What Is the One Thing You Wish You Could Change?

Today’s guest blog about using attitude to overcome is from a reader, Michelle Homme, who is also a speaker and writer. Click here for her website or to connect with her. Thanks, Michelle! –Sam Glenn

road I am 43 years old and started living my life at 41.5 years on January 4, 2010, when I said eight simple words to a friend at lunch in response to her questions of, “What is your purpose in life?” And, “Why now?”

My reply was, “Maybe we are ready to receive it now.” That is the day my life changed forever–even when I was afraid and was “going places I had never gone before.” I began to experience words like never before and began to share those words with others, even those I did not know very well at all.

For years, I had been a mere survivor getting through the days–doing what needed to get done with careful calculations, but never really feeling alive. I was afraid to let people see the real me for fear of getting hurt after a difficult, but not necessarily out-of-the-norm childhood.

My absolute dream and passion is being a motivational speaker for teenagers and a life coach for women. I am taking steps to make that dream a reality. Our women’s group is called the G.I.F.T. (Greatness Is Found Together). I found that there are so many women who are stuck in their same lives and are not sure how to change even one thing.

In April of 2010, my friend asked me the one question that has become the cornerstone of my business and how I get conversations started. The question was, “What is the one thing you wish you could change about your life?” I admitted to her that I was unhappy with my weight. I was 35 pounds heavier than I am now. So started running at 5 a.m., twice a week. I was athletic but never a runner, and getting up at 4:30 a.m. was not something I had ever done–let alone twice in one week. Being accountable to someone else and listening to her “running rules” didn’t have me sold in the first few weeks. But, I was committed to this person who was willing to get up before the crack of dawn and help me be better, not realizing at the time that she might have something to gain as well. My goal was to lose 20 pounds in 6 months. After 6 weeks, my attitude changed completely after seeing an HBO Special on Kyle Maynard and his perserverance through the many obstacles he faces every day. The next week, Rocky was gone and yet I still got up to run. My husband asked me, “Where are you going? She’s not here.” I told him, “I cannot do it for her…I have to do it for me.” From that day, I started pushing myself more, adding 4 more days to my regimine, which also included evening bike rides with my husband. On some days, I was doing a combined 15 miles between the two.

I also fell in love with something I had never really taken the time to look at or treasure the way I do now…the sunrise. It reminds me of the gift I have been given to show the world what I can do and has helped guide me when I have been lost. It gives me hope and makes me smile when I think about how much I missed in those years gone by. At the end of the six months, I had lost 31 pounds. As my physical appearance changed, my attitude towards life and living kept going as well, but not in ways that I ever thought would bring to me here, writing to you.

I March of 2010, I started a blog and in May, I was dumbfounded when the words for my Life Statement came to me as easily as blinking my eye. I didn’t think about the words I was needing to write, but they just came. I began to allow my heart to lead and not my head for the first time in my life. I started reading books that inspired me and shared this new knowledge with people who saw immediate changes in my attitude towards life. I continue to write to this day and have several messages that are a staple in my journey through the minutes, days, and years I have been blessed to receive.

The name of my blog has always been, “It Starts Today,” as I believe that putting off words to be said, deeds to be done, and ways to grow cannot begin tomorrow. It starts today. If you want to change your life, it begins with one baby step. Once you have taken that one step, you are already some place different than you were before. You have to put the walls down and allow others in, even if taking that chance might mean getting hurt in the process. I also believe that there are only two things we can ever control: Attitude and Effort. How do we get a positive ATTITUDE? Achieve This Through Insight, Time, Understanding, Dedication, Empowerment. Like most people, my attitude dictates any effort I put forth for tasks that must be completed.

Here I am…almost two years later and have grown so much as a person that my living has been exponentionally surpassed by anything I ever could have imagined. I am amazed how words I say impact others because those simple syllables seem to come so effortlessly to me as my blog has been read by people in over 40 countries. I know what my purpose is and I am living it. I am here to be an Army of One, to be contagious, and to move people in ways they never thought they would be moved. I am here to inspire those who choose to be open to it. I am taking even greater strides into the new year as I embrace what is before me.

Attitude takes us where we never believed we could be. It supports us with caring arms and allows our hearts to truly guide us through everything we do, everyone we love, and every where we are. It is all there is and that makes it everything.

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