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For over 20 years, Sam Glenn has worked with thousands of organizations and leaders from every industry – sales, education, hospitality, healthcare, customer service, technology, housing, government, private sector, finance, manufacturing, retail, etc... Sam’s customized speeches create an experience of learning, laughter and inspiration. If your organization is searching for a keynote speaker that gets your people more excited about what they do and the positive impact they can make, then you need to book Sam Glenn!

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Sam Glenn is a Meeting and Conference Favorite. Most groups love to kick start their event on a positive note, so they position Sam’s uplifting keynote to get things rolling.  Sam's speeches are not just a bunch or "Rah Rah", but are packed with value and great learning points that impact personal and professional leadership and development. And, you can trust that Sam will do an outstanding job, because he is always the most requested speaker to return by attendees.  Whether it’s a leadership, educational or sales conference, company meeting, in-service, Annual Association event, Sam’s customized speeches make the perfect inspirational highlight.

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