If Your Organization is Looking for An Uplifting and Positive Guest Speaker to Deliver a Captivating, Motivating, Entertaining and Educational Experience, then You Need to Book Sam Glenn!

The two most memorable moments of any event are the opening and closing. Organizations, who hire Sam Glenn, trust him to kick off their event with an engaging, energizing and entertaining speech that sets a positive tone for the rest of the conference or as a closing presenter to create the perfect wrap up that sends everyone out the door on an upbeat note.  We can confidently say, without a doubt, that Sam Glenn is regarded as one of the best opening and closing keynote speakers in the speaking industry.  If you are looking for that home run speaker who will do an outstanding job, deliver value and leave an inspiring impression, then you need to book Sam Glenn, The Authority on Attitude.

Latest Reviews for Sam Glenn’s Motivational Speeches

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“I’ve heard over 100 speakers in the last 10 years, and you top the list!”

Chad Simons, Director of Sales


“Sam Glenn delivered a memorable, rousing, infectious and educational message to our attendees.  He was the perfect closing session speaker, leaving our attendees energized with a “new” attitude.”

- Lorraine Okabe, Director of Education and Conferences, League of California Cities


“As every company will experience at some point, employees can “burnout”, and as Human Resources Manager at Lawler Wood Housing, I needed to find a way to motivate my group.  I was fortunate to have seen Sam Glenn at a SHRM conference and knew right away that if anyone could “recharge” employee attitude, he was the one to do it.

Sam was the best speaker I could have hoped for…..I absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a fun way to reinvest in their employees.”

- Lindsay Willis, PHR, Human Resources Manager


 “Great way to end the conference! I would suggest starting and ending with Sam Glenn in the future. I think if more people knew how motivational and entertaining Mr. Glenn is more people would stay until the end.”

Attendee Evaluation, OREA, Centre for Leadership Development


Your presentation was “EXCELLENT”!!!!!!!!!!

- Maintenance Supervisor, Forge Gate Apartments

How Relevant is a Positive Attitude
to Life and Work?

If anyone knows how to recharge an organization’s positivity, recognize employee efforts, and make learning new ideas exciting, it’s Sam Glenn, Award Winning Motivational Keynote Speaker and Inspirational Author.

The most frequent comment you hear after EVERY Sam Glenn motivational speech is,

“That’s just what I needed!”

Sam Glenn’s motivational speeches are gleaned from his own life experiences of successes and failures. Having lost a very successful business due to a fire, Sam became negative, broke, depressed, jobless and homeless – almost overnight. It was a chance encounter and subsequent friendship with Zig Ziglar that eventually gave Sam a “Kick in the Attitude.” It was a gift that changed his attitude – and his life – for the better. Within two years, Sam went from sleeping on the floor to achieving dreams he once thought impossible.

Sam’s ability to pull positivity out of adversity has led him to become the leading voice on the topic of attitude as it relates to being a leader, dealing with change, cultivating a culture of engagement, improving customer service and improving your personal and professional development. Over the years, Sam Glenn has been the “go-to” resource for hundreds of organizations where positive people engaged in positive action are valued. Sam’s energetic – and often humorous – programs engage, equip and empower audiences with an attitude recharge that will improve performance in their professional and personal lives. His eye-opening presentations will leave your audience with practical strategies that allow them to embrace a new outlook on the way they interact with co-workers, clients, customers, family and friends alike.


Sam Glenn Highlights

Sam Glenn awards include: MPI, Michigan Meetings & Events logo, Telly Awards

  Has won multiple awards -Speaker of the Year by both Meeting and Events magazine and Meeting Professionals International.

+!  Won two Telly Awards for Most Outstanding Motivational Video.

+!  Is often featured in thousands of newspapers with guest appearances on TV talk shows and radio programs.

+!  Has given speeches to audiences as large as 75,000 people at stadium events.

+!  Is the “go-to guy” for hundreds of organizations who value positive people engaged in positive action.

Sam loves to work with his clients to recognize, reward and recharge audiences with the power of positivity. So, if you are looking for a homerun speaker to create that unforgettable and memorable opening or closing to your event, then contact us today to book Sam Glenn, The Authority on Attitude!

Ready to Add a Little Attitude to Your Event?

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