The Power of Word of Mouth and No Marketing Budget

Word of mouth, Sam's story

I would say my life seems to be filled with some very surreal moments...

I just never know when they will happen. They seem so random, but awesome. Those of you who know me and follow my work know I have absolutely no desire to be famous or in the spotlight. None! I just don’t and never will. I prefer to fly under the radar and let word of mouth do what it does. Plus, if nobody knows me, it makes the element of surprise and “wowing audiences” that much better. Trust me - it does. Most of the time, when people suggest me as a speaker, they are met with a “Sam Who?”

I love it!

But this morning, I got to see a little how this word of mouth thing really works. And for those of you in business, pay real close attention. Word of mouth business is a result of “trust.” When I first started my speaking business over 22 years ago, I had no marketing budget - none! I felt limited on how I could tell the world who I was, so they would hire me. It was challenging, but I knew I had one ace in my pocket that would work. If I was going to be able to put food on the table and live my dream, I needed to create an experience so incredible that people wouldn’t forget and would be inspired to naturally tell others. This has been my #1 business strategy from day 1 and still is - it still works.

Just this week, I spoke at 2 events for people who saw me speak 15 years ago.

The other 2 events, were a result of someone suggesting me and trust ensuing. That means the experience stuck! (Are you getting my teaching points here?) This isn’t about me - this is about you, as well. This is a good point to teach young people. Authentic success is never handed to you. You may have limited resources and a limited marketing budget. Understand this - you don’t need to be enslaved to those things, ever. Do a great job, have integrity, and be so awesome that people want, and are inspired, to share the story you created.

So, this morning I was eating my breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and the only other people in there were a table away. They were talking about meetings and work, and one of the guys asked everyone at the table, “Have any of you seen or heard of any good speakers we could get for our meeting?”

I was tempted to lean over and say, “I can suggest one.” (Lol)

But I was just a little tired this morning and having a bad face day - I looked tired. So, I let it go, but I could still hear them talking.

One guys said, “I don’t know any, aren’t they all the same?”

Very uninspiring, right?

Then, the story changed. This other guy said, “My wife’s company recently had someone who she says was the best speaker they have ever had. She said she laughed so hard, her stomach hurt. He paints eagles and talks a lot about attitude.”

Me, choking on bacon inside my mind, “WHAT???!!!!!! I know that guy!!”

I casually leaned over and said, “Excuse me, I just happened to hear you say something about a speaker who paints eagles and talks about attitudes. I have heard of that guy before, and I have several of his books. I highly recommend him. His name is Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.”

One guy, smiling, said, “Really? That’s pretty cool. We will check him out. Sam Glenn? Thanks.”

Then I got up to head to airport.

If it happens, and something comes from it, I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces. I live for that stuff.

The lesson: create an experience so awesome that people are inspired to share with others the story you created.

Your message always shows up in the quality, effort, and attitude you give.

The End.

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