Why I love HOSA

HOSA stands for Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) I want to share an experience I had recently with this organization.  I recently was selected as the keynote speaker to kick off a state HOSA conference in Oklahoma.  Mind you, I have been working with student leadership groups for close to 17 years now, but this was my first time being invited to speak at a HOSA event.  What peaked my interest was quite a bit of my work  for the past several years (speaking at conferences) has been working with leaders in the health care industry– Health Care Associations, Hospital Associations, Nursing Associations and Emergency Response Providers.

I love working with these organizations because I believe patient care starts with attitude.  Why I love working with HOSA is being able to share the real world principles that matter the most to working well with others, serving patients with care and building trust, as well as how to be effective under pressure and unexpected changes.  The health care world is always facing new changes in technology and regulations and because of that, the value of having the right attitude is a necessity.

While, I always make my speeches memorable and entertaining, I also ensure solid content that members can use and apply immediately.  The scope of my speech to the HOSA audience was not just for the younger crowd, but also for the nontraditional members attending the event who were looking to sharpen their leadership skills. I intentionally made sure my message connected with everyone regardless of their level of experience.

About a week after the event, I got a handwritten note signed by the entire leadership team and here is what it said,

“Dear Mr. Glenn,

Thank you so much for on behalf of the Oklahoma HOSA for delivering a challenging and inspiring message that we could all relate to.  Thank you for delivering in such a level that would all understand.  

We deeply appreciate the kindness, support and incredible attitude you have.  You have made a lasting impact on the lives and in the lives of Oklahoma’s HOSA members.”   – State Secretary

I am glad I could make a positive impact and was more impressed that their leadership took the time to recognize my small part in what was a pretty big event.  That was impressive.  That was great leadership.

The future of health care occupations starts with HOSA and that is a big reason I love this organization.  The education, skills and involvement this organization offers young people today is going to play a big role in future patient care.  Being a patient or having a loved one being a patient can be a little scary, but when you see the effort, development and attitude of HOSA members, it gives you the confidence that some amazing people are working hard to make a positive difference.

A part of my speech was encouraging everyone to choose an attitude that works for them.  When we choose the right attitude, we serve others better, we handle stress better, we work with others better, we feel better and we feel a greater sense of purpose and connection to the role we desire to play in the world of health care.  Attitude is such a broad subject and some may even say that it is a topic that is not very measurable.  I think it is the most measurable element in any workplace place and life environment.  I remember when I had my shoulder surgery a few years back and I felt scared.  You almost feel helpless.  But, everyone from the nurses, doctors, administration, insurance – and I do mean everyone helped me feel supported, confident and guided me through the valley of my fears.

I am now a big fan of HOSA.  I can’t wait to work with other state chapters.  I know as I continue to work with the health care industry, I am going to continue working with many HOSA members as they make the journey through personal and professional healthcare development.   Some students who saw me speak when they were in high school are now grown up, working in the health care field and hire me to bring that fuel of attitude into their departments, hospitals, offices because the know the value of  positivity in an ever changing and stressful industry.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about HOSA, here is their national website.  Take a few minutes to check it out and all that they offer their members.  It’s pretty outstanding.

Until next time, remember  IT ALL STARTS WITH ATTITUDE!

Sam Glenn is an award winning keynote speaker and is often the highest rated speaker at every conference he speaks at.  If you are looking for an uplifting speaker that your audience will absolutely love and gain value from, then contact Sam Glenn’s office about booking him.  – Sam@samGlenn.com