part of our program. It is my pleasure to recommend you for other SHRM events or as a speaker to any organization. Your style, use of humor and "attitude" information is relevant to anyone at any age in any industry.

— Rebecca Harmon, SHRM Conference


"Sam Glenn was just the ignition we needed to light a fire under the attendees at our Annual Convention. We wanted to kick it off with an energetic presentation and Sam delivered that and more. His messages about attitude, delivered through lighthearted…and at time, hysterical…storytelling were engaging, entertaining and inspirational."

- Jon Dolan, President & CEO, Health Care Association of New Jersey


Sam Glenn Keynote speaker clients

I want to thank you for your outstanding keynote address... Your message was well received by all attendees per the feedback we obtained. I believe you are the highest rated keynote speaker we have ever had. I would highly recommend you for any organization that is looking to inspire their audience through your innovative and artistic approach.

— Senior Manager, Education and Training Services

"Sam Glenn delivers!

His program is full of energy, humor,
and the tools to manage your attitude!

He will leave you wanting more!"

David Silvester, MODOT

Again, on behalf of the Northeast Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking and the Rural Prevention Network, I want to express gratitude and appreciation to you for the inspirational message provided to over 1,700 students in Northeast Michigan. Your enthusiasm and passion for making a difference in the lives of young adults is a gracious gift. Glad you decided to keep on living out your dreams, so others could live out theirs.

— Lynn Benjamin - Community Prevention Services Director